Andrew Frame: An Expert On Overcoming Challenges

As the founder and CEO of Frame, a company that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve success, Andrew Frame has built an impressive career out of overcoming challenges. His most recent project is an interview series on IdeaMensch where he shares his insights into entrepreneurship with some of the world’s top founders.

Andrew grew up in the UK where he attended an all-boys school. Andrew Frame’s early academic life was filled with adversity. Andrew Frame failed his entrance exam to boarding school, spent part of the time homeless and went on to struggle both academically and vocationally—never coming top in exams at university. His low academic score meant that when faced with choosing between computer science, literature or philosophy he was never accepted by any of his top choices.

At the age of eighteen Andrew Frame dropped out of university and spent a year working in construction before moving to Japan where he lived for five years. During his time in Japan Andrew worked for four different companies across various industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and manufacturing to recruitment and property development.

Frame credits his experience in Japan with teaching him about the value of hard work and helping him to appreciate building relationships. It was also during this time that he learned about the importance of continuous learning.

Andrew Frame emigrated from Japan back to England where he began working for AXA Investment Managers, despite having no formal education or financial background.

In 2008, Andrew Frame moved to New Zealand and worked as a consultant for a year before starting his own business. In 2009, he registered the company Frame Direct Ltd—a large business-to-business importing company based in Auckland, New Zealand. He simultaneously began working on his idea for a new business – an online directory of independent advisor reviews. See this page for additional information.


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