Calling With Securus Is Safer And Faster

I have been calling with Securus for a few months, and I know for a fact their service is improved over others. Reaching the jails of America is difficult as they must be called using a special account, and only Securus has the video that we need to talk to family. This story explains how I am the designated caller for the family using Securus almost every day.


#1: We Have Family In Jail


We have family in jail that we must support, but they are too far away for any real visits. We could not make it to the jail because it is too far to go, but I can call on my tablet any time I like. I have called from the road before, and I have called from home in the past before leaving for work. We have a connection that is special, and I want to keep it up as much as I can.


#2: We Have A Better Video Picture


The video picture we have is quite important as it gives us a way to see each other while we talk. I know I have felt better seeing the person I am talking to, and I hope I am able to give them the impression that I hear what they are saying and understand them with my facial expressions.


#3: The Service Is Easy To Use


Securus has asked all its competition to do a better job with their services, and I am seeing the results in their company. I have very clear videos to watch, and I hear my family as if we are on a satellite phone call.


I believe Securus has done us all a favor by offering us the help we need for visitation. We cannot make it there, but we may call with a video conference when we like.


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