Richard Dwayne Blair

The Excellent Financial Planner, Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Blair the founder of Wealth Solutions has helped people living in Austin Texas to plan finances in a better way for retirement and managing of their wealth. This is to help the people of the community to be able to have better future and through three pillars, he has helped many people in their lives.

The first pillar of Richard Dwayne Blair is laying out the client’s plan needs so that he can have a better understanding of the customer and be able to create a strengthened relationship with the customer. The plan brings out the risk that may be incurred, the goals of the clients and the opportunity for the finances to grow.

The second pillar is aimed at creating an investment that would be long term for the sake of the client. Richard Dwayne Blair enables the movement of assets to various locations so that they create a maximum amount of returns for their investments, and on the other hand creating minimum the effects of liquidity and negativity in the market.

Additionally, when the client Richard Blair has laid out the plan and strategies to improve finances, he moves to the third pillar which is implementing and monitoring the goals of finances through tracking of the expectations of clients and the history of the data.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been in the security business industry for over twenty years, and owns the Wealth Solution Incorporation as the chief executive officer. He was raised up by parents who were teachers therefore he learned to love education and thus yearned to help the people in the society by creating a firm that provides all the needs of the client.

To him it is important for the people in the community to plan for the future by having all their incomes sorted out and invested to reduce the chances of dependency at old age.


U.S. Money Reserve offers real solutions to risky economic future

U.S. Reserve is the most trusted name in precious coins throughout the United States. As the largest distributor of sovereign-minted coins in the United States, U.S. Money Reserve strives to help its customers find the precious coins that meet their needs, whether they are buying coins purely for the aesthetic value or as part of a long-term financial strategy.

Founded by the 35th director of the U.S. Mint, Philip Diehl, U.S. Reserve has established itself as the top dog in the U.S. numismatic trade. No one in the country has helped more satisfied customers to get the precious coins they desire or to design viable hedging strategies against ever-increasing market risks.

A word from Philip N. Diehl on the U.S. economy

Philip N. Diehl is one of the foremost numismatic and financial experts in the country today. He was appointed by Bill Clinton to head up the U.S. Mint.

While there, Diehl was able to increase the profits of the public organization from $700 million to over $2.6 billion, with all proceeds flowing directly to the country’s taxpayers. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Youtube

However, Diehl has recently talked at length about the unprecedented risks currently facing the U.S. economy. Diehl says that the United States is currently facing structural problems with its monetary, fiscal and economic policies that may prove to be intractable. He points to the current pension crises in states like New Jersey, Illinois and California as an example of the kind of problems that the country is facing.

Diehl says that in the state of Illinois has been utterly incapable of even beginning to fix its pension crisis. Politicians have promised benefits that are unsustainable. And the voters have voted them in each time.

Those who have raised alarm bells have been hectored off stage and out of the political arena by public employees unwilling to take any cuts to their promised benefits. Now, says Diehl, the state is at the point of no return. Just as in the case of Detroit, bankruptcy is inevitable.

Diehl says that Illinois will follow the path of least resistance, just as in all fiscal crises seen in democracies. This means that the state will eventually declare bankruptcy. It will then turn to the federal government to bail it out. This will cost hundreds of billions. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Those hundreds of billions will be multiplied as many other states follow suit. The end result will be hyperinflation, the collapse of the U.S. dollar and, as seen in Venezuela, the implosion of virtually every asset class.

The only real hedge, says Diehl, is the physical possession of precious coins.

Success and Competencies: Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998 as a private firm leading in the market. It is a significant investment firm that is helping lots of investors that seek the assistance of the experienced team from this firm. The most imperative is that the staff members of the Fortress Company are highly skilled and specializes in various fields so that clients can get better services. Fortress Investment Group has over 1,600 investors globally since it offers services on the liquid market and even private equity. It is crucial for the clients to feel satisfied with the services that they receive from their investment firms. For this reason, Fortress Company has expanded its offices worldwide to have a wide reach to the customers and making their services more convenient.The employees of Fortress Investment Group have a serene working environment that makes them render their service to the customers in the right manner.

The leadership of the firm led by the Randal Nardone encourages the significance of teamwork in the organization for easy achievement of the set goals. The company offers asset-based services such as mergers and acquisitions of properties or companies. This is a crucial service that so many investors need when merging their firms with another for partnership business. Calculating the Net Asset Value (NAV) is not simple without the skills. However, by hiring the services of Fortress Investment Group, the valuation will be sorted for you and have a successful merging and acquisition process. Also, the firm has been in the industry for quite some years offering investment services and other financial services to clients.

In this regard, it is conversant with the market knowledge hence offering appropriate services to its clients. In order to be competitive in the investment market, the Fortress Investment Group is the most appropriate firm. The founders of the Fortress Investment Group are Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, and they are the principals of the company. They have financial skills that they instill in the growth and development of the company so that it can continue to be leading in the market. Randal and Wes are role models for other employees since they are successful entrepreneurs in their line of business. The clients that have hired Fortress Investment Group to offer the asset-based investment, corporate mergers and acquisition and capital market services can attest that the services were noteworthy to them. Choosing Fortress Investment Group is a step towards success and achieving organizational goals.

Academy of Art University Rebuilds Electrifying Cityscape

Tucked away within the city of San Fransisco is a gritty little neighborhood, who has become the test bed for an entirely new model of city planning, Tenderfeel. The simple phone app is designed to provide a streamlined data collection interface to its users, which allows them to directly feed information back to a central model, which collects it, and organizes it geographically, to highlight areas of issue among the populous. In conjunction with user taken photographs, the application provides a verbose model for not only identifying the problems of the city, but also, its location effected demographics, reasons, and contrast to areas which are not problems, are even considered a benefit to the area.

The app relies on its users providing feedback on the surroundings, in the form of five emotional responses, which are Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Joy. This information is compiled into a geographic model, which describes the environment according to user feedback. Two major uses emerge from this technology.

The first is as simple as it is useful, the ability to collect simple, streamlined data, which can be analysed in mass. City planners, politicians, activists, and community leaders can use this information to identify individual issues which may previously have required exhaustive collection of complex feedback such as letters and personal exchanges, or a close ended and often biased series of survey questions, which often can not convey information relevant to the topic, and bear a negative stigma.

The Tenderfeel app collects data over time, and places it in a digital model of the city, including information such as demographics and the frequency with which the problem emerges. This compromise allows the analysis to be simple while the data is robust, making it easier to discuss, distribute, and make accurate decisions based on it.

The second use is a touch more obscure, but has much greater potential for further growth of the technology. This information can be used to build what is known as Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality may seem more primitive, as a technology, but in fact it comes after virtual reality. Rather than creating an entire environment within the virtual world, augmented reality adds to the world as it already is, bringing added details which enhance the space, providing information and visuals to the user based on the preexisting reality, allowing the user to interact and move around freely and seamlessly.

Augmented Reality is being further developed by Academy of Art University, not only did its students create the Tenderfeel feel app, which is forming the foundation of the data structures for Augmented Reality, the arts university is furthering the development for its many applications, nearly all of which are squarely within their areas of expertise.

AAU is a privately owned for profit university in San Fransisco. Founded in 1929 by Richard S Stephens, the university has maintained a consistently positive record, being the nest from which many fledgling techniques and technologies took flight.

The Alumni of AAU tend to be artists, and those pursuing related careers; these careers especially within the visual Arts. Film directors, Vicky Jenson, Lee Cheol-ha, and Rudy Soedjarwo all are among the graduates of AAU, as well as music video director Chris Milk, and a litany of actors and actresses.

However, when it comes to the spotlight not the stagelights, AAU has garnered its fame in taking bleeding edge technologies, and using them to improve existing art mediums, or even create entirely new ones. The Tenderfeel app is the basis of what is shaping up to be another generation in visual arts entertainment.

Integration of the developing video game technologies at AAU, along side the industrious talent of such data engineers as the app’s creators, is shaping up to allow a whole new field to bear. The development of brilliant CGI and information disssemination for overlay in the real world, but unlike the silver screen, its in real time, and in your pocket.

Chainsmokers: Sick Boy Sensations

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are the hit duo called “The Chainsmokers.” They have released many major hit songs over the last couple years, and came into the spotlight in 2015 with their hit single “Roses.” Since then they’ve gone on to work with other major artists such as Coldplay and Halsey. There was a brief hiatus for The Chainsmokers in 2017, they went nine months without releasing a song, which for them is a little irregular as they were previously releasing a song almost every month.

The first song to break their nine month radio silence is titled “Sick Boy” and has a different tone than what we are used to hearing from the duo. Some people are saying it is a darker tone, Drew Taggart has stated in an interview that the duo likes to be current in their music, they like their music to reflect how society is today. That being said, Drew thinks that our society has a darker tone recently, and they wanted to reflect that in their song. He also stated that their music is a reflection of their lives and what is going on around them in their own environment.

Taggart says that the inspiration for the single is frustration and anger. They’ve blew to fame very quickly in 2015, and had to adjust just as fast. With fame comes a lot of fans that look up to you and hang on every word, and a lot of headlines. Sometimes the news can manipulate a story and will say things that aren’t true.

The Chainsmokers say that they have been working really hard on their music as of late, and that a lot more will be coming this year. They have a lot of stuff they want to say, and a lot that they want to be heard.

Malcolm Casselle introduces WAX, a decentralized virtual market

OPSkins is a world leader in the distribution of in- game virtual assets. It uses a centralized system that allows its clients to sell and buy virtual assets. On realising that the system they are using, like any other centralized distribution system, has limitations they came up with a new product: WAX.

WAX, Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a P2P market place built upon the foundation of block chain and decentralized smart contracts. According to its creators, WAX solves two of the biggest flows in virtual asset market; fragmentation and fraud. It also has a block chain enabled widget that allows gamers to buy goods without logging out of the game.

Virtual asset market is fragmented. This can be seen in the payment processing, language used and security concerns that keep buyers and sellers restricted in their own countries or area codes. WAX allows sellers to tokenize their assets thus allowing them to sell without any friction. This makes it easy for transactions being made in different geographic locations. Initially, buyers coming from geographical locations that used different tokens had to go through a middleman. With WAX, uses one common token thus eliminating FOREX difficulties or the need for a middleman.

To deal with the issue of fraud in WAZ used a DPOS system instead of the commonly used POW. DPOS, Delegated Proof of Stake, uses 64 confirming nodes (guilds) voted by users as preferred delegates. Each guild is ranked according to the votes it gets from the users. This not only makes the market decentralized, it makes it safe. The WAX tokens can also be used as stored value that can be used to later acquire, rent or trade in virtual assets. The smart contracts act as proof that the asset being traded is original and legitimate.

WAX CEO, Malcolm CasSelle is excited about this new venture. He says that OPSkins is in a position to become one of the world’s first markets to successfully trade in crypto assets. He expresses confidence in the platform and thanks with its innovative system, WAX will play a vital role in propelling crypto currency into the mainstream market.


Why OSI Group Is The Top International Wholesaler of Foods

The story of OSI Group started back in the early 1900s. The company was founded by a guy named Otto Kolschowski. This German immigrant named the business Otto & Sons, and it was one of the best sellers of meat in the Midwest. Since the company was family-owned, it was rather small, but oh how times have changed. Thanks to selling some of the freshest meats, Otto & Sons’ name began to flow for miles and miles. It was growing at an alarming rate, which forced the company to move away from its Oak Park location of Illinois. The hamburger chain, McDonald’s, became the company’s first high-profile client. This dynamic duo’s relationship remained strong right through the cryogenics boom of the 1960s. To this very day, the two companies has retained a strong business bond.

OSI Group has some of the finest R&D specialists, and they have supreme knowledge in custom-food solutions as well as supreme knowledge in global foods. The company has many test kitchens and pilot plants to work its magic. There are even a few culinary-innovation centers to speak of that are loaded with advanced technologies. OSI has been ranked by Forbes on many occasions and for good reasons. In 2016, the company was ranked at the 58th position as it brought in over $6.1 billion. In just five years, OSI has generated an extra $5 billion of revenue on average.

Being so enormous in physical size, the company stretches out across multiple continents. OSI Group has factories and facilities in Ukraine, in Brazil, in Canada, in Austria, in Australia, in Poland, in Japan, in China and in the Netherlands. In the end, OSI Group has certainly made an impact on the way businesses receive their food products, and it will continue to push the boundaries in the coming years.


Talos Energy Growing to Expand Explorations

Talos Energy LLC. is an oil and gas company that participates in the exploration and manufacturing of oil and natural gas in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico. This company was founded in 2012 by Cheif Executive Officer Timothy Duncan.

Before Talos Energy came about, the companies staff successfully built and sold two Gulf of Mexico oil and gas companies, one of which being Phoenix Exploration Co. the other Gryphon Exploration Co. The company is based in Houston, Texas. With 600$ million shares raised from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings.

Talos Energy LLC formerly obtained Lafayette, Louisiana’s based company named Stone Energy corporations. The combined company’s will have the name as Talos Enery Inc. Within this gathering Talos CEO states the hopefulness of the two companies combined talents and technical resources and how it will help them develop their inventory and receive more explorational opportunities. With the companies headquarters remaining in Houston, they have added major offices in Lafayette and New Orleans. “This combination represents an important step in our goal of becoming the premier offshore exploration and production company, says Timothy Duncan, Cheif Executive Officer. Timothy remains the CEO to the joint company’s and 10 members of the board of directors will presume to have 6 members from Talos and 4 members from Stone. Bases with stakeholders on this merge configure to 63 percent of the company with Talos, the rest of which 37 percent shareholders will own Stone.

Talos Energy Inc will have 1.2 million total acres in the Gulf of Mexico with the now expanding financial stability that will result in major growth. The expectation is a whopping 1$ billion dollar credit, 600$ million in the initial borrowing magnitude.

Also, in 2013, Talos Energy gained Energy Resource Technology GOM Inc. And in most recent news, they won a shallow water expedition in Mexico alongside their joint venture associates. They presumed to have found 1.4 to 2 billion barrels of oil in Mexico at the Zama-1 exploration. With high demand and eager competition Talos Enrrgy Inc. is always striving for better ways to operate.

Class Dojo Helps Parents

When you are looking at adding something like this to your classroom, you may not know what apps or programs will work the best. There are things to look for and if you knwo what makes an app great, you might just be able to make a good choice about it. Class Dojo is one of those great apps with a good track record.

How it Can Help

Class Dojo does a great job at connecting teachers with not just the students they teach, but also the parents of those students. They can share information in a way that will help everyone feel like they are still connected to each other and that they know what is going on. They can communicate through the app as well as help the students that need it most becasue they are working with not just the student, but the parents as well.

Who Can Use It

Anyone that has a classroom can use Class Dojo. You can use this app to help students talk to each other as well as to the teachers. Some students don’t like to speak with their teachers directly. Usually this is because they are shy or they just want to have something that makes them feel in control. Class Dojo can do that. They give students a chance to have the communicatio they want on their terms.

When you are thinking about adding a program like this into your classroom, you will want something that can help build your classroom. Class Dojo does that and more. All you need to do is give it a chance and you will see how great it can be for you. What are you waiting for? Get Class Dojo and see how it can make your classroom the best it’s ever been.

Reputation and Success Go Hand in Hand for Equities First Holdings

Started in 2002, Equities First Holdings has exploded its business across the globe, to a litany of global financial powerhouses. The US, UK, Sydney, Hong Kong, and China all have played host to the growth from this lending company. Relying on its unprecedented streamlining EFH is able to compete with its larger counterparts, carving out a niche for those in need of generic capital, without becoming tangled up in the red tape and bureaucracy running rampant in the financial laws of most nations.

Claims concerning their regulatory compliance are readily apparent, with the complete repayment on their first loan with PaySafe PLC, and an additional 750 loan investments made since their start. With the London office alone moving 45 million pounds (62.7 Million USD), it seems a sure future of success of EFH is guaranteed, as their reputation grows, and proves their model’s genius.

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