Richard Liu And His Quest To Become The Undisputed Top Online And Offline Retailer In China

Whenever you think of e-commerce in China, one name that pops up is Jack Ma of Alibaba, but there is another disruptor in the e-commerce industry who may not have made a statement in the West. His name is Richard Liu Qiangdong of JD.COM. Richard Liu, also known as Qiangdong is a natural techie and […]

Greg Blatt: An Entrepreneur Who Thrives In Technology

Since he was a teenager, Greg Blatt has been in the technology industry, working in various companies like Cingular, AOL, and Google. In 2009, he became President and CEO of Google Inc., where he led the company through its biggest turnaround ever. At Google, Blatt created many famous products, including Gmail, YouTube, and Android. An […]

 Meet Mahmoud Khattab, MD: A Healthcare Leader You Should Know

Mahmoud Khattab, MD is a healthcare leader that you should know. He is the founder and CEO of MKHealth Consulting, a firm that provides strategic consulting to hospitals and health systems across North America. Dr. Khattab has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and he is passionate about using technology to improve […]

Mirabaud Shares Love Of Contemporary Art To The World To Support Sustainability

Over the years, Mirabaud has shown dedication to contemporary arts by its outstanding collection. The company thrives per its values to encourage sustainability and accountable finance to benefit the artists and promote art to a large audience. Mirabaud put emphasis on the significance of art making in our society. It focuses on bringing out the […]

What You Need To Know About Larry Baer: Aside From Being The SF Giants CEO

Larry Baer, the San Francisco Giants CEO since 2012, is a renowned American entrepreneur and sports fan. He has a long list of accomplishments as the team’s leader, including leading the team to victory. A productive day, according to Baer, begins early. He starts his day by getting up at six a.m. and then practicing […]

How To Trade Forex Online With IM Academy

IM Academy is an online platform for digital academic materials and services instructing fundamental Forex trading mastery. IM Academy leverages live interactive content backed by an extensive library of pre-recorded and app-based data and information to educate its learners. IM Academy’s unique approach provides traders with the best possible learning experience, teaching people how to […]

Randal Nardone- The Most Dominant Business Leader and Cofounder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the cofounder of fortress investment group. His locations are in the United States of America, New York city. Randal studied English and biology in the university of Connecticut and then later joined Boston University school of law where he earned his doctorate in jurisprudence degree. Apart from him being the co-founder, he […]

Haroldo Jacobovicz and his business success

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an entrepreneur keen interest in the latest technology. Several ventures he has been involved in are tailored towards the application of disruptive technologies. He comes from Curitiba, Brazil, but he has been very reliable in coming up with solutions that have helped many people achieve great success in their lives. The ability […]