“Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Enthusiasm”

Doe Deere also known as Xenia Vorotova has changed the game dealing with her cosmetic brand known as Lime Crime. Before launching her company, Doe Deere was known for her internet personality which she displayed time and time again as a rebel and business minded lady. She used an internet platform called Livejournal to usher in the start of her promotion for Lime Crime. As Mrs. Deere popularity increased on Livejournal so did her marketing for her cosmetic products. In the beginning stages Lime Crime was offering the following cosmetic products: glitters, brushes, primers, and eyeshadow. These products took off and as her net worth increased so did her product line.


Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies that appeared online. Internet sensations such as Instagram that houses many digital beauty companies now were none in existence during the launch of Lime Crime. One could say that the way Doe Deere used the internet as a platform to launch her brand was genius. Mrs. Deere set the tone for other cosmetic companies to jump aboard the internet advertising train and become prosperous at doing it. Even though there are many of internet cosmetic companies available today, the name Lime Crime is still set apart and easily distinguished from the rest.


The idea for Lime Crime started in 2004, when Doe Deere created an Ebay business called LimeCrime for her DIY fashion line. She wanted everything about her fashion line to show her personality. She did the modeling and designing of each product. She was able to create a quite impressive catalog of fashion, but she realized how hard it would be to find the unusual and real bright colors that truly expressed her personality. Four years later Doe Deere launched Lime Crime knowing that she was going to be the one to put those unusual and bright colors on the market; not for DIY fashion, but for cosmetic purposes.


The purpose for Lime Crime is for one to not be held down by the constraints of society dealing with the application of cosmetics. A person should be able to express themselves unapologetically; so Doe Deere has created a product that shows the mood of its users. When a person searches through the catalogs of Lime Crime they will see a new type of product that varies and speaks to every occasion, whether it is going for a party or to a business meeting. This was the main idea behind Lime Crime, and since its launch it has met the needs of its consumers. Learn more: http://doedeerefam.com/


Doe Deere the Russian born, New York raised CEO was set out on a mission to prove that cosmetics could be used for more than just its ordinary uses. Instead of trying to conceal flaws a person could actually express themselves through the usage of makeup. It is not always about what makes a person look the best and what color looks best on them; Mrs. Deere rather a person wear what makes them feel honest about themselves. Beauty should not be limited to what the world consider beautiful and Lime Crime is a company that understands that thoroughly.

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