Texas’ Highland Capital Management and Funds

The SEC-registered firm, Highland Capital Management is a company that offers consultation to their clients. They have a net worth of more than 15 billion dollars when assets with affiliates are combined.

Highland Capital Management is a global solution to credit management, and it is concerned in planning how borrowed money can be utilized well to the last cent. Credit acquired can range from, credit hedge funds, long-only funds, special situation investment borrowing, distressed funds and separate accounts. Offering counsel on how to take control of collateral loan rules is something that they can provide.

Diversity is functional in case one significant aspect of the business falls; the other will supplement it. Highland Capital is also interested in investing in the following; public pension plans, charity foundations, financial institutions, high-net-worth people and government finance planning. They encourage the emerging markets to invest in equities and make use of natural resources in the countries that have vast underground reserves.

The headquarters of Highland Capital is in Dallas Texas with other large administrative centers in Seoul where they are planning to create a healthcare fund that will provide healthcare to the South Koreans. The other offices are, in Singapore, Sao Paolo, and in New York.

Still, on the topic of health, they would like to help people who are addicts. Opioid menace is the addiction that is of concern affecting mainly the productive and young people in the population. They have come up with solutions of less-addictive painkillers. They also wish to come up with drugs that are an alternative to the addiction menace and sell it to make profits.

James Dondero, the president, founder of Highland Capital Management and Linda Owen has teamed up to fund the charitable programs of in the organization. Linda joined Highland Capital to help in the generous giving of the firm. With the charity having more than 3 million dollars that they get yearly, they are going to extend a helping hand to veterans, health, and education and in promoting the Dallas Community. Institutions that are going to benefit are Uplift Education, George W. Bush Presidential Library, American Heart Association, Dallas Zoo and Center for Brain Health only to name a few.

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