Proprietor, Salesman & Influential Figure: Julia Jackson

Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines of the Pacific Northwest has been on a mission since 1982. Founded by the late Jess Jackson, This family owned and operated company is pushing the boundaries for what a successful winemaker is and should be. Jess Jackson, and his wife Barbara Banke were the perfect one-two punch. He handled the physical growing of the agriculture and she handled the demanding business side of the company. Their children played a vital role as well because they actually had to work out the fields of the Santa Maria Valley. The principles of hard work has carried over into adulthood as these individuals hold prominent positions within the company itself. Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter of Jess and Barbara, seem to stand out even from a young age. Her love for wine didn’t occur until after she spent some time working in Bordeaux, France.

This is where she entrenched herself fully by studying distribJulia Jacksonution, push-downs, French sales, yeast-adds and many more. At times, she would work 14-hour days. Learning about global market was her goal, and she did just that by shadowing Nicolas Seillan. Julia also has a close friend who just so happen to be French. As of today, she works as a representative, a proprietor and a salesman for Jackson Family Wines. This company has a huge global following thanks to its many wineries. These wineries are located in France, South Africa, Australia, Chile and Italy. Its Barbara’s Clone Pinot Noir has a dark red color, and it’s full of blueberry and smoky earth aromas. Julia has accomplished her dreams thanks to attending Stanford University, by studying in France and by being a part of a well-established organization. Seeds of Empowerment is also her actual nonprofit foundation, and it gives back to the tune of $100,000 per year.

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