Mike Baur Partners with StartupBus to Empower Young and Motivated Entrepreneurs

Young and motivated entrepreneurs in the Zurich area are encouraged to participate in the Startup Bus annual competition. Mike Baur, co-founder and partner of the Swiss Start Up Factory joins StartupBus in their endeavors to promote its annual competition in the technical community. The challenge begins on September 2nd in Zurich and ends on September 7th in Cologne, Germany at the Pirate Festival. Mr. Baur is challenging all talented individuals to get on the bus and create tech ideas to build and launch startup businesses within 72 hours. It’s a great opportunity for talented people to start their own businesses and learn the start-up process.

Mr. Baur started Swiss Start Up Factory in 2014 to help mentor and coach business owners. Swiss Start Up Factory offers entrepreneurs pre-accelerator, accelerator, growth accelerator, and free legal advice services. If an entrepreneur has an idea and needs help with the startup process, Mike Baur is the man to count on. The pre-accelerator package includes training, coaching, market research, accounting support, and information technology support. One of the most rewarding packages offered to business owners is the accelerator, which guarantees ideas will hit the market in three months.

Swiss Start Up Factory also provides growth accelerator services to established startup companies. The firm employs professionals to help those businesses reach their desired goals of promoting products and services. They also help entrepreneurs with financing, leadership skills, management, and business development.

Mike Baur grew up in the Fribourgh Switzerland region and attended the University of Rochester New York and the University of Bern. He holds a master’s degree and executive master’s degree. After graduation, Baur landed a position as commercial apprentice at USB. He later joined a recognizable Swiss Private Bank and served as an executive board member before starting his own business. With approximately 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry, Mr. Baur helped build Swiss Start Up Factory’s portfolio by launching startups, including Carhelper, Beaconsmind, Blinkers, and Struckd.

The partners of Swiss Start Up Factory continue to fulfill the company’s mission of providing inspired entrepreneurs in Switzerland a forum to guide them thoroughly and assist with starting a company, from the beginning to the end. The 2016 StartupBus Annual Competition is designed to challenge young prospective entrepreneurs. The winners of the competition will receive the same services offered by Swiss Start Up Factory.

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