Brown Modelling Agency Experiences Expansion

About John Brown


“When you’re young and dumb, you think you can do anything,” John Brown says with a smile. To pay for business school, John found himself working in a modeling agency, but was far more fascinated with the workings behind the scenes. He began to learn everything he could about the industry and got a job in development and placement, where he would help models to become their best and land local jobs. So, at the beginning of his career, he was already doing what he does best at which is training and placing models. John Brown was very ambitious and determined to make his mark in the modeling industry. His love for Austin, Texas landed him there in 2005. He knew that it was a great starting place and jumped right to creating his own business. John always dreamed big and really worked hard to push for bigger better success.




Creating the Agency


John was hard at work with his JB Models and Talent, which offered full-services to models in preparing them for work and helping them find jobs. Still, Austin was a very proud city and did not like change. Trying to convince them to go to a national level would take something huge. Finally, a boom in the fashion industry demanding more runway shows had arrived, bringing an abundance of success and talent to his agency. The success John was experiencing, required expansion and the timing was just right. In 2015, The Wilhelmina Austin Agency took over the Heyman Talent-South and formed a mega modeling and talent agency now called, The Brown Agency. Merging these two reputable agencies together has created a powerhouse. This was a great move for everyone. Local talents could expand to a national level because both agencies were committed to discovering the best and preparing them for successful careers. For more details visit Market Wired.


Making a Mark


“Austin is taking off. People are now doing national campaigns from here.” John exclaims. He is very proud of his hard work and accomplishments but he does not stop there. He takes pride in searching for the best of the best. He proclaims, “ We are only as good as our talent.” His great success comes from not only his hard work but also that of his models. In Austin, John is the leader in fashion and print models and is the only full-service model and talent agency. The Brown Agency works for world-famous brands such as Dell, L’oreal, Toyota and Louis Vuitton. His models showcase in major runway shows like Dallas, Austin, New York and Miami Fashion Weeks. At this rate, The Brown Agency and the over 450 talents, will experience great success and reach new heights.



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Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Interviews

Some people may know the Chainsmokers for their wildly popular single “Closer” which features debut artist Halsey. Mathias Rosenzweig sat down with Alex Pall, who is one half of the duo. Alex stated he was originally a DJ growing up and was DJing around New York and self admittingly had a little career out of it. He goes on to say how passionate he was and that dance music was ultimately consuming his everyday life. Alex wanted to do something about it rather than just have a hobby of it. He went on to meet Drew who had moved down from Maine and began working on some music together. Alex said he quit his job and basically that is where the do began to form into a music milestone.

Mr.Pall was asked how he knew the duo would just work out and he stated they both knew what was being brought to the table. It seems they had similar goals and just really worked well together. Alex stated they went on to discuss just how badly each of them wanted this and soon it became a very pressed understanding. Music seemed to be not only an understanding between the duo but also a self discovery journey. It soon became a rite of passage.

The interview also touches of the growth of the duo and all the hard work that was out into their music. It becomes a revelation that not only were these gentleman providing literal music but songs from the soul. It helps to know where artists come from and where they want to go. It gives the audience a really in tune look at whom they have been fans of. Interviews like these seem to make fans admire Alex Pall and his partner even more and provide a real sense of unity.

Ronald Fowlkes Brings Real Lie Experience To His Customers At Eagle Industries Unlimited:

Businessman Ronald Fowlkes resides in St. Louis, Missouri. His occupation is as Business Development Manager for tactical gear supplier Eagle Industries Unlimited. This position is a key element of the Eagle Industries business. Ronald is responsible for the company’s diverse product line of tactical gear. These products are applicable to the commercial and law enforcement/military sectors. The company’s products are resilient and powerful. Ronald Fowlkes has an extensive background in the military and law enforcement and this makes him an ideal candidate for his current position. He was with the St. Louis County Police for three years and served ten years with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police.


Ronald is a proud veteran of the Marine Corps. He served a four-year stint that ended in 1993. He was a hard worker during his military career and was the recipient of two promotions. Ronald also served the United States in the Gulf War. He participated in the Marine Infantry school and received high-level combat training.


Ronald has a very busy life at the moment managing so many aspects at Eagle Industries Unlimited. He is the go-to guy for communication with Eagle Industries nationwide customer base. He also has the responsibility of educating all of Eagle Industries sales associates on the functions of the products sold by the company and how to select the right gear for a client’s needs. Eagle Industries Unlimited is located in the town of Fenton. The Missouri town is in the St. Louis suburban area. Eagle Industries specializes in durable and contemporary tactical gear. The company has an absolute commitment to excellence. The company provides chest rigs, slings, and armor carriers among other options.


Ronald Fowlkes proudly serves Eagle Industries Unlimited at its Business Development Manager. Ronald has a speciality in the knowledge of law enforcement and military needs in the tactical field. He knows how to properly explain and recommend the products sold by Eagle Industries Unlimited and he also trains the 150 sales representatives that work for the company. Ronald teaches the inner workings of all Eagle Industries Unlimited tactical gear.


Eagle Industries Unlimited has more than 30 years experience in the sporting and security business. It is one of the most trusted names in the tactical gear industry. The company is proud to offer the highest quality gear to shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement, military and other sporting pursuits. People rightfully want the best products, and Eagle Industries Unlimited provides them. The company operates out of Fenton, Missouri.


Ronald has been a perfect fit for a company like Eagle Industries Unlimited because he has such a diverse professional background.


Ronald Fowlkes was a member of the United States Marine Corps serving from 1989 to 1993. He proudly served his nation in the Gulf War and attended the Marine parachute school. He was promoted on merit twice. Ronald also served on the team JIEDDO. Ronald is also an instructor in the United States Military hostage rescue team.


Ronald Fowlkes favorite pass time is NHL hockey. He is also a hockey coach in the youth leagues.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Determines To Lead Bradesco To Market Leadership

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a Brazilian business executive that worked in different areas of Bradesco. His career was progressive and it led him to lead Bradesco group in 2009, with the mission of regaining the lead of the Brazilian Banking market, which was lost to Itaú through a merger that took place with Unibanco.

Cappi prioritized organic growth on the mission of taking the top of the Brazilian banking market. Simply buying other banks or merging with smaller ones were never his strategy, although a recent acquisition did occur with the 2015 purchase of the Brazilian branch of HSBC, which brought it closer to reaching Itaú, which still holds the lead. A significant strategy of organic growth has not only been that of increasing the number of agencies in Brazil but making the services that Bradesco offers their customers more attractive.


It is not a coincidence that Cappi has lead Bradesco as CEO for so long. In over in nearly half a century of his career at Bradesco, he has been through significantly strategic areas such as retirement funds and marketing. Cappi was one of the youngest vice-presidents to hold office at Bradesco and the first to eventually take the lead. Cappi presently maintains his influence in Bradesco as one of the board members.

Perhaps Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s most admirable contribution to Bradesco’s success was when he led Bradesco Seguros, which is the insurance division of Bradesco, where under his leadership, it became responsible for a growth of 26% to 35% of Bradesco’s total financial results.

For those that believe in destiny or even pure coincidence, both would agree that it is at least interesting that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and Amador Aguiar, Bradesco’s founder both come from the same city, Marília, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Cappi is seen a discreet executive that used firm decisions to put Bradesco back on track to reclaiming the leadership of the Brazilian Banking market.

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The US Money Reserve Defining Retirement

The US Reserve being the country’s largest distributor provides a competitive pricing model on silver, gold and platinum coins and bars.

It however, strives to give quality and the best customer services. Globally, value for money is important to everyone, while everyone seeks to have high-value retirement benefit or savings and a low tax burden.

Saving hard cash as a precious metal, assures one of protected value, economic weight, and the reliability that it is from the government. Better still it is one the ways, an American citizen can save within the Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

The US Reserve further provides multiple portfolios of savings strategies to reduce tax liability and strengthen one’s retirement plans.

First, one needs to understand the customized and self-directed IRA within the US Money Reserve. The portfolio includes investment in precious metals, to create wealth in a long-term focus and a convenient yet tax-advantaged collection. Read more: US Money Reserve | Bizjournals and US Money Researve | Instagram

To benefit from services in the IRA program one needs the open an account, and to the holder’s advantage, the IRA allows opening of multiple accounts with diversified classes of investments, contributing to a more stable retirement benefit.

Apart from providing a current tax deduction, opening an IRA account before the 2018’s tax filing deadline will reduce the tax liability by minimizing the tax bracket, allowing a firmer way to save for retirement by deferring taxes on earnings and contributions. A worker in the 25% bracket who maximizes his IRA could significantly reduce his tax liability. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Specifying the application year for your contribution will determine one’s eligibility for the tax deduction, and therefore one has to categorically state their preference in the credit of contribution to financial years.

To further save on tax liability, opening a spouse IRA reduces the tax when one of the spouses is not working but still benefiting from the one tax-off from the working spouse.

Tax refunds can also be reinvested into the IRA once one claims a tax deduction for a deposit. Lastly, to avoid penalties for late tax filing, one should request for filing extension from the IRS or ensure tax is filled before the deadline.

“Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Enthusiasm”

Doe Deere also known as Xenia Vorotova has changed the game dealing with her cosmetic brand known as Lime Crime. Before launching her company, Doe Deere was known for her internet personality which she displayed time and time again as a rebel and business minded lady. She used an internet platform called Livejournal to usher in the start of her promotion for Lime Crime. As Mrs. Deere popularity increased on Livejournal so did her marketing for her cosmetic products. In the beginning stages Lime Crime was offering the following cosmetic products: glitters, brushes, primers, and eyeshadow. These products took off and as her net worth increased so did her product line.


Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies that appeared online. Internet sensations such as Instagram that houses many digital beauty companies now were none in existence during the launch of Lime Crime. One could say that the way Doe Deere used the internet as a platform to launch her brand was genius. Mrs. Deere set the tone for other cosmetic companies to jump aboard the internet advertising train and become prosperous at doing it. Even though there are many of internet cosmetic companies available today, the name Lime Crime is still set apart and easily distinguished from the rest.


The idea for Lime Crime started in 2004, when Doe Deere created an Ebay business called LimeCrime for her DIY fashion line. She wanted everything about her fashion line to show her personality. She did the modeling and designing of each product. She was able to create a quite impressive catalog of fashion, but she realized how hard it would be to find the unusual and real bright colors that truly expressed her personality. Four years later Doe Deere launched Lime Crime knowing that she was going to be the one to put those unusual and bright colors on the market; not for DIY fashion, but for cosmetic purposes.


The purpose for Lime Crime is for one to not be held down by the constraints of society dealing with the application of cosmetics. A person should be able to express themselves unapologetically; so Doe Deere has created a product that shows the mood of its users. When a person searches through the catalogs of Lime Crime they will see a new type of product that varies and speaks to every occasion, whether it is going for a party or to a business meeting. This was the main idea behind Lime Crime, and since its launch it has met the needs of its consumers. Learn more:


Doe Deere the Russian born, New York raised CEO was set out on a mission to prove that cosmetics could be used for more than just its ordinary uses. Instead of trying to conceal flaws a person could actually express themselves through the usage of makeup. It is not always about what makes a person look the best and what color looks best on them; Mrs. Deere rather a person wear what makes them feel honest about themselves. Beauty should not be limited to what the world consider beautiful and Lime Crime is a company that understands that thoroughly.

Jason Hope Brings Hope With Funding for AGE-breakers

Since 2005 there’s been much news about the scientific community turned its attention to fight the battle against aging. Aging is now seen as a medical issue to be overcome and no longer as a significant step toward maturity or one of the first stages fo retirement.

Jason Hope has had strong ties with Aubrey DeGrey and the SENS Foundation and has given generously to the cause to help biomedical researchers find ways in which the aging process can be slowed down and allow mature individuals to reap more productive and happy years to life’s term.

Jason Hope has been a successful software developer and programmer and the founder of JAWA and made his success in Mobile Communications Technology, specifically Mobile text messaging. He has a portfolio of companies which he oversees from his home in Tempe, Arizona. One of the essential passions of Jason Hope is using the profits made from his Mobile businesses to fund other philanthropic efforts.

In 2010 he made a significant investment in the Aubrey DeGrey SENS Foundation of $500,000. Since 2010 he continues to show his belief and support of the work the SENS Foundation carries out. Jason Hope sees the work of Regenerative Therapies, finding cures for Parkinson’s Disease and other ailments that are associated with aging as a worthwhile cause for his philanthropic contributions. Jason Hope has a firm belief in preventative medicines. While there is considerable research being done to find cures for diseases he feels more research should be directed toward the prevention of these diseases. Jason Hope’s most recent effort has been directed toward funding the development of AGE-breakers, which are treatments which waste products that build upon skin tissues as age progresses.

These degradations of skin and muscle also affect the blood vessels and multiple other symptoms associated with the aging process. Jason Hope, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page, Peter Thiel are among many successful Entrepreneurs that are using their philanthropic efforts to fund the biomedical anti-aging research and cures.

Jason Hope received his Bachelors and Master’s degree in Business from Arizona State University.

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The Match Group Is Suing Whitney Wolf And Bumble For Patent Infringement

There is more drama on the horizon for the Bumble and Tinder dating apps. The Match Group owns Tinder and is currently suing Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble for misuse of intellectual property and patent infringement. The suit filed by Tinder is alleging Bumble duplicated the card swipe based, world changing mutual opt. The lawsuit also accuses former Tinder employees Sarah Mick and Chris Gulczynski of duplicating elements of their design. According to Tinder there are two features released by Bumble that were developed under a confidentiality clause.

Whitney Wolfe is well known as an entrepreneur. She founded Bumble and co-founded Tinder. Bumble released in 2014 and has since launched BumbleBizz for establishing business contacts and BumbleBFF for finding friends. Forbes has released the value of Bumble as over $1 billion. Whitney Wolfe was declared as one of the Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech by Business Insider and one of the Women in Tech by Elle. She has also been featured on the covers of Wired UK, Fast Company and Forbes.

The situation is complicated because Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder. She left the company after filing charges of sexual harassment. The history is not preventing Match from attempting to purchase the hot Bumble. It is possible this lawsuit will force a deal of some sort. The majority owner of Bumble is Badoo. This is a dating business based in Moscow and London. This is not the first time one dating site has been sued by another.

Match issued a statement. They said they have made a significant investment in both creative expertise and resources to develop their suite of products leading the industry. They stated their commitment was in the protection of the proprietary data and intellectual property defining their business. They said when necessary they will enforce their rights regarding their intellectual property and patents against anyone in the dating app sector infringing on their rights.

There are some similarities between Bumble and Tinder. Both enable users to swipe to see limited information such as photographs, employer, school and age. Chat is only possible if both users opt in. The reputation for Tinder is for a hookup app. Whitney Wolfe has a completely different intention for Bumble because the conversation must be initiated by the woman. This is what sets the tone. Tinder does currently have ten times more monthly users than Bumble and during the last year has achieved seven times more downloads.

Villanueva and a New Dental Platform

Busy dental offices would love to just concentrate on their practice in caring for the oral needs of their patients. Lessening the administrative tasks that accompany their daily office schedule would be a dream come true. Well, now there is a professional system that can make daily administrative free days a reality. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of MB2 Dental Solutions.Dr. Villanueva is a dentist who began MB2 Dental Solutions to free-up dentists so that they can provide quality service to their patients and to concentrate on strengthening and growing their operating practice. MB2 employs a professional team of administrative personnel who take care of office duties like payroll, HR, staffing, accounting, legal, and marketing.

Dr. Villanueva designed MB2 Dental Solutions to be a full-service management model company that is owned by dentists for the dental practice, whether their business is a group practice or a solo practice. Dr. Chris Villanueva understands the challenges that dental practices experience because he also worked in the dental field, both as a corporate dentist and a solo practitioner. Steven Villanueva, DDS has experienced the difficulties in focusing solely on his patients while trying to take care of the administrative tasks. Dr. Villanueva recounted his earlier dental associate job where he worked in a dental office with the wife serving as the office manager. Needless to say, from a business perspective, patient care went lacking.MB2 Dental Solutions is set-up as a network where dentists share their specialty skills with one another’s practice.

The benefits of this solution are that dental patients can receive the best in service and costs from each referring dentist. MB2 Dental solutions is a dental partnership firm focused on support, personal growth, and social contact.By referring patients to a matching dental specialist, it helps to create returning patients and MB2 Dental Solutions begins to naturally grow exponentially. Dr. Villanueva ensures each practice that negotiates a deal with MB2 Dental Solutions, will be a part of an autonomous network or community of supporting dental professionals.Dr. Chris Villanueva has equipped MB2 Dental Solutions with the best in advanced IT technology which guarantees accurate, safe, and confidential record-keeping. Dr. Villanueva said that he has created his own innovative reporting technology to match MB2’s unique business model and to provide the right compliance information. To-date, MB2 Dental Solutions has a successful network of multiple dental practices crossing more than six states.

OSI Group President David McDonald Maintains that the Company Succeeds by Understanding Its Customers:

Raised in Iowa, David McDonald attended college in his home state at Iowa State University. He graduated in 1987 and began his now 30 plus year career making a big difference at OSI Group. David is the President, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board for the food processing giant. David was originally hired by OSI Group as a project manager tasked with building OSI’s brand in Asia. This mission is still close to David McDonald’s heart today as the company’s growth in China continues to be one of his biggest points of pride regarding his accomplishments with the world leading food solutions company. OSI Group operates ten facilities in China currently, number ten opening recently. David has also been very pleased with OSI’s expansion efforts in Europe that have been ongoing for the past three and a half years.

European expansion efforts began ramping up in 2014 with a partnership that OSI forged with British beef producer Pickstock. 2016 saw two speciality food distribution companies, Baho Food and Flagship Europe become OSI properties. David McDonald said of both transactions that they were a valuable boost to OSI’s product portfolio and OSI’s market coverage. OSI Group has also rebranded Flagship Europe as Creative Foods Europe.

In other European news, the OSI Group facility in Toledo, Spain is now putting out double the processed chicken that it was previously in an effort to meet the massive growth in demand out of its Spanish and Portuguese markets that it serves. The production increase was made possible by massive investments put into the production lines at the facility.

David McDonald recently did a very interesting interview with Inspirery. He discussed a number of different topics about his business career. David mentions how he got started in the food business after he graduated from Iowa State. He speaks about OSI Group’s tremendous growth during his tenure with the company and attributes much of it to the dynamic sorts of partnerships that have characterized OSI’s global expansion. David maintains that he has been fully on board with the OSI vision from the moment he joined the company. He has never doubted that OSI Group had a winning formula for success. David believes that OSI Group’s number one global marketing strategy is the fact that the company always becomes part of the local scene wherever it sets up operations. He maintains that a company has to truly understand the needs and tastes of the customer base in the regions that they are working in. OSI invests a great amount of time and effort into gaining customer trust.