Goettl Air Conditioning Received a New Lease on Life

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1932 by two brothers, Adam and Gust Goett. They were the first to bring evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to the hot and sweltering desert communities of Arizona and Nevada. Lifestyles changed drastically when people could live in the cool of their air conditioner, and that fact certainly had a lot to do with the population increase in that region of the United States.

Goettl went through several different owners over the years and they catered to five generations of families who relied on their excellent customer service and fair prices, no matter who owned the company. There was always the attempt to provide friendly good service and fair pricing.

That changed however in the late nineties when Goettl was purchased by a large national management company. To give credit where credit is due, the management firm meant well, but they probably spent more time counting their money than they did worrying about customer service details. It is much more difficult to micromanage from afar, as it takes some decision-making on the ground from day-to-day.

According to Glassdoor, the result was a customer service proposition that ceased to exist and an employee base that was extremely frustrated because they were not given the ability nor the means to really help the customers.

In 2013, Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl. He had a history of being able to take companies that were not doing well and turn them into profitable concerns. Goodrich knew he had a sound company fundamentally, but he just needed to do some things to turn it around.

Goodrich immediately began to meet with customers and employees. He told them that there needed to be immediate action and a customer service plan must be effective right away. He immediately placed in effect a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all products sold, installed, or repaired. He placed ads in all of the media in the major city areas of Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas.

Soon the tide began to turn, and the profits started to roll in. In the meantime, the more important aspect was occurring, which was that customer confidence again had returned. The employees could breathe easier too as their future with the company was solidified. Visit goettlshdm.com to see more.

BizJournals wrote that a very significant decision that Goodrich made was the acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air of Southern California. This acquisition brought in a strong commercial HVAC division that Goettl did not have, and this strategic move created a tenfold growth in both companies. You can visit their Facebook page

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