Ara Chackerian Uses Business to Revolutionize Healthcare

The healthcare industry is taking a new direction of growth with more healthcare practitioners delving into the use of technology to provide patients with better services and products. Because technology has over the time improved and become widely applied in different health sectors, there are driven entrepreneurs who have determined the value of using tech to improve healthcare. One such entrepreneur is Ara Chackerian.

Background Data

Mr. Chackerian is an angel investor and successful entrepreneur. He is also known as a philanthropist as well. Working as the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings, he has carved out a beneficial path in business for himself and other associates. In his numerous years of working in different companies, Ara observed the need for implementing technology in healthcare. Therefore, he decided to invest in emerging healthcare companies. These companies are dedicated to the reinvention of the healthcare system.  Check out arachackerian

Investment Dockets

Perhaps Ara Chackerian’s success is attributed to the multiple healthcare companies he has invested in over the past years. One of these companies is TMS Health Solutions. Having co-founded it, Ara serves as the head cheerleader.TMS Health Solutions is an emerging healthcare company that provides imaging and diagnostic services. Based in California, Ara Chackerian oversees management and operation of the company. He controls all major decision making and is always up to date with all the facts integrated into healthcare. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Other experiences that define Chackerian include working as the chief executive officer of the famous BMD Diagnostics and executive chairman of PipelineRx. Aside from that, Ara Chackerian has worked for PSS/World Medical, a company that specializes in medical distribution.


Aside from being an instrumental part of healthcare and entrepreneurship, Mr. Chackerian is a philanthropist. Consequently, he donates some substantial amount of money to non-profit organizations. He is also a huge donor to education programs and is always on the forefront of elevating the youth by empowering them through education.

Additional Profile Information

In the last few years, Chackerian has worked with non-governmental organizations across Armenia, America and Nicaragua. Ara is an alumnus of the prestigious Florida State University. He majored in marketing.

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