MB2 Dental Solutions Recently Held a Successful Recruitment after Hosting Students from A&M College of Dentistry

On April 20, 2017, MB2 Dental Solutions hosted a recruitment event for dental students from Texas A&M College of dentistry. Over the course of 2016-2017, MB2 Dental has been traveling around Texas and other nearby states to equip them with networking and resources that will allow them to have more career options upon graduation. According to the CEO of the MB2 dental, they do this annually to educate eager dental students about their industry. The goal of these events, according to the CEO is to establish a relationship with the students and introduce them to MB2 Dental. Regardless of whether they join the network or not, they want students to be aware that they have options.

The event was held at the Knox Henderson area. The turnout was impressive with about a third of the final year students showing up. The students and the officials from MB2 dental had an opportunity to chat over charcuterie cheeses, gourmet pizzas, drinks, and desserts. There was a raffle with the winner walking away with an Apple Watch.

What the CEO has to say about MB2 Dental Model

MB2 Dental is based on the principle that doctors should work together to help each other achieve more than simply working alone as individual dentists. With its able leadership and over 75 locations in six states, the network has enabled dentists to run their practices more efficiently and to have a better work-life balance. According to the CEO, MB2 Dental seeks out doctors who have an entrepreneurial mind and whose goals are in line with their business model. He added that by showing students they have options other than simply private or corporate dentistry that was a success in itself. He believes that by doing so, he has empowered a future doctor.

Understanding MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a dental service organization that collaborates with affiliated dentists everywhere. They provide a range of services to these offices to assist them to run them more efficiently. This allows the dentist to focus more on giving patients great care instead of the concentrating on the backend of things. Dentists that sign up to the network maintain complete autonomy. MB2 Dental only assists them in running the business side of things. The network is providing a fresh and youthful outlook on how practices should run. This model thus far has proven to be quite beneficial to countless patients and doctors.

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