Sheldon Lavin’s Good Leadership Enables OSI Group to Conquer Global Meat Industry

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group LLC, and he has been in the meat industry for over 40 years. He is defined as a resilient man who focuses on building emperor from scratch. Sheldon has an academic background in banking and financing, which has benefited the management of OSI Group. Lavin has served in the banking industry for a couple of years. During this time he founded his financial consulting firm. With the management of this able CEO, McDonald’s company has grown into a worldwide food product supplier. OSI Group is made up of four major companies such as OSI International, Inc., US based LLC, OSI International Foods, and OSI Industries, LLC. The group of companies has over 20,000 employees globally.

Otto &Sons Company needed funding to enable them to increase their supplies to McDonald’s Corporation in 1970, which was the year that Lavin ventured into the meat industry. He offered his consulting services to this company after declining the offer of holding an ownership position in this company. Sheldon later became the overseer of investments for Otto & Sons in 1975. Lavin joined OSI Group previously known as Otto & sons. His entry was aimed at helping them to grow globally. The group of companies spreads their wings all over Europe and North America in the 1970s. They later ventured into Taiwan and South America in the 1980s. In 1980s Lavin gained 100% control of OSI Group, and with his determination, he was able to build the company to become a global empire. They entered several global markets like China, Australia, Brazil, Philippines, India, Japan, and South Africa.

Awards won by OSI Groups

Sheldon has won several awards like the Global Visionary Award won in February 2016. OSI Group has also won awards through his leadership. California Green Business Certificate is an award that was won by OSI Riverside UK in July 2016. OSI Food Solutions won International Safety Award and Globe of Honor award in May 2017 and November 2016 respectively. The awards were from the British Council. The United Nations’ World Environment Day is always held once a year, every 5th June. OSI Europe has always been a participant of this global event.

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