OSI Industries is Looking for Human Resource Workers

The human resource department in any company is extremely important. Not only do you protect the rights of employees, but you also serve as the bridge between employee and employer. If something isn’t working, or employees are being taken advantage of, it falls upon your shoulders to deal with the task accordingly. It can be a rewarding experience, particularly in OSI Industries where they treat their employees like family. If you want to work for a company that only accepts the best from you, but knows that you can expect the best from them, then you should consider some of the following human resource positions.

1. HR Receptionist

For those who have exceptional skills in writing and speech, you can become a valued asset to OSI Industries. Although it isn’t required, if you are capable of speaking Spanish, that will place you at the head of the line for this position. Your responsibilities include directing calls and messages to the appropriate person. You’ll also need to type up documents that are assigned to you, and if you are able to speak Spanish, you may be required to type up translations as well. It’s possible that you may be asked to enter invoices into accounting, too. It’s not all hard work though, as you may be assigned to help coordinate office parties, potlucks, and decorations. Those who have a decent amount of experience in customer service are most valued for this position.

2. Human Resources Plant Manager

If you have plenty of HR service already under your belt, you may be the perfect candidate to take up a leadership position at OSI Industries. Essentially, you’ll be responsible for leading the entire human resource department at the specific plant to which you are assigned. You’ll give guidance in regards to issues like corrective action, grievance resolution, and other issues that may pertain to employees. You’ll also oversee recruiting, interviewing, and selecting salaried and hourly potential employees. Conducting employee orientation and all new hire paperwork will follow this, and it will be your responsibility to oversee it. In addition, during hearings, you’ll be required to represent the company in regards to unemployment claims.

Besides supervising the team in the human resource department, you’ll also supervise the safety supervisor to ensure that all plant inspections, new hire orientations, and other safety measures are being performed according to OSI Industries protocols.

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Daniel Taub Speaks about Nuclear Weapons in Iran

Daniel Taub is one of the influential figures who play a critical role in the peace keeping missions that are carried out in the Middle East.

The Israeli diplomat to the United Kingdom has always been vocal when it comes to the matters that speak about peace and reconciliation in the countries experiencing wars and other political issues. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-will-still-make-a-nuclear-bomb-israel-s-ambassador-to-the-uk-daniel-taub-argues-the-geneva-deal-8965373.html and http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-will-still-make-a-nuclear-bomb-israel-s-ambassador-to-the-uk-daniel-taub-argues-the-geneva-deal-8965373.html

Daniel Taub has so much knowledge in the field because he studied international law at the university. Working as a diplomat in several occasions has also given the businessman a lot of knowledge in the past.

Taub commands so much respect because of what he has managed to achieve while working in the foreign affairs ministry in Israel. Apart from his numerous accomplishments in peace keeping, Taub has published so many books concerning his country. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Not long ago, the Israel ambassador to Britain said that he was not for the idea that forming new relationships and alliances will have an effect in the Iran’s ambition to introduce nuclear weapons to the world.

According to Daniel Taub, the alliances between Israel and Middle East will do nothing to the threats that have been coming from Iran for a while now.

According to Taub, World powers and other countries in the world should come up with a new solution to ensure that the country does not make its threats a reality.

Daniel Taub recently shared his views to the prestigious magazine known as The Independent, stating that the Geneva accord that was signed just recently will have very little to contain the numerous threats that have been posed by Iran in the past.

The diplomat has also stated that the accord will not slow the progress the country is making when it comes to the acquisition of nuclear weapons in the future.

In order to maintain the tradition relationships that have been taking place for years, an Israeli team that focuses on national security went to Washington so that they can discuss the issue with American officials.

Daniel Taub says that the situation that is taking place in the country needs more radical partnerships that will force Iran to abandon its ideas.

Daniel Taub strongly believes that it is possible for the countries in the region to come up with strategies that will bring an end to the challenges that Iran and other countries have introduced in the recent past. Taub has so many skills when it comes to dealing with peaceful missions, and this is why his opinions are respected.

Jose Auriemo Neto and His Methodology in Making Sure His Business Leadership Is Sustainable

In the world of business, there’s always the unmentionable odor of failures that beset any type of entrepreneur. There’s the risk of bankruptcy, court charges, law suits, and just plain old obsolescence. These are hardships that no entrepreneur can escape, and these are issues that don’t get easy answers. Fortunately, Jose Auriemo Neto understands these issues and confront these challenges with great determination, grace, and passion. That’s probably the reason why Mr. Neto still survives up to this day and has consistently been able to provide good products for the clientele that he serves.

The CEO With Unyielding Drive For Growth

The Brazilian economy is a hard market to crack. You have to understand its context, its nature, its history as well as the way the people interact with each other. Jose Auriemo Neto stands out among the business leaders in the country because it is safe to say that he’s able to understand Brazil as a whole and his strategies address the real problems of the country that need urgent solutions. He understands that what the Brazilian people need are jobs, and they don’t need academics and economists who don’t pay the price for the ideas they share with their students.

Businessmen have skin in the game, and those who allow for the mistakes of these businessmen to be bailed out are not doing the honorable thing. That said, Mr. Neto successfully maintains the real estate projects of JHSF Participacoes SA, which is a real estate firm aiming to develop commercial houses and residential units across the country. With such leadership, he wants to be a living example of how he should take responsibility for his mistakes, should there be any. Right now, there’s no mistake big enough that people can cite against the corporate performance of Mr. Neto as an executive. That’s probably because he lets his mistakes teach him, and he doesn’t ask for bailouts that require using taxpayer’s money.

The Career of David Mcdonald& OSI Group

David Mcdonald Career History Background

If we had to name the most challenging and demanding fields to work in, the food and business industries are perhaps numbers one and two on that list respectively. When we consider the large workloads and extensive working hours that it takes to work in these fields, it is no wonder only a few companies see very successful tenures. While there are some successful companies that have found success in at least one of these fields, it is safe to say that even fewer have prospered in both industries. It takes a special company such as OSI Group to not only produce in these work fields but, also thrive in them. For one, the fact that they have not only succeeded but have also managed to make a name for themselves in these industries, speaks volumes about the company. In addition, there output and contributions to both industries have quickly earned them a reputation as one of the most highly-regarded companies in the nation. Needless to say, OSI Group was destined to succeed. That being said, no great company has success without its great leader. For OSI Group, that great leader is none other than David Mcdonald. So, to fully understand how David Mcdonald has managed to lead OSI Group to many successful years, here is more on David and his brilliant business tactics.

More on David Mcdonald& Leading OSI Group to Success

As alluded to before, it takes a special leader to guide a company to prominence. As for David Mcdonald, he has done that in many ways. From buying smaller companies around the world to doubling its supply for demand, to collaborating with larger food companies, David Mcdonald has helped OSI Group grow and expand in ways that have not been accomplished since his arrival. Simply put, OSI Group has benefited tremendously from the leadership and guidance of David Mcdonald. In turn, David Mcdonald himself has been benefited from the companies overall success. This is why, in many ways, David Mcdonald has established himself as the standard of supremacy in both the food and business industries. Also worth mentioning, David is more than deserving of all the success he has brought upon OSI Group and himself. All in all, there is no getting around the fact that David Mcdonald and OSI Group will continue to find success for many years to come.

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Ara Chackerian Uses Business to Revolutionize Healthcare

The healthcare industry is taking a new direction of growth with more healthcare practitioners delving into the use of technology to provide patients with better services and products. Because technology has over the time improved and become widely applied in different health sectors, there are driven entrepreneurs who have determined the value of using tech to improve healthcare. One such entrepreneur is Ara Chackerian.

Background Data

Mr. Chackerian is an angel investor and successful entrepreneur. He is also known as a philanthropist as well. Working as the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings, he has carved out a beneficial path in business for himself and other associates. In his numerous years of working in different companies, Ara observed the need for implementing technology in healthcare. Therefore, he decided to invest in emerging healthcare companies. These companies are dedicated to the reinvention of the healthcare system.  Check out arachackerian

Investment Dockets

Perhaps Ara Chackerian’s success is attributed to the multiple healthcare companies he has invested in over the past years. One of these companies is TMS Health Solutions. Having co-founded it, Ara serves as the head cheerleader.TMS Health Solutions is an emerging healthcare company that provides imaging and diagnostic services. Based in California, Ara Chackerian oversees management and operation of the company. He controls all major decision making and is always up to date with all the facts integrated into healthcare. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Other experiences that define Chackerian include working as the chief executive officer of the famous BMD Diagnostics and executive chairman of PipelineRx. Aside from that, Ara Chackerian has worked for PSS/World Medical, a company that specializes in medical distribution.


Aside from being an instrumental part of healthcare and entrepreneurship, Mr. Chackerian is a philanthropist. Consequently, he donates some substantial amount of money to non-profit organizations. He is also a huge donor to education programs and is always on the forefront of elevating the youth by empowering them through education.

Additional Profile Information

In the last few years, Chackerian has worked with non-governmental organizations across Armenia, America and Nicaragua. Ara is an alumnus of the prestigious Florida State University. He majored in marketing.

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Desiree Perez Leaves Little Doubt

As Chief Operating Officer of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation since 2009, Desiree “Des” Perez has led the company to massive growth year-over-year. Because Perez tends to stay behind the scenes and out of the public eye, many casual music fans do not know her and she prefers it that way. She was recently placed in the spotlight when music magazine Billboard named her as one of the music industry’s most influential female executives. While Perez may not enjoy the recognition there is no denying that the distinction is well deserved, and lacrosse camp Desiree Perez.

Perez, a New York City native, got her start in the business nearly 25 years ago. She began to be known in the 1990s as a smart, creative businesswoman who managed a number of high-end night clubs and entertainment venues. It was while working in this capacity that Des began making connections and creating friendships with many people in the music industry. She became close friends with Jay-Z during this time and the two developed a business relationship. To this day there are not many business decisions that Jay-Z doesn’t ask Perez for her opinion on, and resume her.

The pair first began working together when he appointed her to run his SC Enterprises. She performed well enough in this position that when he formed Roc Nation, Perez was his choice for COO. The choice was a solid one as Perez has used her savvy business acumen to grow the company and she is an ever present sight at most negotiations. Her true skill is at the negotiation table, securing many deals including Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium agreement and Rihanna’s mega deal with Samsung. She also took over as COO of Roc Nation’s new music streaming service and secured a huge deal with Sprint that gave the service access to all 45 million Sprint subscribers.

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How Lawrence Bender Helped Create a Classic Crime Film

Lawrence Bender is a producer who has worked on a wide variety of films throughout his career. He was born in the Bronx which is a neighborhood located in New York City. Since his time producing films, Bender has won three Oscar awards. These awards were won by Bender for his work on films including Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Inglourious Basterds. That being said, my favorite film by Lawrence Bender is the 1992 classic film Reservoir Dogs.

Reservoir Dogs tells the tale of a group of men working together in order to pull off a jewelry heist. However, this heist doesn’t go as planned and the viewer gets to watch everything unravel. With that in mind, one reason that this is my favorite Lawrence Bender film is due to the way the story of Reservoir Dogs is told.

This film doesn’t follow a chronological form of storytelling but instead presents information in a unique order. One reason that the story of Reservoir Dogs is told in a non-linear format is to help protect the reveal of one of the greatest plot twists of all time. I remember being stunned as I continued to find out more information about each character involved in this heist.

Another great aspect of Reservoir Dogs is the acting talent presented within this film. Each character has their own unique personality traits avoiding the problem of having every character seeming the same which is a common problem in many heist movies. Reservoir Dogs combines dark comedy, action, and suspense into a film that helped launch the career of both Lawrence Bender and legendary director Quentin Tarantino into super-stardom.

To summarize, my favorite film produced by Lawrence Bender is Reservoir Dogs. This film takes the commonly told story of a heist gone wrong while turning it into something completely new at the time of this film’s release. Reservoir Dogs tells the story of this heist in a unique way that will constantly leave viewers guessing what will happen next. This film also features superb acting and one of the best movie soundtracks ever released.


Sheldon Lavin – OSI’s Leader

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. A world leading meat processing Industry based Aurora Illinois. The group’s recent rise and expansion can be attributed to its leaders whose visionary minds have seen it operate in 17 countries worldwide.

Among the group’s leaders is its current CEO Sheldon Lavin whose careers spans for almost five decades. Sheldon joined OSI Group in the 1970s when the group was in search of financiers to fund their construction of a meat processing plant.

Sheldon Lavin started working with OSI Group as one of the consultants. In 1975, Sheldon became a partner of OSI Group. He expanded the operations of OSI into South America, Asia, and Europe. In the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin took over OSI group by purchasing a controlling interest.

In his service at OSI and his drive of getting the best from his employees, he developed a unique tradition of OSI group of training their employees and treating them like a global family. this has reduced the turnover rate of the company since many employees enjoy working for them. Sheldon Lavin initially worked in the banking and financial services sector.

Sheldon Lavin’s participation in charities

Sheldon Lavin can be said to be philanthropy. This is because he has been actively involved in his contribution to several charities. The most notable charities that Sheldon Lavin has actively participated in are the Ronald MacDonald House Charities, Jewish United Funds, Chicago’s Inner City Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, among many others.

Sheldon Lavin’s achievements in OSI

Since Sheldon Lavin’s journey kicked-kicked off as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, OSI has received multiple numbers of awards. These awards range from different grounds. Some are from environmental and health management as well as safety risks. Examples include 2016 Globe of Honor which was awarded to OSI Food Solutions UK. 2016 Globe of Honor was awarded to OSI on 20th February 2016 by the British Safety Council.

This award recognized Sheldon Lavin’s efforts to position OSI Group into the international platform which in return led to great job opportunities worldwide. Other than the above award, Sheldon Award has received more awards which include President and director and many more.

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From Humble Meat Market To Global Food Dominance: OSI Industries

For the people who lived in the Midwest region of the United States throughout the 1900s, there was a small meat market that provided some of the best high-quality meats. At this moment in time, life was a bit more simple and competition wasn’t as fierce. A German-immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowki implemented a strategy that would go on to manifest into worldwide dominance. Otto &Sons, a family meat market, was locally owned and operated. This small company put Oak Park, Illinois, on the map, but things would change when the company jumped into wholesale meat trading.

Wholesale meat trading was where the big boys played, but Otto & Sons already had a great game-plan. The company used some of the freshest meats in the area, it provided great customer service, and it delivered each and every time on its orders. As the company began to earn larger amounts of capital, it would move its headquarters to Maywood, Illinois. Hamburger restaurants were on the rise during this time, and McDonald’s was steadily climbing the ranks. This hamburger-chain worked exclusively with Otto & Sons during and after the cryogenics revolution of the 1960s. As word began to get around, this Midwestern American meat supplier started conducting business with many other popular restaurants. As the years past, this company worked exclusively with brands such as Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks, Yum, Papa John’s Pizza and many more.

As of today, Otto & Sons is now OSI Industries, and it has taken over professional food services. Whether it’s the ordering of standard foods, or it’s the creation of custom foods, this company sits at the top of the apex. OSI Industries demonstrates excellence to the highest degree, and it has a resume that will backup all claims.

OSI Industries’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/