Whitney Wolfe, Creating a World of Equality through Technology

Thanks to the leveled field that Whitney Wolfe created through Bumble, BFF and Bizz apps, as people can now date, make friends and shape their careers respectively through the simple act of swiping right on their phones. In other words, Whitney Wolfe is creating a world of opportunities for the female species, and letting them know there’s nothing they can’t achieve if they set their eyes upon the prize.

At the rate that she is moving, Forbes believes that she will soon be on the list of America’s most affluent self-made women. This year Wolfe missed the cut required to make it to the list slightly, and there’s no doubt that next year, she will be topping it.

The Story behind Bumble

With over 22 million registered users, Bumble now ranks among the top five most popular dating sites, and is one of Tinder’s top rivals. But this doesn’t come as a surprise considering that Whitney Wolfe, the mind behind the app, once worked at Tinder before going solo to create her app. Whitney wasn’t just a regular employee at Tinder, but was one of the co-founders, and as such, she helped create what is now her top competition. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for updates.

What Changed?

Whitney Wolfe resigned from Tinder in 2014, citing sexual harassment from Justin Mateen, one of Tinder’s cofounders and also her ex-boyfriend. Besides harassment, Whitney also mentioned being looked down upon by Justin Mateen and the other male cofounder because she was female. She filed a lawsuit against the company with texts from Justin as evidence. Fortunately, justice was served as she received $1 million as settlement, and Justin was also suspended from the company.

To conquer the odds, Wolfe created bumble. Initially, she planned to create a space where women would feel free without being judged. Looking at the success that Bumble has now, there is no doubt that she achieved her goal. Bumble started from her idea, but it was through collective efforts and the Russian billionaire, Badoo Andrey Andreev, that saw the app come to life. Whitney Wolfe is indeed creating a world of equality through the innovative use of technology.

Visit: https://deadline.com/2018/07/whitney-wolfe-herd-bumble-founder-ceo-imagine-entertainment-board-member-1202423942/


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