What Do Ford, Trump and Devos Have In Common?

Leadership is a special quality. Not everyone can lead effectively. Is this leadership quality what connects Ford, Donald Trump and Dick Devos?


A Ford Able Automobiles


It would have been very easy for Henry Ford to have run a car company selling only to the wealthy. In fact, his first company was aimed at that market. But, then he got a bright idea.


“What if he sold a car that everyone could afford?”


That would be revolutionary and change how men got around town. So, Henry Ford picked up and started a new company dedicated to selling cars to the common man. It was almost like history had created him for this destiny.


For who is better for creating affordable cars, then a man who could create aFORDdable cars? The rest is history.


President Gerald Ford


It is one thing to create a grand company, it is another to run a great nation. Thankfully, President Gerald R. Ford was able to lead the country during a very difficult time. He was also the namesake for the Grand Rapids International Airport. The rest is history.


Entrepreneur Trump


Who is better for “making America great again,” then one of its shining entrepreneurs? It is not easy to develop great ideas and turn them into successful brands. President Donald Trump has a knack for it.


Many men would be happy with one successful company; but, not Donald Trump. Business Man Donald Trump has been behind the United States Football League, “The Apprentice,” casinos and beauty pageants. His thoughts were revolutionary.


Time and time again, Donald Trump identified what the people wanted and delivered. And, that is exactly what business is all about. The successful business leader provides the products and services that people want and need.


So, now America wants to be “great again.” Many men competed for the right to be in that position – president of the United States of America. President Donald Trump understood the message, had the background and took the message to the people. He won.


Now, he has the mandate to make real changes. He needs to help the country return to its productive foundation. He has turned to another man with great ideas and effective actions, named Dick Devos.


By appointing Dick Devos to oversee the Civilian Board of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), President Donald Trump has added a man with a can-do attitude. Mr. Devos is a pilot who started an academy to train new pilots.


Philanthropist Devos


Those who create new brands understand the challenges of creativity. The Devos family is in line with the Fords and Trumps in achieving that which had not been done before. They dared to dream.


It is great praise to consider Philanthropist Dick Devos amongst these great man. He has accomplished a lot, but hopefully he still has a lot to offer. History will tell his tale. Learn more: http://www.celebfamily.com/business/richard-devos-family.html

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