Sheldon Lavin – OSI’s Leader

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. A world leading meat processing Industry based Aurora Illinois. The group’s recent rise and expansion can be attributed to its leaders whose visionary minds have seen it operate in 17 countries worldwide.

Among the group’s leaders is its current CEO Sheldon Lavin whose careers spans for almost five decades. Sheldon joined OSI Group in the 1970s when the group was in search of financiers to fund their construction of a meat processing plant.

Sheldon Lavin started working with OSI Group as one of the consultants. In 1975, Sheldon became a partner of OSI Group. He expanded the operations of OSI into South America, Asia, and Europe. In the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin took over OSI group by purchasing a controlling interest.

In his service at OSI and his drive of getting the best from his employees, he developed a unique tradition of OSI group of training their employees and treating them like a global family. this has reduced the turnover rate of the company since many employees enjoy working for them. Sheldon Lavin initially worked in the banking and financial services sector.

Sheldon Lavin’s participation in charities

Sheldon Lavin can be said to be philanthropy. This is because he has been actively involved in his contribution to several charities. The most notable charities that Sheldon Lavin has actively participated in are the Ronald MacDonald House Charities, Jewish United Funds, Chicago’s Inner City Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, among many others.

Sheldon Lavin’s achievements in OSI

Since Sheldon Lavin’s journey kicked-kicked off as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, OSI has received multiple numbers of awards. These awards range from different grounds. Some are from environmental and health management as well as safety risks. Examples include 2016 Globe of Honor which was awarded to OSI Food Solutions UK. 2016 Globe of Honor was awarded to OSI on 20th February 2016 by the British Safety Council.

This award recognized Sheldon Lavin’s efforts to position OSI Group into the international platform which in return led to great job opportunities worldwide. Other than the above award, Sheldon Award has received more awards which include President and director and many more.

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From Humble Meat Market To Global Food Dominance: OSI Industries

For the people who lived in the Midwest region of the United States throughout the 1900s, there was a small meat market that provided some of the best high-quality meats. At this moment in time, life was a bit more simple and competition wasn’t as fierce. A German-immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowki implemented a strategy that would go on to manifest into worldwide dominance. Otto &Sons, a family meat market, was locally owned and operated. This small company put Oak Park, Illinois, on the map, but things would change when the company jumped into wholesale meat trading.

Wholesale meat trading was where the big boys played, but Otto & Sons already had a great game-plan. The company used some of the freshest meats in the area, it provided great customer service, and it delivered each and every time on its orders. As the company began to earn larger amounts of capital, it would move its headquarters to Maywood, Illinois. Hamburger restaurants were on the rise during this time, and McDonald’s was steadily climbing the ranks. This hamburger-chain worked exclusively with Otto & Sons during and after the cryogenics revolution of the 1960s. As word began to get around, this Midwestern American meat supplier started conducting business with many other popular restaurants. As the years past, this company worked exclusively with brands such as Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks, Yum, Papa John’s Pizza and many more.

As of today, Otto & Sons is now OSI Industries, and it has taken over professional food services. Whether it’s the ordering of standard foods, or it’s the creation of custom foods, this company sits at the top of the apex. OSI Industries demonstrates excellence to the highest degree, and it has a resume that will backup all claims.

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