OSI Industries Expands Globally

Begun as a simple corner market butcher shop and meat supplier called Otto & Sons, the international food supplier OSI Industries has grown from a Chicago suburb to a global business with operations in the America’s, Europe and Asia. Otto and his sons are gone by now, but still had a large role in expanding the business. But it was when Sheldon Levin joined them in the 1970’s that OSI Industries went global. They entered markets around the world by acquiring food suppliers and building on their businesses there. OSI produces mainly poultry, but also other meats such as beef, pork and fish as well as vegetables, snack foods and condiments. OSI employs around 20,000 people worldwide, operating 65 plants in 17 countries.

Recently they have made several new expansions and acquisitions to help them with a growing global demand for their products. They acquired Baho Foods, a manufacturer of snack foods and deli meats that mainly serves the Netherlands and Germany but also has interests in 18 other European countries. Baho has five subsidiaries of its own that OSI Industries also acquired. OSI Industries expanded the poultry portion of it processing plant in Toledo, Spain. The poultry output at this facility was doubled and the plant, which also processes beef and pork, though poultry is its main product. OSI made the facility more energy efficient during this expansion, implementing several new resource-saving production and cleaning methods.

This expansion also came with more than 20 new jobs at the plant. In December of 2016 OSI Industries acquired British food company Flagship Europe. This acquisition of a company that supplied frozen poultry, pies, sauces and dressings to restaurants helped expand OSI’s U.K. and European operations. Back in the states, OSI bought a poultry processing plant from Tyson chicken. The Chicago facility, over 200,000 square feet, was expanded to process not only poultry but also beef and pork under OSI. They already had a plant in Chicago, but the addition of this second facility helps OSI to expand its North American business considerably. OSI has its home office located in Aurora, Illinois.

Upwork Gives Their Advice On How To Conquer To-Do Lists

Revered as a convenient outlet for freelancers, Upwork enables independent contractors to remain prolific and versed in their trade. Renowned for being the “world’s largest freelancing website,” Upwork boasts a commendable reputation. Offering anything but a cookie-cutter approach to business relations, Upwork abandons traditional modes of professional partnerships with their transparent, digital, and favorable platform. What’s more, Upwork welcomes aficionados of all crafts, from writers and web developers to consultants and virtual assistants.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or budding entrepreneur, working remotely is not without its stumbling blocks. Abiding by a to-do list is among the most prominent of challenges a freelancer faces. In essence, it’s all too easy to deviate from daily routines when you lead a seemingly relaxed lifestyle from home. With that said, to-do lists are of paramount importance. Fortunately, Upwork’s provided a list of pointers that intend to furnish individuals with savvy to-do list tips and tricks. Here’s an overview of said hacks.

Map Out Your Duties Ahead Of Time

Procrastination seldom reaps any benefits, making it exceedingly important to create your to-do list the night before. Not only is this a time-saving approach, but it also makes it simple to get the ball rolling come morning time.

Create Time Frames

Allocating a set amount of time to a specific obligation is the cornerstone of conquering to-do lists. When you settle on appropriate time frames, finishing your to-do list becomes increasingly feasible. However, it’s crucial that you remain realistic and not dedicate too much or too little time to a certain duty. This strategy generally gets easier over time, so don’t stress if you haven’t got it down pat right away.

Perform Similar Activities At Once

Clumping together duties of a similar nature is both prudent and efficient. For instance, if you need to send emails all throughout the day, it’s more sensible to send all emails at the same time. With that said, to-do list experts recommend “batch processing,” an approach that encourages individuals to combine comparable obligations.

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David McDonald Contributes Significantly to the Global Expansion of OSI Group

At times, good leaders are born, other times, good leaders are made. All in all, as long as a person is a good leader, they always add value wherever they serve. With that said, David McDonald will be the man of interest in this context. As the current chief operations officer and the president OSI Group, Mr. McDonald has been able to showcase that he has what it takes to serve in an executive position.

Background Data

David McDonald hails from Iowa. As a man who was born and raised in Iowa, he gives back to the society where he was brought up. Far from that, Mr. McDonald is the holder of an undergraduate degree in animal science. With his expertise in animal science, he was able to start out as a projects manager at OSI Group. The position is not as extravagant, but David McDonald knew that it was good for starters. Later on, since he had finally joined OSI Group, he knew that he had to formulate a way in which he would be bestowed promotions from one position to another. With that as the case, Mr. McDonald was able to work hard and showcase his abilities thereby leading to him being appointed as the president of the company.

Additional Information

David McDonald has worked at OSI Group for more than three decades. During this period, Mr. McDonald has been able to understand many things about OSI Group. With a clear picture of the potential that OSI Group carries, Mr. McDonald has been among the leaders who have contributed significantly to the expansion of OSI Group globally. Global expansion is a good thing. Nevertheless, to sustain the global presence is what matters. With that as the case, Mr. McDonald saw that the best way to strengthen the global presence of OSI Group is through acquiring various companies that have a form of popularity in the various regions. For instance, Baho Foods is a Europe based company that has a strong presence in the region. When OSI Group decided to acquire the company, they were able to strengthen their presence in Europe. Thanks to such strategies formulated by the likes of David McDonald, the company has been able to prosper significantly.