How Alex Hern Made A Mame For Himself In The Technology Sector.

Alex Hern has practiced business for over twenty-five years specializing in startups and nurturing technology companies. He was a co-founder and Director of INKT, Inktomim Goldman Sachs-led IPO the search technology of AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. Additionally, Hern was a Director and co-founder of YESM, Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO that specialized in the web directory  and email marketing. CMGI, currently known as ModuLinsk Global Solutions, bought YESM for $650 million after ten months. Hern Co-founded Military Commercial Technologies, a commercialization incubator through the funding of L-3 and Lockheed.

Hewlett-Packard bought Hern’s cybersecurity company called ARST, ArcSight, a company he co-founded and worked as its Director through an Initial Public Offering for $1.5 billion. Alex Hern was a Director and co-founder of a network security company, Cloudshield. The company was later bought by SAIC, a company that specialized in commercial and government project based on technology and engineering. TNSI, Triton Network Systems, Zero-knowledge Systems, now Radial Point, and are other companies that Hern founded and served as their Director. Alex explains that the idea of Tsunami came through the computer technology evolution.

Gone were the days when the computer operated from the CPU to the modern GPU technology. This meant that there was a need to have new applications and software to support the new computer era of the modern graphic procession in computers, tablets, and smartphones. Hern admits that he brings about all these achievements are because of staying focused on technology. Additionally, he confesses that he makes use of the silent hours of the night to focus on innovations. Hern adds that he also works hard to come up with applications that will extend business in line with the technology. He spends around four to five hours daily meditating on how to improve his company and achieve his goals.

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