American Businessman, Eric Lefkofsky

American Businessman, Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a billionaire entrepreneur who has founded several successful companies in his lifetime. He grew up in Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan with honors and also attended law school.


Tempus is a technological healthcare company co-founded by Lefkofsky who is also the CEO. The company aims to provide molecular and clinical data that can help in preventing and curing fatal diseases such as cancer. The company has an inbuilt information system that allows access to this information for patients, researchers and healthcare establishments. Lefkofsky plays a considerable role in the company as the CEO managing and directing it to meet its end goals.


Eric Lefkofsky is significantly involved in  the philanthropic efforts as he treasures helping others and making the world a better place. He and his wife formed the Lefkofsky Family foundation in 2006 that provides funds to the charitable fund and advanced programs to improve the quality of human life. The foundation is focused on all aspects of the community such as education, culture, medical and human rights. This foundation mostly sponsors programs in his hometown in Chicago.

Accelerated Disruption

Eric Lefkofsky is also an author, and he is famously known for writing the book Accelerated Disruption. In this book, Lefkofsky talks about innovation, entrepreneurship, and business and understanding the speed of how these work. Lefkofsky strives to explain to his audience how one can build and sustain a successful business and not letting anything slip away from them. Accelerated Disruption conveys many concepts that can be helpful when creating a company. These include how to promote one’s idea, understanding pain in the industry and to take advantage of it, how to choose the right sector for innovation and lastly ways to develop an effective marketing strategy to support one’s business endeavors.

How Alex Hern Made A Mame For Himself In The Technology Sector.

Alex Hern has practiced business for over twenty-five years specializing in startups and nurturing technology companies. He was a co-founder and Director of INKT, Inktomim Goldman Sachs-led IPO the search technology of AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. Additionally, Hern was a Director and co-founder of YESM, Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO that specialized in the web directory  and email marketing. CMGI, currently known as ModuLinsk Global Solutions, bought YESM for $650 million after ten months. Hern Co-founded Military Commercial Technologies, a commercialization incubator through the funding of L-3 and Lockheed.

Hewlett-Packard bought Hern’s cybersecurity company called ARST, ArcSight, a company he co-founded and worked as its Director through an Initial Public Offering for $1.5 billion. Alex Hern was a Director and co-founder of a network security company, Cloudshield. The company was later bought by SAIC, a company that specialized in commercial and government project based on technology and engineering. TNSI, Triton Network Systems, Zero-knowledge Systems, now Radial Point, and are other companies that Hern founded and served as their Director. Alex explains that the idea of Tsunami came through the computer technology evolution.

Gone were the days when the computer operated from the CPU to the modern GPU technology. This meant that there was a need to have new applications and software to support the new computer era of the modern graphic procession in computers, tablets, and smartphones. Hern admits that he brings about all these achievements are because of staying focused on technology. Additionally, he confesses that he makes use of the silent hours of the night to focus on innovations. Hern adds that he also works hard to come up with applications that will extend business in line with the technology. He spends around four to five hours daily meditating on how to improve his company and achieve his goals.

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Jennifer Walden & Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center

Cosmetic surgery brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis, and the US has its share of high-quality medical centers that specialize in this department. One of the top medical-aesthetic facilities in the Southeast is located in Austin, Texas. This facility is known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, and it utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to enrich people’s lives. The founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is a board-certified plastic surgeon by the name of Jennifer Walden. Jennifer Walden has been viewed as a trendsetter in this sector of business, and she has achieved celebrity status to a certain degree.

Dr. Walden has taken her talents straight to Hollywood, and she has appeared on a number of popular television shows. This includes “Dr. 90210,” “ABC’s 20/20,” “VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession,” and “CBS’s The Early Show.” In addition to that, she has appeared in a plethora of popular magazines, including The New York Time, Shape, Health, Austin MD Magazine, Refinery 29, Bridal Guide, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Italian Vogue, Texas MD Magazine, VIVE and many others. “I’ve been practicing cosmetic surgery for eight years, and I’m not ashamed to use Botox,” said Walden. This woman doesn’t have to be apologetic to anyone because she is living her passion while helping others reach their physical goals. Before relocating to Texas, Walden worried that there might not be a cosmetic-business industry in and around her hometown. Let’s just say that she has definitely made the right decision by opening her facility here.

“I moved back home to raise my twins near the rest of my family, and I’m a proud single mom,” said Walden. This amazing plastic surgeon has worked with complete strangers as well as worked with old friends. She has changed people lives for the better, and the future of Austin’s cosmetic environment is looking much more brighter with Dr. Walden on the scene.

Improve Your Health With Organo Gold Coffee

Depending on which side of the fence you stand on in relation to the health of caffeine, your morning cup of coffee is either a vice or a virtue. No matter what you personally think about coffee, the caffeinated beverage has become the way that countless people all over the world start their day. A great glass of coffee can leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle your job or your duties in front of you. With all of that being said, no two coffee brands are identical and it never hurts to look into getting the better quality stuff. In this situation, we are going to introduce you to Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is a specific style of coffee developed by the global coffee brand, Organo. Organo Gold is considered a gourmet black coffee option and it is comprised of basically two ingredients: Arabica Coffee beans procured from Brazil as well as an Organic Ganoderma Lucidum Powder addition. Ganoderma Lucidum is a type of fungus pulled from a mushroom that was used prevalently throughout ancient China. This fungus, and we’re begging you not to flinch from the word, is what sets Organo Gold apart from the rest of their competition. Why is that? Well, Ganoderma Lucidum goes a long way toward imparting a variety of positive health effects. From improved digestion and immune system operation to a burst of energy, your Organo Gold coffee is going to give you the kick that you need to get going and stay going.

Organo has been supplying the world with gourmet coffee since 2008. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Organo is showing no signs of slowing down. While focusing on healthy gourmet coffee, Organo has created a long list of products for every type of coffee drinker out there. From gourmet black coffee to gourmet tea, Organo has it all.

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Innovacare Health, A Healthy Living For Less

Innovacare Health is a health organization which upholds creativity, innovation and quality to generate a continuous, value-based model even for the most complex patient populations. The Innovacare Health wing boasts 120myears of operation in the industry of a managed care and care delivery services, consisting of proven expertise to help healthcare organizations appropriately meet their client’s expectations and needs as well as surpassing the fast-growing demands in the health industry.


The Innovacare Health Unit ensures a collective administrative and operational prowess in their teams; this inflicts confidence among their partners as they are assured of a value-based model capturing every opportunity for improved quality services, engagement and margins. You can visit



The Innovacare Health believes in smarter health care, offered by qualified and certified physicians. For each heterogeneous market they enter, the Innovacare Health strives to add a track record of helping their clients successfully and strategically evolve their business and make healthcare delivery more efficient and a population-helping oriented.


The Innovacare Health wing was founded in 1998 by Richard Shinto who is its CEO and the President as well. Having worked for North American Medical Management (NAMM), Shinto then recognized a missing link and a business opportunity for operational prowess among physician groups and stakeholders in the dynamic and fast-growing market. During his tenure with the NAMM, he helped healthcare organizations to offer quality health care services more often.


In 2002, the NAMM sold its operational properties and officially mutated to the Innovacare health unit which since then has grown rapidly penetrating the Medicaid market successful and increasing revenue margins significantly.


Innovacare Health is a leading service provider in healthcare services in North America. They work under vital and primary platforms of an acre; provider networks and Medicare Advantage. They are committed to ensuring quality health care services efficiently by creating strategies which are sustainable, cost-friendly and fully integrated and upholding technological advancements.


Their (innovative health) is to get back in the track a healthcare management plan to identify band finds solutions of the contemporary healthcare ecosystem. And their vision is focusing on strong and healthy patient-provider relationships. To achieve this, the Innovacare and its subsidiaries puts in place sustainable strategies of a well-managed care which are coordinated, cost-friendly, creativity, innovation and quality oriented services. Check out



At the Innovacare Health, they believe in a range of values; patients come first, they are patient-oriented, delivering services which are for betterment of their clients health status and never do they put profits at a stake of patient’s health. Good quality Medicare care is their key goal for all their undertakings and finally they are always objective on attaining a healthy and a strong patient relationship.



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Sahm Adrangi is Knowledgeable in Business and Related Research

Sahm Adrangi happens to be the Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management a company that deals with the distinct event-driven state of affairs and longstanding value investments. The company as well indulges in research in industries that specialize in biotechnology, telecommunication, and mining. Sahm Adrangi has created a name for himself over the years especially in the world of investment banking for having exposed fraudulent Chinese companies. Thanks to his research, the companies he focused on in his study were dealt with promptly and saved the victims a big deal of losses. Other than his position in the company, he speaks at some conferences which include the Sohn conference, the Distressed Debt Investing conference and the Activist Investor conference. With his impact in public speaking and the researches he has undertaken, he has been highlighted in magazines and newspapers like Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Before putting up his current company, Sahm Adrangi worked at Longacre Fund Management where he managed more than $2 billion in distraught debt.

Sahm Adrangi attended the University of Yale where he graduated with a bachelor of arts in economics which explains his massive achievements in his career. On his part, he clearly states that when the market is at its best, it is essential for one to have the right ideas as that does not mean one cannot lose money. On the other hand, Sahm Adrangi states that when the market is sparkling, there are stocks that get out of control in regards to valuation. In that case, some individuals or companies can make a fortune out of another business that is struggling to stay afloat. Investors should know their place in the market concerning being losers or winners at a specific time. This is an aspect that applies to Kodak which had an idea to do with a blockchain technology to eliminate violation for photographers and videographers which could not take effect. In that case, in business one has to identify what makes sense and which ideas are likely to work successfully and shorts should not be viewed as a bad thing as they are part of any business venture.

Noel Polk Lifetime Award Finds Its Way To The Hands Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has been serving at the American Institute of Architects since early 2012 as the companies CEO. Robert is not only a dedicated and worthy leader of the AIA, but he is an admirable man that is constantly earning the respect of his peers.

In June, Robert Ivy won the Noel Polk Lifetime award for his accomplishments and contributions to the Mississippi community through architecture. Robert has been more than enthusiastic about his award and so have many of his fellow employees, earning the praise from the companies president as well. The American Institute Of Architects has thousands of highly talented designers today and this number continues to grow thanks to impressive accomplishments Robert Ivy obtains.

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Robert stands at the top of the architecture industry because of the many contributions he has made throughout the couple decades he has been in the industry. Robert has not only focused on his own successes and contributions but others as well. Throughout the years, Robert has published many different articles and books covering architecture to help others find their way in the exciting industry. At the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is tasked with creating new growth for the company and expanding on the membership base which is already 1700 members strong.

Since Robert started in the architecture field more than 25 years ago, he has been working to make the industry better and more accessible for students all over the country. Through various philanthropic efforts and projects, Robert Ivy has donated to help students get into programs for their futures. Robert is no stranger to winning awards, but the Noel Polk Lifetime award is something special because it has never been given to an architect before, just performers and artists from within the Mississippi state. The CEO of AIA, Robert has used his honor to build an even bigger reputation for himself and his company, the American Institute of Architects.


The Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm Draws Attention

Words carry weight. How heavy and impacting the words become often derive from the person saying it. The opinions of a person distinguished in a field raise eyebrows. Shervin Pishevar did more than draw attention from his Twitter followers. An astounding 24-hour tweet storm captured media attention. Business news websites reported on Pishevar musings about the stock market, the tech industry, cryptocurrency, and more.

Shervin Pishevar made a name for himself as a venture capitalist in the tech industry. As one of the first people who put money into Uber, Pishevar displayed he knows when a business shows potential. While Uber has suffered financial losses, the long-term outlook for the company appears favorable.

Pishevar’s involvement with Virgin’s Hyperloop One also keeps his name in the news. Updates on the transit prototype keep fans of all things futuristic enthralled. Shervin Pishevar isn’t just a commentator or pundit. He is a successful entrepreneur. As such, his commentary doesn’t go unnoticed.

Rather than issue a dull press release, Pishevar chose Twitter for a platform. Considering all the media buzz and attention, he made a wise decision.

Why did Shervin Pishevar go on a multi-hour tweet storm? Pishevar wanted to raise alarm bells over the current U.S. and global landscape. Pishevar isn’t as optimistic about the long-term prospects of the stock market as others may be. Pishevar fears a significant decline in the stock market is unavoidable. Anyone who follows the market knows ups and downs occur. Pishevar huge “downs” loom on the horizon.

Pishevar also feels Bitcoin faces an eventual crash. A Bitcoin crash might take out the investment capital of many “investor hipsters” betting heavily on cryptocurrency’s future. Pishevar feels cryptocurrency’s future might become stable after any losses. While his speculations reflect one person’s opinion, his words provide much to consider.

Pishevar veers into other topics during his tweet storm. The tech industry and the “Big Five’s” monopoly didn’t escape his 140-character criticism. Pishevar thinks the government should step in to address the centralized power inherent in the tech sector. Time will reveal if the antitrust division of the bureaucracy involves itself.

How the Hamburger Patty Created OSI Group

It was early on in the twentieth century that Otto Kolschowsky had landed in the United States. He started a small family owned business. His butcher shop was a place for the community of immigrants to come and experience quality meats. The quality of meat the butcher shop sold to its customers caused the family business to expand. After World War I, Otto Kolschowsky expanded his company into having a wholesale business. With an additional stream of income and demand from customers, the company expanded to a second location in a neighboring Chicago suburb. In 1928, the founder’s sons gave the company a facelift and Otto & Sons was born. Although this family ran company was small, it was a staple of the American dream. It was proof that anyone could come to America and create a new life for themselves. In the following decades, the small business also proved how a quality product could birth a major corporation.

Currently, OSI Group is one of the biggest companies in the world that provides food distribution. It has come a long way since its humble immigrant beginnings in Chicago, Illinois. With growth, things have altered with the company like their locations and number of employees. But one key trait has remained and that is how OSI Group still produces quality meat and now non-meat products to their customers.

To understand the growth and largeness of OSI Group, one must understand the statistics of the company. The company owns a total of sixty five factories. Company owned factories operate in a total of seventeen countries. Twenty thousand people are employed by the entire brand. Ever since the twentieth century, the food provider has been apart of the economy. Today, it grows with the ever-changing history of the global economy.

Supplying food nationwide was one the biggest task of OSI Group. But things have changed over the decades. The food distributor works to serve dozens of countries buying its food. With the recent influx of demand, the food company is working to create sustainable effective operations to serve its many customers with great quality.

Betsy Devos: the new Secretary of Education

Have you seen the news about school safety lately? A lot of the new policies and regulations are going into place as the 2018-2019 school year starts. US Education Secretary Betsy Devos has been working with educators, security administrators, and President Trump to define a safer yet fun atmosphere for students. It’s been problematic to also focus on educational reform and the quality of schools as well, as so much talk around American schools is about safety instead of quality education.


However, that doesn’t deter Devos from her task. Ever since she was appointed in 2016, her mission has been to change each state’s guidelines towards educational choice. This would provide more options for students to go to school rather than just sticking to their school district. Devos believes that having to choose a failing school because of where you live is devastating for parents with bright kids who deserve a good school.


This has led to the prominence of magnet programs, virtual schooling, homeschooling, and charter schools. Private schools are now on the list of options that students can select if they qualify. There are some states that have fully adopted these programs and have begun to see changes in the quality of education. Devos mentions Florida as one of the more successful implementations of the program as the state has its own tuition-based scholarship program.


Devos says that philanthropy has gone a long way to back these programs. She has donated over $134 million to charities through the Devos Family Foundation, but educational choice is also backed by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sam Walton. These philanthropists have supported the rise of educational choice and given breath to new ideas in education in certain states.


However, Devos is working against the clock to make both issues, school safety and education reform, her main priorities. It’s been slow to work through the crowds as she has faced opposition around the country. Most Americans are polarized on the issues, not understanding exactly how educational choice is separated from public funding, which is the main reason why public school teachers have called out the education secretary in the past. They also don’t like that she hasn’t been a teacher.


That doesn’t mean Devos isn’t experienced. She has spent most of her collegiate and professional life vying for educational reform, something that she attributes to her mother who was a public school teacher.


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