The Great Things Preston Smith Learned From Rocketship Education

Without public schools, developed countries would likely find it difficult to spur growth within their citizenships. Education opens many doors for people all around the world, and is something most nations like to push among its constituents.

The United States cares a lot about education. This has shown in the fostering of Rocketship Education, a popular charter school with more than 3,500 students as of the Fall, 2017 semester. Those students are only grades K through 5th, making the enrollment of the public school impressive.

Rocketship Education isn’t a kept secret, either – tennis legend Andre Agassi was in media circles last year as being the sole financier of a RSED facility in his place of residence, Washington DC. The school that he promoted, funded, and helped build was the first to be constructed in the area. Since, one other school has been constructed in the nation’s capital.

Preston Smith, the founder, President, and CEO of Rocketship Education, has stayed with the school system since the day it was founded, its first classes taking place in a church in San Jose, because the nonprofit wasn’t able to afford an independent building at the time. Today, there are 18 installments across the United States, each of which are found in low-income areas. Mr. Smith has learned a number of things since he has operated the organization Following are a handful of the most important.

Parents are inherent to the success of students. Just one of the many ways they play a role in the educational process at RSED is by remitting questionnaires regarding their kids’ attitude towards the classroom environment, helping give a powerful voice to students.

Kids with special needs are never overlooked at Rocketship Education, as they spend about four-fifths’ of each school day in general classroom environments. According to Mr. Smith, this proprietary model of treating special students the same as everybody else is called the meaningful-inclusion model.

To facilitate the personalized education that goes on at RSED, teachers take a visit to the homes of each students’ homes, with guardian supervision, so they can best tailor such messages of education to students on an individual basis.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials Keep Trickling In As a Result of Securus Technologies’ Inventiveness

Solving and preventing crimes particularly in incarceration facilities is a responsibility jail officials find extra sensitive and demanding. Whereas the job must be done, the concerns that jail officials raise cannot be ignored especially bearing in mind that the facilities harbor people of negative criminal records. With technology, however, the burden on the officials’ shoulders is significantly minimized. One company that is helping officials to maintain law and order within America’s incarceration facilities is Securus Technologies. The company has a team that comprises of bright tech minds that innovates tech tools that promote public safety and improve the accuracy of investigations and monitoring within jails and prisons.

With a high success rate in the curbing of inmate-on-inmate crimes, jail officials are feeling optimistic that indeed technology will be the game changer in their job. A majority of those whose tech solutions that are provided by Securus Technologies are satisfied with the commitment and innovativeness adapted by the company. As a show of this satisfaction, these officials send in positive reviews and testimonials. According to CEO Richard Smith, letters and emails trickle in on a daily basis with inmates’ relatives also appreciating how Securus has aided in the transformation of their folk behind bars.

Testimonials and Reviews

The CEO is in no doubt happy with the way his tech experts and salespeople are revolutionizing the incarceration tech market. He affirmed that the teams are committed to ensuring that at least one new tech tool is released to the market on a weekly basis to keep the consistency of high performance. While making those remarks, Rick Smith allowed a sampling to be done for the thousands of testimonials and be published.

Reviews and testimonials were different from one customer to the other, but one common factor in all of them was that solving crimes has never been easier. They pointed out that Securus Technologies was consistent in providing tools that facilitate jail security. Officials also noted that they could stop crimes, investigate with ease, and most importantly, manage the inmates’ transformation processes in a much more efficient way. The Texas-based firm is expected to keep doing what it does best, and that is to innovate.


Paul Mampilly Talks About Good Areas To Invest In

Paul Mampilly is a Wall Street veteran who now helps main street people invest their money in the stock market. About 1/3rd of American invest in stocks. This means that 2/3rds of people keep their money in savings accounts which pay very small amounts of interest. Their actually losing money doing this as the inflation rate is far higher than the paltry amount of interest they are earning, and more information click here.

The main reason that people don’t invest, Paul Mampilly says, is that they are afraid of risk. They also never learned how to invest which is another big hurdle. In order to help Mampilly publishes a monthly financial newsletter called Profits Unlimited. In each issue he tells his readers what company’s stocks to invest their money in and why.

The two big areas the people should concentrate on, Paul Mampilly indicates, is technology as well as innovative trends. One current trend, he says, is that consumers are increasingly buying electric cars over the older, dirtier technology of running cars on gasoline. Gasoline cars are also very expensive to maintain with a huge amount of moving parts, as compared to an electric car. Company’s researching and releasing electric cars stand to do better than their competitors as this trend continues.

My Life Would Be So Much Easier If I Got ‘Chipped’. #RFID #Futurist #tech #technology

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) August 23, 2017

Precision medicine is another area that Paul Mampilly points out as a great area to invest in. He uses examples such as genetic testing which allows doctors to create personalized medical treatments that result in much better patient outcomes than using conventional methods. It takes the guesswork out of getting the right medicine for any particular patient as their DNA code is read in order to find the medicine they will best respond to, and resume him.

Paul Mampilly spent over 15 years in the financial industry. He worked for several big firms as an investor including Deutsche Asset Management, ING Funds, and Bankers Trust Company. At one firm, Kinetics Asset Management, he co-managed a number of their hedge funds with about $25 billion in assets under management. He attended a number of universities, including the Fordham Gabelli School of Business where he earned his MBA in finance in 1997.

During his time on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation investment competition. Each competitor was given $50 million to manage and whoever had the most money at the end won the competition. Mampilly managed to turn this into $88 million which made him the most successful competitor in the challenge, and

How Bernardo Chua Has Transformed the Livelihood Of Others Through Business

Bernardo Chua is a businessman whose ideas on entrepreneurship have been adopted by many. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

He is originally from the Philippines, a country where he has worked and built his businesses over the years. While most of the people who know him appreciate his business acumen, he is also respected for the causes that he supports.

Bernardo Chua’s Career at Gano Excel

One of the companies which Chua has worked with is Gano Excel. The Philippines-based company expanded to the United States, Hong Kong and Canada in just three years.

With the leadership of Chua, the company realized its best profits yet. Chua moved to California to become the company’s President. Gano Excel’s products have the health benefits of Ganoderma. Their products include coffee and other food supplements.

When Chua helped to co-found Gano Excel, he had the aim of impacting on the lives of the less fortunate in society. One of his visions was to also come up with a company that would also go global.

Gano Excel was first incorporated in Malaysia, and it even received recognition for being a leader in Ganoderma research, cultivation and distribution. It now stands as one of the biggest global producers of fast-moving consumer products. Its network comprises over 60 countries in the world.

Organo Gold

Coffee lovers who are looking for healthier coffee options usually prefer Organo Gold. The brand is a world leader in the beverage production sector. The company was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008. He decided to incorporate the benefits of Ganoderma in the coffees and teas produced and distributed by Organo Gold. Read more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

Organo Gold has a large network of distributors in six continents, including the United States, Africa, Asia and Europe. For any repeat customers, the company has in place a reward system that gives discounts on some of their products.

The OG Cares Foundation

Apart from the reward system which has been put in place to appreciate Organo Gold customers, Bernardo Chua also came up with the idea of establishing a corporate sponsor.

The Foundation has helped the youth to support themselves as well as the members of the communities where they come from.

Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva : The Dentist Behind MB2 Dental Solutions

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a well-known name in the field of dentistry. He is notable owing to the incredible contribution that he has made to the field and because of the company that he started up. The organization that he founded is known as MB2 Dental Solutions and is one that offers a range of solutions to dentists to make their practices more efficient and business friendly. The company was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva after he spent a considerable time working in the dental industry. One of the main aspects of the organization is that it makes the entire task of running a clinic extremely easy and straightforward. The company has received an incredible amount of support from dentists all over the country. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has been able to give dentists all over the country something that they so desperately needed.


When Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva passed out of medical school, he was in the same situation that most people in the country who are going to become dentists face. He was in the predicament of whether or not he should start up his practice or join a large organization. He tried to weigh out the pros and cons of both but was still confused about which option he should pick. When trying to set up a new clinic, a dentist usually faces several hurdles along the way. One of the more striking aspects of running a clinic by yourself is that the head doctor has to handle everything there. This includes things that dentists are usually not trained to do and can take away from the aspect of actually treating patients and doing something that you love. The other alternative is to join a large organization and work as a doctor under their supervision. While this may be ideal for those who don’t want to do all the unnecessary things, these organizations tend to only pay attention to how much money a doctor can make, and therefore leads to the company focusing on how many patients that they can treat rather than the quality of services that they offer their patients.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva wanted to form an organization that would be able to offer dentists the best of both worlds, which is what led to the formation of MB2 Dental Solutions. Using incredible business strategies and providing top-tier services is one of the core foundations of the company, and has contributed to the growth of the organization as a whole.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s Contributions to Society

It was his father that started the construction company but it was Neto who put JHSF Participacoes SA on the map. Upon completing school I993, José Auriemo Neto joined the company, it was then that he helped build the company’s first service department. He later, in 1998, obtained a contract that gave him the go-ahead to manage and oversee any works carried out at the Shopping Santa Cruz. This consequently gave rise to JSF’s shopping center department. The Shopping Santa Cruz contract was the business move that opened up the company to many other luxurious and lucrative opportunities.

There is not much known about José Auriemo Neto’s educational background but the fact that he had enrolled at the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado for an engineering course and later at FASE for a business administration course. He, however, did not complete his engineering course.

A lot, in relation to JHSF Participacoes SA, can be said of Mr. Neto but let us first start off by exhausting the long list of positions he has so far held in the company. To know about Mr. Neto click here.

Starting the list is the YPO membership he has been holding since 1999. Additionally, Mr. Neto took up the CEO position from 2003 to 2014. He later, March 2009, served as part of the company’s Member of Board of Executive Officers and much later, 2011, took up the director and executive chairman, a position he holds to date.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s huge presence is not only felt in JHSF. He has made a huge contribution not only to the real estate industry in Brazil but also in the country’s political field. The family company, under his supervision, will forever be remembered for the auspicious Cidade Jardim Complex project. One can also not turn a blind eye to the positive impact he has had on the country’s politics through his financial contributions.

Eric Lofkofsky in the Fight against Cancer Through Technology

Lung cancer development is associated with generic and environmental risk factors, with tobacco smoking as the well-known environmental risk factor. The etiology of lung cancer has been associated with the gene-smoking interactions, and this stems from a recent study conducted by the Dartmouth Research Team. Three variations in human DNA, namely, the Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) were identified during the interaction analysis. One SNP relating to squamous cell lung cancer was identified while the remaining two relate to non-small cell lung cancer. The SNPs presents possible lung cancer biomarker for screening and intervention. The three SNPs also can be used as biomarkers in efforts to improve the exactness that researchers use in classifying a person’s risk of contracting lung cancer through smoking behavior. They are essential in prognosis and predicting the plan of treatment.

Who is Eric Lefkofsky?

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Tempus. He has also co-founded several other companies that include Groupon, a worldwide e-commerce marketplace, Echo Global Logistics, a logistics and technology-enabled transportation outsourcing firm, Mediaocean which provides integrated media procurement technology, InnerWorkings, Uptake and Lightbank, a Chicago-based capital firm. Tempus is accredited with coming up with an operating system that helps in the fight against cancer.

Eric has dedicated considerable resources towards cancer-related research. At tempus, Eric has focused on coming up with the right infrastructure to modernize the treatment of cancer. Tempus seeks to render help to doctors and professionals in the healthcare field in making real-time, personalized and data-driven treatment. This will be achieved by running an analysis of the patient’s genetic code in the perspective of molecular therapies. Tempus is working with patients affected by lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer with the aim of adding more as time goes by.

Eric started his career while at the University of Michigan, selling carpets. Together with his friend, they borrowed money from relatives to buy Brand Apparel. They created an internet company called Starbelly in 1999. Its specialization was in promotional products. He has also been associated with charity and has so far established Lefkofsky Foundation. This foundation focuses on charitable, scientific and educational organizations endeavors around the globe. Eric is one of the board members at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and is also a trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He has also published a book titled Accelerated Disruption that talks about the impact of technology on businesses.

MB2 Dental Solutions Recently Held a Successful Recruitment after Hosting Students from A&M College of Dentistry

On April 20, 2017, MB2 Dental Solutions hosted a recruitment event for dental students from Texas A&M College of dentistry. Over the course of 2016-2017, MB2 Dental has been traveling around Texas and other nearby states to equip them with networking and resources that will allow them to have more career options upon graduation. According to the CEO of the MB2 dental, they do this annually to educate eager dental students about their industry. The goal of these events, according to the CEO is to establish a relationship with the students and introduce them to MB2 Dental. Regardless of whether they join the network or not, they want students to be aware that they have options.

The event was held at the Knox Henderson area. The turnout was impressive with about a third of the final year students showing up. The students and the officials from MB2 dental had an opportunity to chat over charcuterie cheeses, gourmet pizzas, drinks, and desserts. There was a raffle with the winner walking away with an Apple Watch.

What the CEO has to say about MB2 Dental Model

MB2 Dental is based on the principle that doctors should work together to help each other achieve more than simply working alone as individual dentists. With its able leadership and over 75 locations in six states, the network has enabled dentists to run their practices more efficiently and to have a better work-life balance. According to the CEO, MB2 Dental seeks out doctors who have an entrepreneurial mind and whose goals are in line with their business model. He added that by showing students they have options other than simply private or corporate dentistry that was a success in itself. He believes that by doing so, he has empowered a future doctor.

Understanding MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a dental service organization that collaborates with affiliated dentists everywhere. They provide a range of services to these offices to assist them to run them more efficiently. This allows the dentist to focus more on giving patients great care instead of the concentrating on the backend of things. Dentists that sign up to the network maintain complete autonomy. MB2 Dental only assists them in running the business side of things. The network is providing a fresh and youthful outlook on how practices should run. This model thus far has proven to be quite beneficial to countless patients and doctors.

Texas’ Highland Capital Management and Funds

The SEC-registered firm, Highland Capital Management is a company that offers consultation to their clients. They have a net worth of more than 15 billion dollars when assets with affiliates are combined.

Highland Capital Management is a global solution to credit management, and it is concerned in planning how borrowed money can be utilized well to the last cent. Credit acquired can range from, credit hedge funds, long-only funds, special situation investment borrowing, distressed funds and separate accounts. Offering counsel on how to take control of collateral loan rules is something that they can provide.

Diversity is functional in case one significant aspect of the business falls; the other will supplement it. Highland Capital is also interested in investing in the following; public pension plans, charity foundations, financial institutions, high-net-worth people and government finance planning. They encourage the emerging markets to invest in equities and make use of natural resources in the countries that have vast underground reserves.

The headquarters of Highland Capital is in Dallas Texas with other large administrative centers in Seoul where they are planning to create a healthcare fund that will provide healthcare to the South Koreans. The other offices are, in Singapore, Sao Paolo, and in New York.

Still, on the topic of health, they would like to help people who are addicts. Opioid menace is the addiction that is of concern affecting mainly the productive and young people in the population. They have come up with solutions of less-addictive painkillers. They also wish to come up with drugs that are an alternative to the addiction menace and sell it to make profits.

James Dondero, the president, founder of Highland Capital Management and Linda Owen has teamed up to fund the charitable programs of in the organization. Linda joined Highland Capital to help in the generous giving of the firm. With the charity having more than 3 million dollars that they get yearly, they are going to extend a helping hand to veterans, health, and education and in promoting the Dallas Community. Institutions that are going to benefit are Uplift Education, George W. Bush Presidential Library, American Heart Association, Dallas Zoo and Center for Brain Health only to name a few.

IDLife a Clear Health and Wellness Firm

Whenever ignorance bites or hurts, it has a parallel way of reawakening our senses. People have increased focus on health and wellness following past lifestyle challenges for not living health or other people you relate with. Health and wellness are becoming the next gold mine. IDLife and Garmin have signed up a treaty to work together in offering such services and ensure people do not suffer lifestyle-related diseases that customarily are hard to manage some being incurable altogether.

IDLife deals with the personalized sale of natural supplements subject to their distinct body deficiencies and requirements that vary from one person to the next. This because most people have a different medical profile, pre-existing conditions, physical activities, age, sex among other factors that cause disparities. Patients are also enrolled into a program to help achieve satisfying results and quality of life.

Garmin is medically based tech company in the sale and manufacture of devices commonly used in physical activities. These gadgets can track and monitor time spent during a workout session; calories burned, heart rate, distance and magnitude of physical activity among other parameters. Physical activities include swimming, aerobics, cycling, and running, walking and racing. Garmin devices will positively change lives making individuals more productive, less prone to diseases and healthy lifestyle.

This joint partnership will see progressive improvement in their health and wellness pursuits. They share in their mission, or rather their goals meet at some point. IDLife aims at bridging nutritional gaps while Garmin ensures healthy lifestyle by measuring progress at each stage. It is exciting how the two companies co-join their goal for a common good. Logan Stout is the founder of IDLife.

About IDLife

This a medical company for nutritional supplement established by Logan Stout as a sole proprietorship. It uses network marketing through their sales associates to create awareness and increase sales. All intermediaries from manufacturer to the consumer are eliminated meaning the distributor get to enjoy a huge profits since there are no accrued costs.

Logan Stout is the founder and Chief Executive officer of IDLife. He is an alumnus of the University of Dallas where he attained a degree in Psychology and Business. Logan Stout has also established other companies including Dallas Patriots, Premier Baseball Academy and also contributes content on, ‘The Secrets of Building Yourself, People and Teams.’ IDLife also has a pool of executive who is seasoned in their fields such as Mark Bennett – COO, Joe O’Connor – CFO and Laura Brandt – President.

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