Up-Close with Ricardo Tosto and How Brazilian Lawyers Have Adapted to the Emerging Needs of Brazil’s Legal System

Brazil’s economic and political climate has been a hot topic of discussion since 2015 and a major part of 2016. Aside from the domestic challenges faced by the government, coupled by progressively growing economy, investors have been skeptical on making any significant investment. Despite such mayhem, several investors have considered investing in the depreciating Brazilian assets with the sole intention of reaping maximum profits. For starters, the M&A has been quite busy dealing with financially hemorrhaged companies and startups and learn more about Ricardo.

On the other hand, tax matters have surprisingly necessitated a high demand for representation and legal advice, with hundreds of attorneys rushing in to serve various clients and multinational corporations. According to accurate statistics from the PwC report, the country’s ease of paying taxes surprisingly ranks at position 178 out of the 189 nations surveyed. The fact that a medium-sized enterprise spends an average of 2,600 hours dealing with tax compliance is quite shocking, to say the least.

Compliance matters are widely considered to be a booming sector in the legal industry courtesy of the numerous statutes governing the establishment and running of businesses. More importantly, enterprises have also been at the forefront promoting anti-corruption programs essential in upholding transparency and accountability in the public and private sector. Firms such as Trench and TozziniFreire have cemented their status as the leading service providers to their diverse clientele and his Website.

The Brazilian government has prioritized labor laws especially with the influx of local and migrants dominating the labor force. By prioritizing on the fundamental rights of workers, institutions such as Cahen & Mingrone Advogados and Pessoa Advogados Associados are arguably some of the best in the industry and more information click here.


Ricardo Tosto in Brief

Ricardo Tosto’s reputation as a prominent attorney and entrepreneur remains unmatched. Despite his humble beginnings, Ricardo Tosto has managed to surpass expectations and represented several high net worth individuals and multinational corporations. Ricardo Tosto is credited with pioneering the enactment of various economic policies that serve as the foundation of the country’s economy.

Aside from exuding his legal proficiency, Ricardo Tosto also mentors several associates within the law firm as his next step in taking the company to greater heights. Ricardo Tosto adopts an active management approach in the daily operations of his law firm and resume him.

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