OSI Groups President David McDonald And His Vision For The Company

The turning point in the future of the OSI Group was when they were contracted by a local McDonald’s to supply them with processed meat products. Before then, the company, which was known as Otto and Sons had the modest vision of supplying one little town with the meat products which they needed.

Today, the company has spread their wings to 17 countries, they have more than 20,000 employees and are the best in the supply of meat value added processed meat products. All this success was a dream until the current chairman; David McDonald became part of the team. Here is what you need to know about McDonald’s influence on the success of the business.

David McDonald OSI Group has a wealth of experience in food manufacturing and processing. He serves as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Before he took up his current role OSI, David McDonald OSI Group was an independent director at the Marfing Global Foods South America. David McDonald is a graduate of the Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. His educational background and experience all combine to make him a formidable leadership force within the OSI Groups ranks.

The company is currently focused on establishing their presence in more locations like Australia, China, and the Middle East. Just recently, they formed a Merger with Turi Foods, one of the leading manufacturers of processed meat products in Australia. The merger is meant to help OSI Group intensify their operations in Australia. Turi Foods is already a preferred supplier of processed meat products for fast food chains, specialty restaurants, and even packaged meat products for individual usage.

David McDonald OSI Group strongly believes that the best thing you can do to improve the performance of your employees is to show them you believe in their dreams. He was behind the creation of the mentorship programs which have seen hundreds of their employees improve their education and become better employees. David McDonald OSI Group believes that the first person the client deals with when doing business with your brand is your employee. If your employee has great things to say about your brand, your client will be happy and vice versa.

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