Recording Artist Jonathan Hays Shows Us How to Manage Our Online Reputation

Jonathan Hay is an expert in his industry. He may not be someone many have heard of but he manages online reputations of many well-known artists. In an industry that is hard to get into, what makes him the guru? It is probably his expansive resume. His resume brings back his time as a recording artist and producer for people from Whitney Houston to Wiz Khalifa. What, then, can we learn from Jonathan Hay?

For one, being bold and standing behind our beliefs. Hay might go as far as to start rumors in order to get people’s attention but it gets the job done. According to experts from, we may not have to go as far but we need to make sure that we stand behind what we say online.

Next, actively be on the lookout for brand identity issues. This is an easy one to forget in the early stages of a career that demands an online presence but in this day and age, it is important to stay on top of it from the beginning and follow through until, well, forever. This can be as easy as setting up a Google alert for your name and the name of your business. According to Ayodeji Onibalusi you should not forget “the reputation of an executive can determine the fate of a company”.

If you find someone wanting to hurt your reputation online, find the source and resolve it fast. A quick way to do this is to run a Google Adword above the source that is causing the issue. Afterwards, you can choose if you want to talk to the source or file a lawsuit. Having a strategy to handle these situations is best. Educating your marketing team, creating a solution and tracking progress are the best ways to go about this. Sometimes it might be helpful to have PR recovery team, even if it is just yourself. Be strong in who you are, make sure to keep up with your name, and prepare for the worst while expecting the best!


Jason Halpern is the Deal in the Real Estate Industry

Jason Halpern is a Real Estate Developer in charge of the JMH Development family business. His father was the originator of JMH Development Real Estate Company that initially operated in Western Westchester. Jason’s family has been in the real estate for more than three decades since then. The father influenced his son’s interest in real estate. Jason recently focuses on multimillion commercial and residential properties across the United States. Halpern says that their success secret lies in the ability to handle single projects at a time. Halpern explains that this allows him sufficient attention on each development.


Halpern’s Projects along 70 Henry Street and the Northern Boulevard Market

JMH Development’s intended project at 70 Henry Street recently received approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Construction is to commence immediately, and JHM aims to rebuild the Brooklyn Cinema Heights into boutique condominium buildings. Morris Adjmi is in charge of the project. He is the chief designer of the company. The company has also targeted the Northern Boulevard market where it intends to build a limited-service hotel.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Halpern’s 8995 Collins Avenue and the 2901 Dr. Miami Beach Projects
Jason frequently takes trips from Brooklyn to South Florida where he oversees other residential projects. The projects include few boutique buildings which he believes are more substantial than the competitive Downtown towers. The company also closed in on a multimillion property along 8995 Collins Avenue where it aims to turn the Surfside Waterfront into luxury boutique condos. He plans that the condo buildings should be designed with same features as the previous South Beach residential houses. The company also finished pre-developments of sales center at 2901 Dr. Miami Beach Indian Creek where it will be launching 15 condominium units.


His Developments on 235 Collins Avenue, 184 Kent and Brooklyn Hill
Jason Halpern has produced unbeaten results in South Florida and Brooklyn where he is currently managing several projects that are already under construction. He launched the Aloft Hotel on 235 Collins Avenue in the South Beach this summer. The Aloft is a redevelopment of the historic Ankara motel. Jason originally bought the site in 2006 for condo projects. He considers the accomplishment of the project as the evidence of his family core in the real estate industry. His company has also developed the 184 Kent warehouse into more than three hundred luxury apartments. The company was also in charge of the construction of the 9 Brooklyn Hill Luxury Townhouses.

Halpern is Goodhearted

Jason is generous and gives support to several Miami charitable organizations. He makes donations to the Collins Metropolitan Art Museum and will be the leader of its annual black-tie social event. Jason also provides free drinking water to Ethiopia and the Nepal.

Naomi Campbell Still Showing Off her Beauty After All These Years

Even after all these years, supermodel Naomi Campbell still remains very much in the public eye. Even at age 46, the ebony-skinned English beauty still dazzles on the red carpet or along the runway.

The latest appearance came earlier this month when Naomi Campbell attended the WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards. Wearing a black dress, the model showed off her fine form.

While she rose to fame due her walks on the runway and numerous of fashion ad appearances over the span of nearly 30 years, Campbell has expanded her presence into other areas. She has released a series of perfumes under the Procter & Gamble banner and has appeared in numerous of acting roles.

It seems that her acting career has steadily grown more prominent in 2016. She has a recurring role on “Empire”, a show on FOX based on a fictional hip-hop and R & B music empire. She also appeared on two episodes on the FX horror series American Horror Story: Hotel this year.

The model also has appeared in several music videos over the years. The most recent was this year’s video for the song “Drone Bomb Me” by Anohni, the lead singer of Antony and the Johnsons.

Campbell still can steal a show by simply walking down the runway as she did a couple of months ago in September at a recent Donatella Versace show. Last month, she was seen wearing a pleasant white business suit in attending an Order of Companions of Honour ceremony at Buckingham Palace where she watched some friends receive the Queen’s blessing. She was also seen having dinner with her friend, the singer Usher.

Despite her recent forays into other fields, it appears that Campbell remains comfortable walking along runways and displaying her beauty and shape for camera lens everywhere. This Vogue-based site shows some her more recent captivating shots.

Merging Info Technologies and Diversant Together Creates Endless Opportunities

What do you get when you combine greatness with hard work? It’s simple, you get John Goullet. Goullet has worked hard to make sure that he builds a great relationship with his clients and that he can keep them happy as long as he knows what they need. He knows what it is like to make a business run and how to keep it running and that it simply takes hard work in order for it to succeed. He understands completely that it is the role of everyone in the company to make the company prosper. Because of this, because he worked first in the creation of the company, it is this reason that he knows how to make the business successful.

Each and every company, no matter how big or how small, has to come from an idea. It takes someone coming up with the idea and turning it into something that makes it what it is. This reason alone, is one reason that John Goullet is able to merge with other founding companies like Diversant and keep them running smoothly for years to come.

John was brought up in the world believing that he should not expect something to just be handed to him. He knows that he must work hard for something if he truly wants it and therefore is focused on making his business work. He spent many hard earned dollars, hours and time into his business and when he felt that he had completely transformed the way people work and think, he merged with another company that focuses on empowering people. The combination of the two, you get something that is so successful that no one can stop them. All the hard work in both companies, it show’s through in the business relationships and the relationships amongst other hard working companies who strive to compete against the best. It is a ever changing world with Info Technologies Merged with Diversant.

Securus Receives the Coveted A+ Rating and Accreditation Status

Securus recently received both an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


PRNewswire reported the VP of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, saying that the Better Business Bureau was indeed satisfied with the quality standards of the company, hence the A+ rating.


Here are the requirements needed to earn the A+ rating by BBB:-


  1. Earn their trust


  1. Do legitimate business


  1. Be honest with clients and authorities


  1. Ensure the business is listed and accessible


  1. Keep your word to customers


  1. Be quick to reply to customers


  1. Remain ethical at all times


Award-Winning Securus Call-Center


Securus came up with an ingenious plan to build a 220 seater complex which acts as their domestic call center. This is actually the largest facility of its kind in America. From there, they can reach up to 25 million friends, and family members spread out all across the world. Calls get answered in an average of 11 seconds. The firm boasts of a 99% first-call resolution rate and their customer satisfaction score currently stand at 4.3 out of a possible five score. On average, the center processes up to 2.5 million calls per month. The C.E.O, Richard Smith, says they have no competition.


About Securus Technologies


It got founded in 1986, and its CEO is known as Richard A. Smith. Or, Ricky in short. The for-profit prison calling company has regional offices in Carrolton, Texas, Allen and Atlanta, Georgia. Their staff is reported to be fast approaching the 1,500 mark as they continue to diversify and expand their portfolio. Securus currently serves up to 2,600 correctional facilities in the US and Canada. Courtesy of their services, family members, and loved ones get a chance to keep in touch at all times.


How EOS Upset an Established Market with a Little Innovation

Make-up routines everywhere were uprooted and re-imagined when an innovative beauty industry start-up offered their latest answer to a predictable industry unchanged and unmoved for 100 years.

EOS lip balm – born seven years ago, Evolution of Smooth – is the brainchild of experienced corporate strategist Sanjiv Mehra and start-up consultants Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. They were determined to change the buying experiences of an age old oral hygiene staple in the lip care industry.

Further upsetting an unchanged and unchallenged industry, EOS offered a different user experience with its ‘orb’ – a round, oval casing concealing a unique and appealing alternative to the tired cylindrical tubes competing in a market based on lower costs and lower prices. Not only did EOS bring a colorful collection, they also brought flavors unheard of elsewhere.

Thus, consumers embraced the new concept, and after heavy marketing based on sponsorship and product testing, EOS exploded into the old market; dominated by heavy hitters such as Chapstick and Burt’s Bees. Long before getting the products on the shelves of Walgreens – veteran Sanjiv Mehra knew they had a good thing.

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, EOS was no doubt amused by the introduction of knock-off product attempts of corporate giants such as Sephora Beauty who understood the appeal and saw the fast climbing sales as EOS lip balm launched its campaigns around the world.

In an exclusive interview with, Sanjiv Mehra opened the doors to EOS, how it got started, and why there was so little upfront information as the product gained traction in the well-established industry.

Despite a deliberate lack of transparency, EOS was a number one contender, rising to the top with customized campaigns that combined matching KEDS shoes to a flavor/clor and Alice in Wonderland themed sets. This strategy proved to be the right move for them and catapulted EOS to the number 2 spot in record time. For more information, visit the evolution of smooth website, Linked In page and Pinterest profile (