About Tom Keane, Corporate Vice President, Mission Engineering, Microsoft Azure

Tom Keane is the Vice President, Mission Engineering for Microsoft and a Corporate Executive Officer in the Azure organization. He is responsible for driving innovation in cloud computing and data centers. As part of his role, Tom is leading the design of Microsoft’s next-generation data center architecture and major innovations like Azure Stack. Tom has been at Microsoft since 1998 and has overseen all aspects of software development, from coding to business design decisions to new product introductions. 


In this role, the tech expert has been directly responsible for bringing Windows 8, Microsoft .NET Framework 4, and .NET 4.5, the Azure cloud platform, and Visual Studio to market. Before joining Microsoft, Tom was a Principal Scientist at Sun Microsystems. Here, he led product development for the JavaFX GUI framework for desktop and mobile platforms. Before that, he held a Research position at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute, working on robotic manipulation technology.


  1. Analytics for A Massive Confluence of Data


Tom Keane Strives for Digital Transformation

Software developer and cloud services engineer Tom Keane informs how Azure provides the foundational engine for all things digital. The cloud is the most pervasive technology in history, and as of today, Microsoft Azure serves more than 40% of the Fortune 500 and nearly half of the Fortune 100. A confluence of data is a term that describes this massive increase in data availability that enables innovations and access to previously untapped resources. 


With data comes a huge responsibility to protect it and deliver it in a way that helps people make the best decisions for their businesses. 


We are on the cusp of seeing real benefits from leveraging these massive data sets to make better business decisions, which is why we are working hard to create tools that help customers integrate and analyze all their data. This will enable them to take action and move companies forward as Tom Keane adds. He says that now,  data is the new oil; like the oil business, data analytics is ripe for innovation. The Azure compute, storage, network, and service capabilities, paired with our rich machine-learning capabilities, will unlock incredible customer value in harnessing and analyzing data.