How the Hamburger Patty Created OSI Group

It was early on in the twentieth century that Otto Kolschowsky had landed in the United States. He started a small family owned business. His butcher shop was a place for the community of immigrants to come and experience quality meats. The quality of meat the butcher shop sold to its customers caused the family business to expand. After World War I, Otto Kolschowsky expanded his company into having a wholesale business. With an additional stream of income and demand from customers, the company expanded to a second location in a neighboring Chicago suburb. In 1928, the founder’s sons gave the company a facelift and Otto & Sons was born. Although this family ran company was small, it was a staple of the American dream. It was proof that anyone could come to America and create a new life for themselves. In the following decades, the small business also proved how a quality product could birth a major corporation.

Currently, OSI Group is one of the biggest companies in the world that provides food distribution. It has come a long way since its humble immigrant beginnings in Chicago, Illinois. With growth, things have altered with the company like their locations and number of employees. But one key trait has remained and that is how OSI Group still produces quality meat and now non-meat products to their customers.

To understand the growth and largeness of OSI Group, one must understand the statistics of the company. The company owns a total of sixty five factories. Company owned factories operate in a total of seventeen countries. Twenty thousand people are employed by the entire brand. Ever since the twentieth century, the food provider has been apart of the economy. Today, it grows with the ever-changing history of the global economy.

Supplying food nationwide was one the biggest task of OSI Group. But things have changed over the decades. The food distributor works to serve dozens of countries buying its food. With the recent influx of demand, the food company is working to create sustainable effective operations to serve its many customers with great quality.

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