James Dondero : An entrepreneur’s love for Dallas runs deep

A good man is always looking to make the right difference in the world.

This statement rings true for Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, Mr. James Dondero. After acquiring a degree in accounting and finance at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, Dondero went on to launch his career with JPMorgan Chase & Co in 1984. Things only looked up from here as Mr.Dondero succeeded in landing a highly desirable job at American Express. After acquiring valuable experience, James Dondero established his own path in the world with his investment firm in 1993 which is based in Dallas, Texas.

In addition to adeptly handling credit operations such as collateralized loan obligations and credit hedge funds, the entrepreneur believes in giving back to the society. He has contributed to numerous local charity organizations and has shown his love for education by supporting causes such as “Uplift Education”, “Education is Freedom”, and Tower Scholars program sponsored by Southern Methodist University. Dondero also stands with “Snowball Express” – a program that is dedicated to serving the children of fallen military heroes through fun activities like golf tournaments and other events.

The philanthropist has also donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo which was in need of funds to reconstruct the hippo habitat after the death of a senior hippopotamus. Now, hippos roam freely in their new home. Additionally, the humanitarian has donated $1 million to The Family Place – a local haven for victims of domestic abuse and violence – to help it reach it’s $2.8 million campaign goal.

James Dondero’s generosity is not only limited to charity organizations, he has also helped businesses grow and expand with his financial expertise and knowledge. After taking over the role of Chief investment officer at Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary, Mr. Dondero turned the startup into a prosperous $2 billion business.

Owing to his strong leadership skills, James Dondero holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors for NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare.He also holds three of the most recognized certifications for accounting – CPA, CFA, and CMA.

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