IDLife Combats Against Childhood Obesity By Having A Kids Product Line

There is no doubt that childhood obesity has become a major issue in today’s world. Whether it be due to all the junk food on the market or all the fast food places that are easy for busy business parents to access to feed their children. Eating junk food every now and again is not a big deal but when children only eat junk food every day it can greatly affect not only their weight but the level of nutrition they are receiving. Children who are obese often do not get the nutrition that their body’s need through the foods that they are eating but instead are getting a bunch of fat and other bad non- nutritious items to eat. IDLife is great company that has come out with not only a wide range of products for adults looking to better their life but also for children so that they can get healthy and stay that way for years to come.

IDLife kid’s products include kid’s nutrition, kid’s shake, kid’s bar, and hydrate. Kids nutrition made by IDLife is chewable tablets in mixed berry flavor for children that contain 24 vitamins and minerals to ensure children receive all the minerals and vitamins that they need daily. The kid’s shake is a whey protein shake made for kids from hormone-free cows that are grass fed. The kid’s shake provides just enough protein for children to thrive daily and stay energized, well staying delicious by being flavored with vanilla. Kid’s bar is IDLife’s way of providing children with a snack bar type food that contains 100% superfoods well still tasting delicious. Hydrate by IDLife is a drink that keeps children hydrating by replenishing them with electrolytes. Like all IDLife’s other products their kid’s products come with a 30-day money back guarantee which means if your kid does not like it or you feel it is not working for your kid within 30 days of purchasing the product you can get a full refund of your money. Nutrition facts for kid’s products can be found on IDLife’s website along with a long list of products that they offer and the price of each.

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James Dondero : An entrepreneur’s love for Dallas runs deep

A good man is always looking to make the right difference in the world.

This statement rings true for Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, Mr. James Dondero. After acquiring a degree in accounting and finance at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, Dondero went on to launch his career with JPMorgan Chase & Co in 1984. Things only looked up from here as Mr.Dondero succeeded in landing a highly desirable job at American Express. After acquiring valuable experience, James Dondero established his own path in the world with his investment firm in 1993 which is based in Dallas, Texas.

In addition to adeptly handling credit operations such as collateralized loan obligations and credit hedge funds, the entrepreneur believes in giving back to the society. He has contributed to numerous local charity organizations and has shown his love for education by supporting causes such as “Uplift Education”, “Education is Freedom”, and Tower Scholars program sponsored by Southern Methodist University. Dondero also stands with “Snowball Express” – a program that is dedicated to serving the children of fallen military heroes through fun activities like golf tournaments and other events.

The philanthropist has also donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo which was in need of funds to reconstruct the hippo habitat after the death of a senior hippopotamus. Now, hippos roam freely in their new home. Additionally, the humanitarian has donated $1 million to The Family Place – a local haven for victims of domestic abuse and violence – to help it reach it’s $2.8 million campaign goal.

James Dondero’s generosity is not only limited to charity organizations, he has also helped businesses grow and expand with his financial expertise and knowledge. After taking over the role of Chief investment officer at Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary, Mr. Dondero turned the startup into a prosperous $2 billion business.

Owing to his strong leadership skills, James Dondero holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors for NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare.He also holds three of the most recognized certifications for accounting – CPA, CFA, and CMA.

Goettl Air Conditioning Received a New Lease on Life

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1932 by two brothers, Adam and Gust Goett. They were the first to bring evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to the hot and sweltering desert communities of Arizona and Nevada. Lifestyles changed drastically when people could live in the cool of their air conditioner, and that fact certainly had a lot to do with the population increase in that region of the United States.

Goettl went through several different owners over the years and they catered to five generations of families who relied on their excellent customer service and fair prices, no matter who owned the company. There was always the attempt to provide friendly good service and fair pricing.

That changed however in the late nineties when Goettl was purchased by a large national management company. To give credit where credit is due, the management firm meant well, but they probably spent more time counting their money than they did worrying about customer service details. It is much more difficult to micromanage from afar, as it takes some decision-making on the ground from day-to-day.

According to Glassdoor, the result was a customer service proposition that ceased to exist and an employee base that was extremely frustrated because they were not given the ability nor the means to really help the customers.

In 2013, Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl. He had a history of being able to take companies that were not doing well and turn them into profitable concerns. Goodrich knew he had a sound company fundamentally, but he just needed to do some things to turn it around.

Goodrich immediately began to meet with customers and employees. He told them that there needed to be immediate action and a customer service plan must be effective right away. He immediately placed in effect a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all products sold, installed, or repaired. He placed ads in all of the media in the major city areas of Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas.

Soon the tide began to turn, and the profits started to roll in. In the meantime, the more important aspect was occurring, which was that customer confidence again had returned. The employees could breathe easier too as their future with the company was solidified. Visit to see more.

BizJournals wrote that a very significant decision that Goodrich made was the acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air of Southern California. This acquisition brought in a strong commercial HVAC division that Goettl did not have, and this strategic move created a tenfold growth in both companies. You can visit their Facebook page

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Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Not many financial institutional these day can be trusted. ever since the crash in 2008 is has been hard to find a company that does not have their own motives when it comes to giving you finical advice. With that being said.luckily there in Equities First Finical. This company stated to operate in the year 2002, and ever since then has been a staple in its local company hen it comes to help the common man and local businesses with financial advice. Over the course of the last decade the company has grown up and is making leaps and jumps in to new areas. Now if a team of shareholders the company rearwards them with a dividend that detail how truly successful the company is. The company has even go so and far as to open up a branch of offices in the New York area. The company is growing fast and exponentially.

Orange Coast College Boosts Its Recycling Efforts with a New Recycling Facility.

After four decades of offering small-scale recycling facilities, Orange Coast College recently upgraded to a larger facility occupying five times the land the previous one did. The new recycling plant features offices, showers, expanded parking space for up to 45 vehicles for visitors, a meeting area, and other rooms. The $7 million-dollar facility that occupies five acres took one year, four months to construct. The center offers a place for people from cities all over southern California to drop off unwanted equipment and a wide range of materials such as aluminum tins, glass, paper and some plastic containers.


Visitors receive compensation on specific materials at a set rate. For each pound of HDPE plastic, for example, one gets 56 cents while a small beverage can attract a 5-cent reward. Despite accepting a wide range of items, the facility rejects old furniture, boat or car batteries, chemicals, paint and engine oil. Along with saving energy and keeping the area’s water and air clean, the facility offers a place for residents to take extra items and get a few dollars. The facility’s eco-friendly design combined with its recycling services goes a long way in conserving the environment and ensuring its sustainability.


Through funds from both the private and public-sector Orange Coast College was able to construct the facility that serves California, Colorado and Arizona residents. The bond from the government through measure M and contributions from CR&R Environment services were the primary sources of funding for the project. Various leaders including the mayor of Costa Mesa heaped praise on the Adams Avenue facility for the benefits offered to the environment and jobs created for residents.


Orange Coast College a community college situated in Costa Mesa, Southern California was established in 1947 after the area’s voters approved a ballot measure to have it founded. Officially opening its classes in 1948, the college now boasts of exceptional facilities, modern technology, 135 academic programs and the largest and most acclaimed public nautical program. The school is a member of the Coast Community District and ranks first among Orange County colleges regarding the number of students transferred to California State University systems. In addition to their academic programs, the campus has a vibrant sports program with baseball, basketball and athletics teams. Learn more:


Julia Jackson And A Love For Wine

Julia JacksonIf you were to ask the middle child of the wine-making family, the Jacksons, about her passion for wine? She would tell you it’s been a lifelong interest, along with her love of the French language.Julia Jackson is the daughter of wine-makers Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, who run Jackson Family Wines.From 2006 to 2010, Julia attended Scripps College, where she received a bachelor of arts in studio arts. Then, she obtained a general management certificate from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2010. Julia also spent a great deal of time in Bordeaux, France. There, she learned the French language, along with studying winemaking from French winemakers.

Julia JacksonDue to her time in France, she also taught it to a sixth-grade class for a period of time.Julia currently works for her family’s company, Jackson Family Wines.At the family company, Julia Jackson works hard on marketing and PR campaigns. She also works diligently to promote Jackson’s international wine brands, like the Italian wine, Arcanum.Julia Jackson has also founded a nonprofit. Her organization is called ‘Cambria Seeds of Empowerment’. This program is aimed at empowering women who are doing good for their community. It awards a cash grant yearly to a nonprofit that meets certain criteria.

Jason Hope Foresees a Big Wave in Tech Industry

One does not need to jump on any opportunity that comes your way. Again entrepreneurs should focus on a single venture at a time. These are the words of Jason Hope a seasoned entrepreneur and futurist. Thanks to his apt apprehension of technology he has been able to predict some technological trends in our modern society. He is thrilled by the Internet of Things which he believes is steadily shaping life. In fact, he points out that shortly devices will be interconnected.

During a recent interview with Ideamench, Hope revealed that his great ideas come from his official website. He scrutinizes them and picks those of interest and promising after assessment. He is keen on implementing projects that are supportive of the internet of things, so its relevance is long-term in the dynamic environment. Jason Hope’s success in business is as a result of good market network and referrals from past clients. He says this strong tool and an entrepreneur should not be pulled down by past mistakes. Hopes explains that he once made a mistake after launching Mobile Technology, but that has not deterred him an inch and


About Jason Hope

He was born in Arizona and went to Tempe School. Jason Hope obtained an undergraduate degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He later obtains an MBA from the ASU W.P Carey School of Business, his alma mater. Motivated by technology or basically the Internet of Things, Jason Hope and began embracing technology in providing real solutions using it. He is now an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist and more information click here.

Jason Hope observes a shift of things towards technology. Kitchen appliance, cars, and electronic devices are interconnected to other tech devices such as phones. Amazing! He urges corporations and business enterprises to adopt this smart technology as it’s the convenient option. In future, they won’t be relevant without the same. If they fail to embrace competitor will and it will be hard for them to beat the industry. In fact, they will be forced out and his Linkedin.

Mike Kope, CEO of SENS Foundation announced Jason Hope’s donation to the organization $500,000. This money is to fund scientific research on the rejuvenation of biotechnologies to fight old age vulnerability conditions and diseases. SENS Foundation is based in California and uses advanced medical treatment in dealing with diabetes, atherosclerosis and Alzheimer diseases. Technology will thus improve healthcare, and pharmaceutical industry is what Jason Hope hopes.

Ambitious and Innovative Expansion Plans by Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

The OSI Group, previously known as, Otto & Sons, is the creative masterpiece of Otto Kolschowsky, an American of German descent. As of 2017, the company has secured tentative meat supply tenders from the biggest stake players in the food and hotel industry, like McDonald and KFC. OSI’s CEO is the award-winning business executive and leader called Sheldon Lavin. Here’s a recap of a French Tribune article where CEO, Sheldon Lavin opened up on his career trajectory and the green innovations adopted by his company as it expands.

In the interview, it becomes clear that the OSI Group had it really rough in the first three decades of opening. The prospects of the OSI Group changed drastically, however, when the meat supplier landed an exclusive and long-term contract to supply McDonald with meat and meat products in the mid-fifties. Two decades later, the OSI Group had exponentially scaled up its operations to now own a meat processing plant in the state.

Sheldon joined the OSI Group in the mid-seventies and he’s credited with introducing the revolutionary processed food preservation method that utilized nitrogen gas as opposed to the commonly used, carbon freezing method. Otto & Sons officially changed its name to the OSI Group in 1975 to reflect its newfound stature as a global entity. The meat processing firm stepped into the lucrative Chinese market in 2002 and has since risen to be among the top 20 most valuable food companies in the region.

In 2016, Chicago papers reported that the OSI Group had doled out $7.4 million to acquire a 20K square-feet, modern food processing plant previously owned by Tyson Foods Inc. In the same year, OSI Group of Industries also bought a significant controlling stake of the Baho Food Company. The move aimed to better re-position OSI Group in the European market as Baho Food has dedicated plants in Germany and in the Netherlands.

Sheldon Lavin goes ahead to mention the incredible gains and advances the OSI Group has made in Germany, Canada and in the UK. According to the CEO, the OSI Group would never have successfully penetrated these markets were it not for joint investments with like-minded partners.

As of October 14, 2017, the OSI Group, privately held meat processing and supplying company had over 20,000 full-time employees. The food company traces its origins at Oak Park in Illinois, Chicago. The OSI Group of industries started out as a small butchery in Oak Park Chicago back in 1909. A hundred years on, and OSI is a Forbes-listed behemoth of a company with multi-million dollar investments in China, Germany, UK, Canada, and Japan.

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Being a Dentist With Dr. Villanueva

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental, a company that helps doctors in order to focus on their practice only which is offering excellent dental care to their clients. Dr. Villanueva has an extensive work history which includes associate dentist trainer, associate dentist as well as a mentor. Currently, Dr. Villanueva serves as the Chief Executive Officer of one of the biggest doctor-owned Dental Support Organizations in the United States. The doctor is passionate when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the profession of dentistry. He also offers mentorship to new dentists who new to the field and lack the needed experience.
Born in Ohio, Dr. Villanueva was brought up in South America and Asia. He went to for his high school studies in Caracas. Venezuela. He is married to Carol Villanueva who is also a physician with her won practice based in North Texas. Together they have four lovely children. Dr. Villanueva holds a MC in Microbiology which he earned from the University of Florida. He also attended the Nova Southeastern University where earned his DMD. Dr. Villanueva understands that dental practitioners require assistance in order to solely focus on their careers.
Since MB2 Dental was established it has managed to support many practitioners at more than 70 affiliated locations in six states. The organization currently has 533 employees who work full time and share the same values and visions as the company. The staff at the company is skilled and experienced to serve all the needs of the practitioners so that they can only focus on their main activity which is offering the best treatment to their clients. MB2 Dental has an excellent management team in place that is mandated to come up with strategic goals and plans of the organization.
Dr. Steven Villanueva says that the success that he has managed to get as a practitioner and the owner of MB2 Dental comes from hard work, commitment and discipline. Since he was young, the established dentists always had a dream of bringing people together and he achieved this when he started MB2 Dental. He has managed to bring together many of the dentists in the US where they get to interact and share their experiences from their practice. They also get training on how maximize their practice and succeed in their field. Dr. Villanueva has earned a reputation as a reliable and efficient leader and practitioner.

Toronto’s Cameron Clokie is an Innovator, Entrepreneur and Professor

Cameron Clokie is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur. Dr. Clokie is also a professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. One of the notable things that Dr. Clokie has done is use a protein on eight patients for bone regeneration of the jaw.

The protein used on adult stem cells to turn into bone tissue. This results in bones to grow and the jaw to be reset. This is a technique that Dr. Clokie as the head of oral and maxillofacial surgery is known as a pioneer in the field at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Clokie has said of the procedure it is near the embryonic state of bone generation and the one patient this procedure has been a success the jawbone he lost has grown identical to the one that was damaged.

In another case, a twenty-year-old woman had a benign tumor that swelled the right side of the jaw. If it had been untreated it would have resulted in a rare aggressive condition of jaw tissue growth.

This is a dangerous condition called ameloblastoma that can affect the airways and result in choking the patient followed by death. First, the woman underwent surgery and because of lost jaw tissue, she became another patient of this technique.

Due to the Cameron Clokie’s approach to surgical procedures and jaw regeneration he is highly sought after. He has lectured and has many publications in the field including oral health and dentistry.

Dr. Clokie earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1985. He then went on to a specialty type of training 1990 and went on to earn his doctorate to become a Ph.D. in 1992 at McGill University. This specialty was related to bone regeneration with dental implants.

Cameron Clokie was named the head of oral and maxillofacial surgery in 1998 and later professor at the University of Toronto of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Clokie remained in these positions until he retired from academics in 2017.

As an entrepreneur, he is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. This is a company focused on regenerative medicine and solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction. Dr. Clokie has held board positions or scientific advisory board positions for several companies during his career.

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