The Great Things Preston Smith Learned From Rocketship Education

Without public schools, developed countries would likely find it difficult to spur growth within their citizenships. Education opens many doors for people all around the world, and is something most nations like to push among its constituents.

The United States cares a lot about education. This has shown in the fostering of Rocketship Education, a popular charter school with more than 3,500 students as of the Fall, 2017 semester. Those students are only grades K through 5th, making the enrollment of the public school impressive.

Rocketship Education isn’t a kept secret, either – tennis legend Andre Agassi was in media circles last year as being the sole financier of a RSED facility in his place of residence, Washington DC. The school that he promoted, funded, and helped build was the first to be constructed in the area. Since, one other school has been constructed in the nation’s capital.

Preston Smith, the founder, President, and CEO of Rocketship Education, has stayed with the school system since the day it was founded, its first classes taking place in a church in San Jose, because the nonprofit wasn’t able to afford an independent building at the time. Today, there are 18 installments across the United States, each of which are found in low-income areas. Mr. Smith has learned a number of things since he has operated the organization Following are a handful of the most important.

Parents are inherent to the success of students. Just one of the many ways they play a role in the educational process at RSED is by remitting questionnaires regarding their kids’ attitude towards the classroom environment, helping give a powerful voice to students.

Kids with special needs are never overlooked at Rocketship Education, as they spend about four-fifths’ of each school day in general classroom environments. According to Mr. Smith, this proprietary model of treating special students the same as everybody else is called the meaningful-inclusion model.

To facilitate the personalized education that goes on at RSED, teachers take a visit to the homes of each students’ homes, with guardian supervision, so they can best tailor such messages of education to students on an individual basis.

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