About  IM Academy

IM Academy is an education platform built around financial education and training. Its courses focus on teaching core foreign exchange market concepts through recorded video lessons and interactive exercises. In addition to providing access to high-quality content, the site features a robust community forum and blog where traders can discuss topics related to currency trading.

IM Academy was established in 2013 as a new company by independent traders and Forex experts Christopher & Isis de la Torre. Their vision was to provide easy access to quality online Forex education. They aim to teach people how to trade Forex by delivering accessible and interactive training materials. In over eight years, th’ve grown to almost 250,000 members, helping thousands of people improve their trading skills.

IM Academy prides itself on always being ahead of the game and has always maintained a work from home policy for its staff. By cutting down on office costs and real estate investments, the company could focus its efforts on recruiting top-quality staff without any geographic boundaries and concentrate its energies entirely on its educational mission. This remote working model they have has allowed IM Academy to operate efficiently and uninterrupted no matter what emergencies arise.

Students can access live online classes via computer, tablet, smartphone, or any device capable of running a browser. Each lesson includes an instructor who provides live instruction and feedback through various communication methods. Instructors guide students through the course material and answer questions about that portion of the course. The academies contain four major training programs available on its website and offer many informative videos and interactive GoLive sessions where students can apply what they learn to reality.

To make the learning experience more engaging, the Go Live sessions feature an interactive component where students interact directly with teachers through a live Q&A session. Teachers can record their own videos for learners to view at any time during the course. Learners who complete the Academy receive a certificate of completion. Follow this page for more information.


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