Alex A Molinaroli speaks about sustainability in cities

The international community is currently undergoing the forth industrial revolution. While this is happening, companies in the world, according to Alex A Molinaroli have not done their best in ensuring that they address the toughest challenges in the market. These companies can easily work with their governments to make sure that the world is a better place for everyone. Urbanization has increased in the international community. Alex A Molinaroli estimates that seventy percent of the total population in the world is going to live in cities by 2030. With this statistics, it is becoming clear that the international community should look for more efficient ways of using their energy. With clean energy generation and better energy storage, the future of the population will get better. The public department should take the leading role in this urgent matter. The private department, however, should also understand that they need to start embracing and practicing the right policies so that urban sustainability and efficiency is attained.

Alex A Molinaroli realized that buildings in the world are currently responsible for more than a third of the total greenhouse gas productions in the international community. The best and cheapest way to reduce the consumption of energy in these buildings can only be achieved before they are constructed. This will be easy using the advanced technology. Building energy efficiency can easily be improved in the major cities when people adopt and also enforce the right building codes and appliance regulations. The authorities need to set the best reduction targets too and adopt the latest sustainable leasing and construction standards. The governments should also introduce certification, transparency and benchmarking programs. There should be retrofit programs for both the private and public department buildings too. The sustainability efforts will also bear fruit if there is adequate coordination among the local utilities. Alex A Molinaroli is happy with the results in some of the cities already. Learn from this video by Alex Molinaroli: