The Legendary Jim Larkin and His Emancipation of Workers Unions in Ireland

James Larkin, also famously quoted in historical authorities as Jim Larkin was born on the 21st, of January in 1876, Liverpool City, England. He established what later became the biggest workers union in the region, the Irish Transport and Worker’s Union. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Larkin was an astute and fervent follower of the Marxist doctrines and got the inspiration to found the labor union in the 1940s from the knowledge he had gained. He traveled to the U.S but was deported for political misconduct.

Political Profile

  • Jim Larkin was born and grew up in the slums of Liverpool city. He received no formal education.
  • He worked in a number of odd jobs as a youth to supplement the family’s income. He was promoted to become a foreman at the Liverpool docks.
  • He joined the National Union of Dock Laborers in 1905, and as a socialist, he believed they were treated unfairly.

His militant nature saw him transferred from the port to Dublin in 1907. While in Dublin, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union to bring on board all the workers of Ireland. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

He founded the Irish Labor Party and led a series of violent strikes. The gravest was the 1913 strike dubbed Dublin Lockout where for 8 months continuously, workers were on strike. He eventually won the fight for fair employment.

Involvement in the World War I

He staged one of the largest anti-war protests and demonstrations in Dublin to voice his opposition to World War I. When war became inevitable, he traveled to the United States to solicit funds to fund is a war against the British.

He was unfortunately captured in 1920 and convicted for involvement in anarchy, communism and criminal acts of sabotage, pardoned and deported to Ireland. He won the support of the Communist International in 1924 upon his return to Ireland. Larkin was married to Elizabeth, with whom they had four sons. He died in 1947 in Dublin.

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