What Do Ford, Trump and Devos Have In Common?

Leadership is a special quality. Not everyone can lead effectively. Is this leadership quality what connects Ford, Donald Trump and Dick Devos?


A Ford Able Automobiles


It would have been very easy for Henry Ford to have run a car company selling only to the wealthy. In fact, his first company was aimed at that market. But, then he got a bright idea.


“What if he sold a car that everyone could afford?”


That would be revolutionary and change how men got around town. So, Henry Ford picked up and started a new company dedicated to selling cars to the common man. It was almost like history had created him for this destiny.


For who is better for creating affordable cars, then a man who could create aFORDdable cars? The rest is history.


President Gerald Ford


It is one thing to create a grand company, it is another to run a great nation. Thankfully, President Gerald R. Ford was able to lead the country during a very difficult time. He was also the namesake for the Grand Rapids International Airport. The rest is history.


Entrepreneur Trump


Who is better for “making America great again,” then one of its shining entrepreneurs? It is not easy to develop great ideas and turn them into successful brands. President Donald Trump has a knack for it.


Many men would be happy with one successful company; but, not Donald Trump. Business Man Donald Trump has been behind the United States Football League, “The Apprentice,” casinos and beauty pageants. His thoughts were revolutionary.


Time and time again, Donald Trump identified what the people wanted and delivered. And, that is exactly what business is all about. The successful business leader provides the products and services that people want and need.


So, now America wants to be “great again.” Many men competed for the right to be in that position – president of the United States of America. President Donald Trump understood the message, had the background and took the message to the people. He won.


Now, he has the mandate to make real changes. He needs to help the country return to its productive foundation. He has turned to another man with great ideas and effective actions, named Dick Devos.


By appointing Dick Devos to oversee the Civilian Board of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), President Donald Trump has added a man with a can-do attitude. Mr. Devos is a pilot who started an academy to train new pilots.


Philanthropist Devos


Those who create new brands understand the challenges of creativity. The Devos family is in line with the Fords and Trumps in achieving that which had not been done before. They dared to dream.


It is great praise to consider Philanthropist Dick Devos amongst these great man. He has accomplished a lot, but hopefully he still has a lot to offer. History will tell his tale. Learn more: http://www.celebfamily.com/business/richard-devos-family.html

Fabletics Helps Customer Feel Good About Themselves

For years, the athletic fashion industry was not focused on how they could help their customers. Instead, they were focused on making money and cutting costs so they would be able to show people what they could do. It was something that made things more difficult for customers and something they knew they would have to deal with every time they started shopping for different things that were related to athletics. In fact, things were hard throughout the entire fashion industry because of the way it had been set up for years.


The industry needed a disruptor. Fabletics was exactly the things that was going to change it and make everything better. They knew they needed to do things better and Kate Hudson was with them for every part of the ride. She wanted to make sure there were things she could do and things that would make the brand get better. It all went back to what she could do to help people and how she could make things easier on them. For Fabletics, this was just what they needed. It was a way for them to make things easier and a way to bring attention to how much they were able to do things in the right way.


As long as Fabletics was growing and doing things the right way, they knew they were going to have to try their best to make things easier. They had always done what they could to bring attention to the issues in the industry and that helped them make the right choices. For Fabletics to do this, they had to try to always follow what customers were interested in. Not only did they need to stay on top of the trends but also on top of everything that was happening to the businesses around them.


When people take the Lifestyle Quiz from Fabletics, they are able to find out what is going on with the brands and what they can do to make the brands better. It is part of how they are able to make a lot of money and part of what has allowed them the chance to choose things that are going to make their lives better. For Fabletics, this is what the point of their business is. They want people to realize they are doing the best job possible no matter what issues they might be facing.

David McDonald of OSI Group Leads By Example

David McDonald was born in Iowa. He attended the University of Iowa and graduated with a senior award in animal science. Being visionary, he committed time and effort to learning the business rope through OSI Industries. Dave landed an executive position. In his capacity as an executive, he transformed the business into a global manufacturer of meat-based products. Dave was later promoted to be the chief operating officer of OSI Industries. He oversaw critical decision making in the firm.


After graduating, Dave focused on OSI Industries where he was trained for leadership. He rose through the company’s leadership ladder within a few years of service. His exceptional leadership skills played a pivotal role in his appointment. His achievements supported his appointment as well.


Dave was interested in utilizing available resources to develop the community. He, therefore, used OSI Industries to invest in agriculture and entrepreneurship. In 2011, he was responsible for holding an initiative that organized a meeting in China. The meeting saw to it that a student was employed. Until now, OSI Industries has supported many initiatives including China’s economy. McDonald is supportive of viable, community projects.

OSI Group

OSI Group is a private–owned firm that provides meat-based products. The company provides custom valued products. For this reason, it is known as the world’s premier foodservice provider. In addition, OSI Group offers unparalleled resources for client’s satisfaction. The extensive capabilities that OSI Group harbors in food-service delivery and product development can barely be matched. The firm continues to incorporate the international distribution of custom food products across the world.

Dave’s Leadership

Behind the stellar reputation of OSI Group is the amazing leadership of David McDonald. He has expanded OSI’s production capacity to over 15 countries. Alongside that is the 20,000 employee base that he’s incorporated in the company. Dave’s responsibilities extend to his chairmanship at the board of directors. He streamlines the company’s managerial docket. This is facilitated by his ability to quickly respond to pressing issues. Dave ensures that clients have high-quality experience at OSI Group.

Dave’s Contribution to OSI Industries

With over 65 facilities, OSI Group has consistently served clients in various capacities that include supply chain management, distribution and processing. Dave has overseen these processes by ensuring positive feedback from the same clients. As a young man who grew up in the farming culture, Dave invested in farming. He cultivated the virtue of patience and dedication in order to excel in business.

About OSI Group: relationshipscience.com/david-g-mcdonald-p4523992

How Clay Siegall Offers Hope for Cancer and Lupus Patients

Clay Siegall’s assertions on NFL’s Michael Bennett treatment in the hands of Las Vegas present a devastating condition of racism in the 21st century. He narrates of an incident where he was coming from a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, and he immediately heard several gunshots that rented the air. He immediately ran for safety and ran into two police officers who ordered him to kneel on the ground. Having obliged to this, one of them placed a gun on his head and handcuffed Michael Benett before leading him to their patrol car. Even as they later released him, he acknowledged that Police officers have always used excessive force when they realize you are ‘black.’

The Strange Seattle Seahawks Logo

In another article, Clay Siegall gives an account of Seahawks unveiling this new but bizarre logo that caused a lot of consternation to the fans and the players alike. The Seattle Seahawks posted on their media pages have had the fans asking for the motive or the inspiration behind the front-facing logo. When the management was asked for an explanation, they asserted that it only took its inspiration from a totem pole. They disregarded the perception that the logo looked intimidating and insisted that it was a creative piece worth adopting.

Clay Siegall: the Biotechnological Specialist

A look at Clay Siegall’s life presents a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. As an expert in the biotechnology field, he has established the company to one of the leading research enterprises that specialize in biotechnological ventures that aid patients in their sicknesses. As the lead researcher in the company, he has worked hard doing a lot of research pertaining cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Licensing by the FDA

In this regard, he was licensed by Federal Drugs Authority after his breakthrough in establishing several cancer antibodies that offer treatments to cancer patients. With such outstanding achievements, Seattle Genetics has received a lot of accolades for their immense contribution to their innovative measures in curbing cancer infection rates. It is also worth mentioning that the company not only specializes in cancer-based treatment ventures but also other auto-immune conditions and diseases that affected the general population.

Jason Hope Improves Amazon’s eBook and Systems of Development

Jason Hope explains the Internet of Things in his unique and valuable eBook. The story behind this important infrastructure has been carefully analyzed in this eBook. Jason Hope identifies integral aspects that have changed the way that the Internet of Things acts and is developed over time. The results of Jason Hope’s influential e-book can be seen at various degrees.

Some of the best aspects of Jason Hope’s work can be seen in the attention to detail as well as complexities. He explains the need for multidimensional perspectives as well as the importance of developing public awareness for this increasingly valuable technology.

There are a lot of ways that Jason Hope provides insight as well as a unique vantage point on the development of the IoT. This technology is explored in multiple areas of decision making and strategies. By cultivating some of the most effective details regarding the Internet of Things and the way it has consistently shaped different methods of implementation it is clear that Jason Hope has changed to a great degree.

Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur and leader when it comes to innovation and infrastructure design. He has created steadfast results that have benefited the overall dimensional of the Internet of Things in contemporary science. The way that homes operate, educational systems function, and multiple aspects of design resources are allocated all have to do with the Internet of Things. As infrastructure lends itself to being more interconnected, users will experience better effects as well as more unified systems throughout their experience.

Significant aspects of this e-book are informative and create a unique sense of identity. They have contributed significantly to the way that people may already use Internet of Things technology in their daily life. It expands on these themes to show the importance of this concept in the future. Jason Hope also explains that there are further investments taking place in order to improve the caliber of the Internet of Things in contemporary research as well as design. Getting ahead in the technology race means that things will be more centralized as well as organized.A lot of distinguished authors have found this guide to be effective at relaying basic concepts as well as themes that are currently at play in the industry. By grasping the Internet of Things, users can gain a lot of takeaways from “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era”.

Jason Hope’s Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

End Citizens United Campaign Reforms

End Citizen United is a political action committee formed in 2015 as a result of the Supreme Court judgment that allowed political campaigns funding of individuals in the United States. The source of the funds not being of essence was approved and politicians could now get political funding from which ever means without tracing the means.

The group feels that the judgment was not fair as it would promote political crimes. According to its executive director Tiffany Muller, California has some of the best opportunities. Leaders elected in the region should pass by merit but not by misusing campaign funds to manipulate their election. Some of the politicians have been put on the spotlight for misusing campaign funds and the group is committed to make reforms on campaign funding.

The group receives funding from simple donations and has supported some democrats in doing their campaigns. End Citizens United participated in the first election cycle in 2016 spending about $ 4.4 million. Determined to overturn Citizens United, the group has continued raising funds and it aims at spending in four districts of California to make sure opportunities are not put to waste. However, the group does not disclose the amount of money it is going to spend during the period.

End Citizens United not only stands with the democrats but also with those that stands for campaign finance reforms. It also protects those attacked by the dark money related groups and by Koch brothers, a billionaire conservative. Since it is not the only group that fights for the campaign finance reforms, End United Citizens use a calculated strategy to bring out the best impact.

The republican members advocates for lack of disclosure for money used during campaign periods. This translates why End Citizen United does not support them. The republicans tend to stand on the group’s way of changing the court ruling.

The aggressive step taken by the group has received different opinions from different political stakeholders. Some of them feel that what the group is doing is just a mere waste of time since according to the record kept since 1992, the US has never passed any amendment and the possibility of having this amendment passed is negligible. A major challenge faced by the group is the elected number of its political candidates against the number that support the Court’s judgment which will always outdo them.

Another group of political stakeholders feels that it is a matter of the justice system therefore wise and impartial decisions can only be made by the raise of a new panel of justices. Since many people in the US including the justices are partisans, the step by End Citizens United may not go far. The group however stands to fight for the reforms despite of facing major challenges.

For details: www.linkedin.com/jobs/end-citizens-united-jobs

SahmAdrangi the Expert in the Business World

There are very many people who have been beneficiaries of the actions of SahmAdrangi over the past decade. Sahm who is the Chief Executive Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management is an expert in economics. He received his college education at Yale University where he attained a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Economics. He has been using the knowledge which he gained here to support the community through advice and provision of business strategies. Deutsche Bank was the first place where SahmAdrangi put his learning into action. At the bank, he advised the creditor committee on matters concerning bankruptcy and was involved in loan debt financings. He later joined Chain Capital Partners and served here by helping the firm with out-of-court reforms.

Kerrisdale Capital Management was launched in 2009 with one million dollars. As of July 2017, records were indicating that it was managing assets that were worth one hundred and fifty million dollars. This growth has been achieved through hard work and commitment towards the company’s goals. SahmAdrangi has ensured that the firm stays on the right track over the years. Kerrisdale publishes research on different platforms that can be freely accessed by the public. The information published is usually about correcting the myths and misinterpretations that people have on hedge fund companies and incite on how to invest successfully. The company is also involved in public education where it teaches people about entrepreneurship.

Through its publications, it has exposed companies like China Marine Food and China-Biotics which have been involved in fraudulent business activities. SahmAdrangi is often called to give speeches in various conferences revolving around business and entrepreneurship. Some of the conferences where he has given vital speeches include the Sohn Conference, the Value Investing Conference, the Activist Investor Conference, the Traders 4 a Cause conference, and the Distressed Debt Investing Conference. Sometimes back in 2014, he gave employees at the Lindsay Corporation something to smile about when he contributed in ensuring that they got better pay by taking up the corporation. He asked the body in charge of finances to work on their money distribution to facilitate better employee payments. His contributions to the society are uncountable.

How George Soros is Changing the World Through Philanthropy

If you only listened to AM conservative radio then the picture you have of George Soros, a noted progressive billionaire philanthropist and investor would be quite tainted. For years, Soros has become the favorite punching bag of right-wing America. He’s been blamed for every conspiracy known to man. According to conservative media, Soros is the mastermind behind the NFL anthem protests, the Black Lives Matters movement and even the group known as Antifa. Pretty busy guy, right? Nevermind the fact that this is all complete hogwash, it is a poor representation of one of the most historically giving billionaires of all time. IN a move that stunned the world, and rocked his charity, Soros moved almost his entire fortune in a massive donation. Soros just gave $18 billion to his foundation, the Open Society Foundations, to further the pursuit of humanitarian comfort and social progress around the world.

George Soros is in the bizarre position that no matter what he does, he won’t succeed in making conservative America happy. Soros is, of course, not one to actually care for what right-wing media says about him. Instead, Soros is more concerned with making a difference in the world and leaving behind something special of himself. This has become particularly true as George Soros has put himself in front of the pack as a resistant force to the machinations of the Donald J. Trump administration. During Trump’s ascent up the GOP’s nomination ladder, Soros was painfully aware of how serious this would be if Trump were to be elected. He never cracked a smile and laughed at the buffoonery and instead, he focused on setting up building blocks to help out as many people as possible, and read full article.

When Donald Trump won the Presidency in November of 2016, Soros made a nominal donation of $10 million to his foundation. This donation was symbolic in gesture and it was representative of his willingness to shine a light on the darkness and hate that Donald Trump was spewing around the country. Financial disclosure forms would go on to reveal that Soros continued to donate and over the past couple of years he has moved nearly $18 billion into his foundation, and George’s lacrosse camp.

Growing up in Hungary, George Soros was shown terror and violence beyond comprehension when Nazis occupied his home country. Over the span of the Nazi occupation, Soros would see countless family members and friends carted off and killed by the Nazi regime. Soros and his family would help many people to escape before fleeing the country in order to emigrate to London. In London, Soros would work multiple jobs in order to complete his education. During this time frame, he would become familiar with the works of Karl Popper and the Open Society which pushed a belief in social justice, and a person-first approach to the world. Soros would take this education and hold it tightly upon moving to America in order to pursue his dreams. Now, over 70 years later George Soros has positioned his charitable foundation to make life-saving and life-changing donations to groups around the planet, and http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/george-soros-democratic-convention-226267.

Greg Secker: Founder of Greg Secker Foundation

Greg is a great entrepreneur who was born in 1975. He is also globally known as the master trader, international speaker and a philanthropic. Secker is as well a father and a husband who resides in the UK.

As a multi-billionaire in his early twenties, Greg has created some of Europe’s most successful trading firms that have paved the way for people to get some financial freedom. His career started while he worked with the Thomas Cook Financial Services. It is from this company that Secker decided to venture into the foreign exchange business. He formed a group called Virtual Trading Desk. VTD later became the only company that could be trusted by many people in the industry because it could give accurate on-time Forex exchange figures.

Later, Greg became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. While working with this company, he decided to form the Learn to Trade firm that served the entire state. As the CEO of the Learn to Trade company, Greg has managed to open several offices in Philippines, South Africa, Australia, and other states to serve his clients in the best way possible. People from these states could learn a lot about Forex trade via the organized workshops and seminars by this firm.

Learn to Trade has, since its launch, been awarded several awards by the world finance magazine. They received several awards in 2012 and 2013. Later in 2015, the firm also won an award for their incredible education packages to their clients. The company was not left out in the Global Banking and Finance Review Awards where they received awards in Australia, South Africa and in Europe in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

 The Philanthropic Work of Greg Secker

Greg is among the most internationally influential and philanthropic entrepreneurs around the globe. He has been nominated on several platforms for his considerable charitable ventures not mentioning his recent nomination in the 2017 National CSR awards. He has been recognized as the best entrepreneur in the Outstanding Corporate Leadership category.

His recent achievements include the launch of the Capital index, FX capital, and the SmartCharts technology. These are technology tools which will help every trader in analyzing and excellently performing in the industry.

Life Line Screening Has The Perfect Heart Disease Test For You

Life Line Screening is an organization the provides free heart disease tests for all Americans. They began their journey almost 20 years ago, and since that time almost five million people have been tested for heart disease. Life Line Screening has its main headquarters in Texas, and they are open seven days a week for usually ten hours a day or more. People can call for an appointment or just walk into the establishment. Life Line Screening has the most up-to-date technology to make sure every patient is tested properly. Life Line Screening encourages patients to talk to one another through social media to share the most up-to-date information on heart disease. Before 2019, Life Line Screening hopes to have an office in every major city in America.

Life Line Screening has several ways in which they offer heart disease tests. The first way is a blood test. Life Line Screening only needs a drop of blood, and their advanced technology can analyze the blood and pick up even a hint of heart disease.

The next way Life Line Screening conducts a heart disease test is through an ultrasound. The professionals working at Life Line Screening know all the colors of heart disease. Certain colors depict a blockage in the arteries, and other colors depict more serious things like aneurysms in the heart.

Another way Life Line Screening conducts a heart disease test is through an EKG. This new technology studies the heartbeat of the patient, and it can tell if a stroke is coming or if the heart is weaker than normal.

Life Line Screening offers a free annual test to every American. Most doctors agree that every person should be checked for heart disease at least once a year, so Life Line Screening does all it can to encourage Americans to get checked every year.

People who take a heart disease test through Life Line Screening get many benefits beyond the annual free test. For starters, every patient will receive a free guide personalized for them that deals with what foods are best and worst. Patients also receive free phone support for Life Line Screening for the rest of their life.

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