Being a Dentist With Dr. Villanueva

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental, a company that helps doctors in order to focus on their practice only which is offering excellent dental care to their clients. Dr. Villanueva has an extensive work history which includes associate dentist trainer, associate dentist as well as a mentor. Currently, Dr. Villanueva serves as the Chief Executive Officer of one of the biggest doctor-owned Dental Support Organizations in the United States. The doctor is passionate when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the profession of dentistry. He also offers mentorship to new dentists who new to the field and lack the needed experience.
Born in Ohio, Dr. Villanueva was brought up in South America and Asia. He went to for his high school studies in Caracas. Venezuela. He is married to Carol Villanueva who is also a physician with her won practice based in North Texas. Together they have four lovely children. Dr. Villanueva holds a MC in Microbiology which he earned from the University of Florida. He also attended the Nova Southeastern University where earned his DMD. Dr. Villanueva understands that dental practitioners require assistance in order to solely focus on their careers.
Since MB2 Dental was established it has managed to support many practitioners at more than 70 affiliated locations in six states. The organization currently has 533 employees who work full time and share the same values and visions as the company. The staff at the company is skilled and experienced to serve all the needs of the practitioners so that they can only focus on their main activity which is offering the best treatment to their clients. MB2 Dental has an excellent management team in place that is mandated to come up with strategic goals and plans of the organization.
Dr. Steven Villanueva says that the success that he has managed to get as a practitioner and the owner of MB2 Dental comes from hard work, commitment and discipline. Since he was young, the established dentists always had a dream of bringing people together and he achieved this when he started MB2 Dental. He has managed to bring together many of the dentists in the US where they get to interact and share their experiences from their practice. They also get training on how maximize their practice and succeed in their field. Dr. Villanueva has earned a reputation as a reliable and efficient leader and practitioner.

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