Heavy Contributions Flood in from George Soros

Despite the fact that George Soros has a huge amount of money and thus, has the ability to throw his hat in the ring when it comes to influencing major politics in America, he has even stated himself that he thinks major donors should not be able to make such an impact. However, the multi-billionaire, who has amassed around twenty five million dollars over his career, has had quite a lot to do with politics in the United States. He has made large contributions to the Democratic party, dating back well over twenty five years and has been a major donor for various campaigns on Biography. He was unsuccessful in helping to keep George W. Bush out of the white house twelve years ago, when Bush ran for his second term in 2004, investing well over twenty million dollars. It is without question that he feels this election is more important, even than that election in 2004, as he has upped the ante and again is investing around twenty five million dollars in the Democratic party.

The basis of this type of investment is to help Hillary Clinton get into office, through various tactics that need a monetary source to work. One of the things that Soros has done in this election was invest five million dollars to restrict conservative voting. In other words, a large chunk of the money that he has invested has gone directly to stopping the opposition to the Democratic party, in terms of preventing conservatives from getting out and voting. You can kind of think of this as playing his cards on defense, although he has a very active offensive strategy as well. George Soros has invested another five million dollars that is directly aimed at increasing the ability of Hispanic voters, many of whom are illegal and cannot vote, based on the current laws governing the United states.

The reason for attempting to sway these laws and get illegal immigrants on cnbc.comthe right to vote is the fact that the vast bulk of these votes will go directly to Hillary Clinton. There is a very, very low chance that any of these illegal immigrants would vote for Donald Trump, especially considering the talk about building a wall between Mexico and the United States, which George Soros sees as a place to pick up a lot of votes. The giving that George Soros is taking place in is centered around getting the Democratic party into the white house and preventing the Conservative party from not only getting into the White House, but also into the supreme court, as this election weighs heavily in the Supreme Court as well. While his investments in business have been wildly successful, his efforts proved futile in 2004, although this is a completely new ball game and he has the funds to play.

The SEC offers an Encouraging Reward to one of its Informants.

In 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission created a program which is dedicated to protecting its whistleblowers. The plan was formed under the Dodd-Frank Act, and it has various incentives that encourage informants to offer intelligence to the SEC. The regulations of the program demand that the whistleblower should receive approximately 10 to 30 percent of the sanctions that are collected by the commission. The program also offers job protection to the whistleblowers, and it safeguards them from being harassed by their employers. The SEC recently offered a reward of $17 million to an informant who was represented by Labaton Sucharow Law Company. This amount was the second highest that has ever been given by the commission.

The SEC used the Whistleblower’s intelligence in unveiling how one of the frontrunner companies in the financial sector was breaking the state and federal securities laws. According to the SEC, it is crucial for the whistleblower to keep his or her identity a secret since it assists in preventing harassment or blacklisting from the employers. The informant hired the services of Labaton Sucharow, and therefore, his identity was not disclosed to anyone. Attorney-client privilege is used in protecting the information that the whistleblower offers. The SEC whistleblower attorneys of the firm is headed by Jordan A. Thomas who formerly worked for the SEC as an assistant director. He is highly knowledgeable on securities laws since he participated in the creation of the whistleblower protection laws.

The SEC has always been working to ensure that employees of companies are motivated to inform it on any fraudulent undertakings of their employers. The commission has an Investor Protection Fund that was created by the Congress, and its purpose is to ensure that the whistleblowers get their rewards in time. The fund has $400 million, and it is regularly replenished. The SEC has translators who help foreigners who cannot communicate in English. It also assures the sources that the attorney-client privilege protects the intelligence that they will provide.

Labaton Sucharow Law Company started about five decades ago. It has advanced gradually, and in 2010, it established a whistleblower representation service to offer legal services to people who volunteer to provide intelligence to the SEC. The firm was the first provider of the service in the industry. It is recognized for providing exceptional representation to plaintiffs, and it has been named by the Chambers and Partners, Legal 500 and the Benchmark Litigation.

The Importance Of Planning Far Ahead For Parties

Parties and events are a very big thing for people. This is why it is important for there to be some good plans for it. These plans must not only make sure that everything is working as they should, but leave room for any unexpected occurrences. One thing that could be said about life is that it is unpredictable. One of the best things to do when it comes to planning an event is to leave at least one month of time between planning the event and actually going through with the plans. For hosts that are not as experienced with event planning, they can hire the help of professional event planners in New York City.

One professional event planning company in NYC that is worth hiring is 23 Layers. They are filled with plenty of professionals that are willing and able to do the needed amount of work in order to make sure that the event is working well. From planning to clean up, 23 Layers is very effective. One of the things that they are focused on when it comes to parties and events is making sure that the audience and the guests are enjoying their time. This is one of the main objectives for their job.

The professionals are very passionate about their work. They show a willingness to provide the environment that is needed for people to enjoy and participate in the event in a way that was intended. One of the most important things to 23 Layers party planners is making sure that the event is presenting the energy that it is meant to present to the masses.

23 Layers can customize the services for their client. The professional planners are willing to do almost anything that their clients want. They could provide some of the different services such as catering. Among the things planners do is find out who is offering some of the best deals when it comes to catering. Then they make sure that the host is able to take advantage of the services.

Place Your Bet like A Pro at Covers.com

Sports betting are becoming a popular way of investing your money. If you blindly bet your money, you will end up losing big time. However, if you get the fundamental concepts clear, you will find yourself climbing the money ladder eventually without any fall-backs. The NBA seasons starts during October, and the finals come in early July. The extended period of basketball gives you many opportunities to get better at becoming a sports investor. However, before that, you must first know how to bet on various NBA betting sites. The Cover.com is a reliable website for your NBA betting and to earn money in the right way.

Wager Types
There are many types of wager in the NBA that you need to learn about before you start your betting. Here are some of them for your brush-up:
• Halftime Line: The halftime line is created only at the time of half line. It takes into account what has happened during the first half of the game and creates a new spread to be carried out for the rest of the game.
• First Quarter: In a typical NBA game, the 48 minutes are broken up into four quarters of 12 minutes each. Before the game begins, bets are made on the first quarter line or the first quarter. Similarly, bets are also made on first half lines.
• Teaser/Parlay: Parlay means to combine all the bets to increase the overall payout. The teaser is also similar to parlay with the exception that it decreases the overall payout, which increases your winning odds.
• Money line: Based on who wins the game, money line can be dramatic during the matches between the lower level teams and the powerhouses of NBA. However, point spread and money line are not released simultaneously.
• Spread: A spread is a type of equalizer used by the bookmaker to give both the playing teams an equal chance at winning the wager. When it comes to NBA odds, a 15+ point spread is quite common when compared with NFL.
• Futures: These bets are limited to teams and are a proposition bets on the team based on the conferences won by which team.

Covers.com provides the perfect platform to help you to place your bets on the team of your choice. Started in 1995, they provide a 24/7 coverage of articles, statistics and information for sports enthusiasts. They are a leading provider of news and regular updates on sports gaming industry with the best online sports books.

Did Deutsche Bank Problems Begin in 2008 according to The Midas Legacy?

Usually, it takes time for the complete history of an event, to be properly written. The 2008 Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis continues to be re-assessed by experts. Even in 2016,”The Midas Legacy” is warning its clients about the dangers of 2008.

So, what were the long-term ramifications of 2008? The global elite suggested that global Capitalism would collapse without a bailout. Why did the British call this calamity, the Credit Crunch? How is Deutsche Bank a link to 2008 and 2016?

“The more things change …”

An economic crisis might look very different, depending on your perspective. The homeowner who had his property foreclosed upon in 2005 might have said the crisis started then. The man declaring bankruptcy in 2006 might have said the crisis started then.

Under British banking law, financial institutions were required to sell “well-fitting” financial instruments. When the crisis reached England, they shut down their old financial regulatory agency and created a new one. They also “highlighted” the fact that “capital markets were seizing up.” Financial institutions no longer trusted one another – destroying the foundation of banking.

“Did Deutsche Bank Mis Sell Mortgages?”

In September 16, 2016, the United States Department of Justice fined Deutsche Bank $14 billion for having “mis-sold financial instruments” in 2008. There are many problems with this action: 1. Jurisdiction, 2. Crime Description, 3. Statute of Limitations and 4. Bailout.

The United States government has no real jurisdiction in the European Union or in Germany. The “crime of mis-selling financial instruments” is a British concept. Surely, the statute of limitations must have expired for this financial fraud, after eight years. Finally, why did the United States bail out a bank, which committed a crime? Is that not “aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime?”

“Focus on Fundamentals”

“The Midas Legacy” is all about remaining faithful to economic fundamentals. Mr. Bower warns his clients about “potential losses, similar to 2008.” If stocks go down, then “shorting” can become a profitable strategy.

Unfortunately, the continued travails of Deutsche Bank suggest a deeper problem with the financial markets. Just as Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008, Deutsche Bank’s troubles in 2016 could drag everything down. Prepare now with “The Midas Legacy.”

Check out the Midas Legacy’s “about” page for more info about the company: http://themidaslegacy.com/about-us/

Evolution of Smooth: Excellent Lip Balms

Though you’ve probably tried out trusted brands like Blistex, what you don’t know is that there is a more natural, safer product called Evolution of Smooth, or EOS lip balm. This brand of lip balm is one that is natural and trusted by many to make lips smooth and soft, and with winter months approaching, it’s important to stock up now on a reliable lip product.

Evolution of Smooth is found in many, many stores across the United States, including places like Target and Walmart, or online via luckyvitamin.com. You really can’t miss EOS- it looks so much different than other lip balm products. Instead of the classic tube, it comes in a little colored sphere, in assorted flavors.  What is great about the brand is that each sphere is packed with essential ingredients and vitamins to ensure healthy lips. They are also dermatologist tested, gluten free and hypoallergenic, making them safe for virtually anyone in the market for lip care.

If you’re searching for an ideal lip balm, EOS lip balm can be that reliable one for you. They are effective and trusted by many. Not only that, but they are an excellent price, averaging at about three dollars per piece. So stock up now, because the winter months are sure to be brutal and there’s no need to deal with dry, chapped lips if you can prevent it! To learn more, visit the brand’s Linked In page.


Why More People Should Embrace ClassDojo

For many years, teachers and parents were only connected through physical meetings, but with the development of new technology like ClassDojo these meetings are not necessary anymore. This is an application that has seen tremendous growth in recent past and this is due to the benefits it is introducing to the learning process.


With the ClassDojo application, teachers are able to share information with parents in real time. The system is programmed to allow text messaging, video and photo sharing. It is a system that is designed to allow users have easy time while making the learning process fun and more enjoyable.


Since the time it was established in 2011, ClassDojo has grown both in number of downloads and technology used. They have come up with new systems that are streamlining security and making navigation easy for the average user. According to founders Liam and Chaudhary, they wanted to solve the communication barrier that existed between teachers and parents. Currently, the program has attracted two thirds of schools in the U.S. and is growing to become the most useful school application in the U.S.


Students are now given an opportunity to share their grievances and have them reviewed by both parents and teachers. There is no need to wait until the end of semester meetings because Class Dojo is offering teachers and parents a simple way to connect and solve the main problems that make learning a difficult process. Since adoption, teachers have recorded improvements among students since the joint effort applied is helping the kids to become better in all areas.


Sam Chaudhary says that since they have not thought about monetizing the application, they are working on getting more downloads and reaching as many people as possible. They are looking forward to introducing premium features in future that will not disrupt the current setup.


About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a modern platform that is founded on the need to make the learning process a success. The application was developed and launched in 2011 and its main benefits include the ability to share images and videos in real time. Through ClassDojo, teachers and parents can connect and discuss issues affecting students unlike before when these issues would be covered only at the end of the semester.


Additionally, students are given an opportunity to voice their concerns and get help from their parents and teachers. Due to the features and benefits offered by the platform, 2 in 3 schools in the United States of America are using ClassDojo.

David Osio Launches Several Projects For Devos Real Estate Group

David Osio is best known for his successful leadership of the Davos Real Estate Group. The executive has led the well regarded financial company to earn several prestigious awards. Most recently, the company was nominated for the prestigious M&A award for outstanding service in the area of finance. David Osio joined the Davos Real Estate Group when the company initially opened and has been instrumental in the development of the successful practices implemented there. Recently, the executive has announced the development of several new projects on behalf of the real estate group. Osio stated during a recent interview that the launch of these projects will help to steer the Davos Real Estate Group into a new facet of the financial market.

David Osio announced the release of the Davos CAP Calculator earlier this year. This tool was developed in an effort to help financial investors to appropriately assess the risk involved with potential real estate purchases. The CAP Calculator was developed in the form of an application which is now available to the public on Android and Apple devices. David Osio stated that the launch of this product was essential to the establishment of new markets within the Devos Real Estate Group.

Although David Osio has discussed his company’s launch of the Davos CAP Calculator, the executive has revealed very little about Davos Real Estate Group’s future projects. Osio stated that several projects have been created and are expected to be launched by the end of the year. Osio described these projects as having as much impact as the launch of the Davos Calculator had on the financial industry. He also stated that the combination of projects to be released this year is expected to place the Davos Real Estate Group in a global competitive market.

With these expectations in mind, affiliates of the Davos Real Estate Group have quite a bit to look forward to. David Osio predicts that the company will have one of its most successful fiscal years to date in 2017 due to the effective product strategy that has been developed. Osio also stated that leaders of the Davos Real Estate Group looked forward to the continued effort of equipping real estate investors with an excellent standard of service.

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The Role Played by White Shark Media in Online Marketing

It is imperative for businesses to come up with internet marketing strategies that are aimed at helping the business eventually attract more clients and increase sales. One of the effective strategic used by online business entities is the use of SEO marketing strategy that essentially involves the use of specific keywords that people often use when they conduct their searches over the internet. It is important for a website to understand some of the specific words that people use when conducting internet searches seeking products or information about a particular product. Therefore when coming up with the desired keywords, it is imperative for the business to come up with smart keywords that are able to serve this purpose. Resourceful keywords ought to help the business website rank on the top of the internet. The upshot of this is that if the website ranks on the top searches of a particular search engine, then it is likely to increase the number of people accessing the website including potential clients.

Having seen the function of keywords and the importance thereof, it necessary to come up with the proper keywords that will enable the business achieve the intended objective. Although the keywords ought to help the website rank high it is important for a website to avoid unnecessarily repeating keywords many times on the pages of the website which ideally doesn’t serve the purpose of attracting traffic but only leads to stuffing. This information can also be sourced from http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/target-seo-keywords.

When coming up with the appropriate keywords it is important for the business to come up with appropriate keywords. The first step at establishing relevant keywords is looking at the relevant keywords that most people use when searching for information on such engines. This can be done by the use of online keyword tool search which will show you the relevant keywords you can use. Choose a good online tool for establishing the keywords to use in the page in order to increase traffic to the website. The chosen keywords should be used when writing the page titles and the doing the meta-descriptions.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that helps website come up with internet marketing strategies that are geared up to assisting them increase the revenue of their businesses . One of the major ways that White Shark Media provides this function is by conducting thorough research for websites to come up with relevant keywords that people use when looking for particular information on search engines. Once this is done, they use the keywords on pages of the websites that aid in ranking the website on top searches thereby increasing traffic.

Brexit Gold Coins Biggest Win Says US Money Reserve

Everyone has taken notice that investors fleeing the stocks and bond market embraced precious metals. If you’re thinking of joining that crowd, take a look at Brexit gold coins. US Money Reserve analysts conclude that investors that are now shunning risky investments have chosen the one place funds are safe: Gold coins.

Brexit Making New Diversification Decisions Simpler

For starters, choosing the precious metals industry in a quickly shifting market is nothing new. In fact, gold has always been a good portion of wealthy portfolios because it offers a margin of safety. With slumping bond funds, Middle East upheavals, and the bru-ha-ha over the UK’s Brexit, gold coin valuations are higher and steady climbing. Moreover, today, the British pound is at an all-time low of just $1.27 and British banks are losing their grip on freely performing business. Giving the uncertainties surrounding Britain’s exit from the European Union, Brexit gold coins have become a saving grace investment.

Typically, active investors stealthy seek the next big winner during turbulent times, but right now you can’t count on every stock or bond becoming that one diamond in the rough. Risk taking will not pay off right now.

So what is the best course when there’s a downward spiral? Diversify. Adding an even 15 percent stake in gold coins to your portfolio sharply cuts the risk of loss. “Diversifying is more than just an insurance policy for safety,” says US Money Reserve analyst. “It preserves wealth and now you can make a nice profit.” Nervous billionaires have also taken to this strategy to protect their wealth.

What To Do Right Now

The sheer speed of this spiral has taken many investors by surprise. US Money Reserve analysts urged investors to buy up Brexit gold coins, and gains began occurring last year, but after the UK referendum gold buying skyrocketed. If you haven’t touched your portfolio since last year there’s a good chance many of your bonds have flatlined, and small and midcap stocks took a bit of a dive. The smart move now is to diversify your stock allocation and include Brexit gold coins to protect profits. It’s tempting to let your stock allocations ride the flames, but analysts warn the horizon includes dangers and aftershocks. The economy is in for a slow recovery, so be cautious and protect wealth. With that said, even if you’re feeling the courage, Brexit gold coins spell safety.

Learn more: http://www.numismaticnews.net/article/silver-gold-mark-historic-brexit