NewsWatch TV Showered With Praise for its Review of the Crowd Funding Campaign

NewsWatch TV is more than 25 years old show that showcases various products and events in its small segments to aid in their marketing and sales campaign. The show is aired on the ION Network as well as AMC. Popular as a television magazine; the show reviews all kinds of consumer products in a fun and engaging way to keep all viewers hooked. Hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison; the show is the winner of many prestigious awards like the Silver Telly Award and Gold and Platinum Marcum Awards which is the highest award of the television sector.

One of its noteworthy campaign success stories is its role in the crowd-funding campaign. The Chief Marketing Officer of Avanca, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet had previously worked with NewsWatch and was extremely expressed with their professionalism and friendly approach. The Crowdfunding campaign was the second assignment that she decided to involve the show into. Here, they were releasing a new device. Natalie was all praises for the team. She said that they were fantastic at the core and always provided some fantastic support. In a recent testimonial interview, she had no hesitation in attributing the success of the campaign to the show.

The attribution can be easily understood in view of the huge reach and popularity of the show amongst its viewers. Today more than 100 million homes in the United States regularly watch the show and see honest reviews of products from over 200 markets. The show has a strong social media presence as well. Its YouTube channel has more than 5.1k subscribers and flaunts of over 4.1 million views. It has a similarly strong presence on most other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Given the show’s reach, clientele and success-track; it is the show to align with for any company looking for success.


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