Andrea Riposati: The Man Redefined

Andrea Riposati’s career began as a business analyst at IBM, where he worked at Booz Allen Hamilton as a strategy and management consultant in the digital- healthcare sphere. In continuing to cement himself in the business world, Andrea Riposati nurtured his education. He furthered his education by acquiring a Master’s Degree in Business and Economics from Bocconi University and another in Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard University.

He bolsters an impressive working experience, having worked as an associate at Booz & Company and a CEO at Muse Technologies. In addition, he worked at Amazon as a senior category manager, where he launched the Amazon B2B Marketplace and was a project leader in the Amazon 3D Printing Store. In addition, Riposati has continued teaching at the collegiate level at Harvard University in the Economics Department and has also been a speaker at the European Health Conference & Exhibition in Helsinki between the 14th and 16th of June 2022.

He then went on to become the co-founder of Dante Labs (now Dante Geonomics) together with Mattia Capelli. He became the CEO of Dante Geonomics, previously known as Dante Labs. Under Andrea Riposati’s leadership, Dante Geonomics has become one of the leading global geonomics and precision medicine companies that works to accelerate science to deliver better health care and ultimately save lives with a more human approach to health.

Andrea Riposati’s vision in Dante Geonomics catapulted the company to have it active in 6 countries while upholding its mission of accessibility to all consumers internationally. He stands by the company’s mission of leveraging genome sequencing technology so people can make informed decisions about their health and future. He attributes his experience working at Amazon aided in turning Dante Geonomic into a global business by establishing a successful international logistic network.

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