Omar Yunes: The Iconic Award Winner

In the world of business, the foundation of every aspiring business person is critical to attaining excellence in business. In an aim to elaborate this, Omar Yunes states that educational background of an investor should be strong to ensure that the person is able to have the basic skills of managing a business. He attributes his success to the educational background that brought light to becoming a successful business visionary. In this note, Omar Yunes has been on the forefront of the mentoring young student to ensure they gain the required strong background so that they can be able to compete in the market world, either through seeking jobs or starting their own ventures and contact him.

Omar Yunes has been seen to award the community that provides his clients in a chain of business by continuously creating more jobs to the professionals in the community. In this regard, he has also continued to thrive in his business by providing healthy food products to the clients across all the over 100 outlets his chain of restaurants has. It should be noted that by just opening around twelve outlets, he was able to create jobs for more than 380 workers and read full article.

Omar Yunes continues to explain that educational background is later backed by the experience one gains in the world of business. He advises young graduates that they should take their careers as an avenue for learning new concepts and understanding further on how to solve greater challenges in future. He states that the challenges he has witnessed in his business world have always aided him in solving other similar challenges in a better way that makes the business more productive. It should be noted that Omar Yunes has led in forming one of the most critical and successful franchise relation business. He hails from a political family, but his success is attributed to the sole dedication leaving other lucrative opportunities of the political class. He thus has been awarded severally with different awards due to his continued success in both the business world and also assisting the community in the vicinity of his business outlets and what Omar Yunes knows.

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Proprietor, Salesman & Influential Figure: Julia Jackson

Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines of the Pacific Northwest has been on a mission since 1982. Founded by the late Jess Jackson, This family owned and operated company is pushing the boundaries for what a successful winemaker is and should be. Jess Jackson, and his wife Barbara Banke were the perfect one-two punch. He handled the physical growing of the agriculture and she handled the demanding business side of the company. Their children played a vital role as well because they actually had to work out the fields of the Santa Maria Valley. The principles of hard work has carried over into adulthood as these individuals hold prominent positions within the company itself. Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter of Jess and Barbara, seem to stand out even from a young age. Her love for wine didn’t occur until after she spent some time working in Bordeaux, France.

This is where she entrenched herself fully by studying distribJulia Jacksonution, push-downs, French sales, yeast-adds and many more. At times, she would work 14-hour days. Learning about global market was her goal, and she did just that by shadowing Nicolas Seillan. Julia also has a close friend who just so happen to be French. As of today, she works as a representative, a proprietor and a salesman for Jackson Family Wines. This company has a huge global following thanks to its many wineries. These wineries are located in France, South Africa, Australia, Chile and Italy. Its Barbara’s Clone Pinot Noir has a dark red color, and it’s full of blueberry and smoky earth aromas. Julia has accomplished her dreams thanks to attending Stanford University, by studying in France and by being a part of a well-established organization. Seeds of Empowerment is also her actual nonprofit foundation, and it gives back to the tune of $100,000 per year.

Why CEO Rick Smith is Such an Asset ToSecurus Technologies

Leading the charge for dynamically growing company Securus Technologies is Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith. Smith was appointed as CEO by the Board of Directors in 2008 after successfully holding multiple leadership positions within the company as well as having a sterling career in management at several large companies. In each position he has held, he has grown the company to a more successful place than it was prior to him accepting the management position. Securus Technologies is one more success story for Rick Smith’s leadership. He joined the company in the early 2000s and rapidly climbed their management ladder prior to being named as Chief Executive Officer. The company was created after the successful merger of other companies and was just a baby in the field of Inmate Management Technology at its inception. However, today is as become a leader, if not the leader, in the field and it is known as the innovator of the industry, consistently developing new technologies to serve North America’s correctional facility institutions.

Securus Technologies has two branches of its services to prisons and correctional facilities.First, they offer calling services to inmates. They are revolutionary in this field in two ways. In the first way, they allow inmates’ loved ones to credit their account in a bank account style way of funding that can easily be done online. The person simply logs on and adds a certain amount of money to the inmate’s account and they can then use this to either make or receive calls from their loved ones. Not only can they make calls but they can make video calls as well as emails. It has been shown that inmates who have more contact with loved ones and the outside world adjust better than those who don’t upon release.Second, Securus Technologies provides technology programs that make prisons safer in a technological age.

For example they have a Cell Phone Defender program that seeks out and locates contraband cell phones being brought into prisons illegally. These cell phones can be used to do a variety of illegal activities or harmful activities that can damage people on the outside. Additionally they have a program that blocks these cell phones from being able to connect to the internet so that even if they pass by security there is no potential to cause damage. Rick Smith has been an asset in taking Securus Technologies to the next level since he has become Chief Executive Officer. He is a passionate innovator that encourages his team members to always be looking for the next way to push Securus to the forefront of inmate technology security. Securus Technologies is now one of the leaders in the Inmate Management Technology industries and it continues to grow and expand its product offerings.

How Agora Financial has Benefitted People in Financial Sector.

Agora Financial is a financial printing press located in Baltimore Maryland. It is a non-profit research writing company that focuses on financial forecasting. The company provides free publications that are usually non-biased and independent based on economic commentary and analysis. Agora Financial serves over one million people, benefiting them in growing and protecting their wealth. It is a renowned financial broadcaster with over twenty publications and learn more about Agora Financial.

Agora Financial branched out from Agora Inc. in 1994, moving its business to Mount Vernon. The company is proud to work with experienced employees in the universe. The team comprises of geologists, scientific journalists, filmmakers, authors, bond professionals, fund managers, bankers and a self-made billionaire. The team of professionals never compromise other financial institutions for coverage. The research writing firm provides financial information on generating income, protecting wealth and companies that have growth potential and follow their Twitter.

The printing firm published its first book, Strategic Investment, in 1984. Plague of the Black Debt and Daily Reckoning are among a series of books issued by the company. The Daily Reckoning released in 1999, still exists to date. The headquarters of the printing press has a library and a recording studio. The recording studio helps in transmission of financial media through filming and international conferencing. Agora Financial is celebrated and recognized by various authors and resources and resume their.

The independent firm employees travel across the universe to find new investment opportunities for an establishment. The company’s traveling expenses cost over one million dollars annually. Agora Financial predicted an increase in the value of gold four years before its rise. In 2007, the company predicted oil price increase that shot a year later. Agora Financial in 2008, predicted the rise of biotechnology, personalized medicine, and regenerative medicine before it streamed in the media. The firm has helped its readers through financial forecasting, which has made them protect and grow their wealth and more information click here.

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Effective Ways of Raising Your Credit Score – Freedom Debt Relief Could Help

Get your pencil, notebook, and brain ready – here’s a handful of tried and true methods to raising your credit score. Let’s get started.

Secured credit cards are those in which account holders must submit the value of their maximum balances to credit card issuers prior to using them. Being able to submit money to a financial servicer shows you’re responsible, and prevents the possibility of not being able to pay a credit card balance back.

Being an authorized user may be a painless way of boosting your not-so-great credit. Credit cards often have multiple users – think about parents of teenagers giving them cards to use when they’re out of town. Rather than bestowing unto them their own account, parents are able to monitor their spending and create limits if necessary.

Whether you’re currently in school or not, if a student loan balance is currently due, submitting payments prior to due dates can boost credit reports’ evaluations of your financial situation.

If you need a vehicle, are responsible, and have enough cash flow to cover monthly auto loan payments, consider financing a vehicle. Car payments are a big responsibility, and can quickly make your score rise through the proverbial roof.

Finally, even though it might not make sense, make sure not to close any accounts. Keeping them open shows you might use them soon. Closing them cuts down on credit history, making you look bad to credit bureaus. For more info about us: click here.

Freedom Debt Relief is an American debt consolidation, settlement, and consultation company that was founded in 2002. They assess consumers’ financial situations, customize payment plans, and help clients resolve their debt for less, faster than making minimum payments. Freedom Debt Relief is unsurprisingly popular in the United States, with many consumers taking advantage of their debt relief offer on their television commercials. They even talk to your creditors for you, helping reduce stress about finances.

What the Online Reviews say About Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of just a small handful of female plastic surgeons in Texas that are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Twelve to be exact. Additionally, she is in the just around 10% of plastic surgeons that are women in America. These numbers are staggering and give all the more traction to her work in a field that is so prominently and traditionally male.

When Dr. Walden began practicing around a decade ago, she was known as a woman who made great strides to not just execute procedures with an incredible skill level, but who diligently did incredibly innovative research to move the field of plastic surgery forwarrd and make a name for herself in that field.

Dr. Walden’s patients are her greatest promoters and they flock to online sites and social media to give her extremely positive reviews. Many of the reviews speak to her work. Past patients speak about rhinoplasties or breast augmentation procedures that went exceptionally well and where Dr. Walden exceeded their greatest expectations. It is clear from the reviews that she is a highly talented surgeon that is well versed on the latest and greatest procedures in the cosmetic surgery field.

Dr. Walden owns and operates her own practice in Austin and prides herself on compiling a team of true professionals in the healthcare field. Among the many procedures she does she was reviewed very positively for her work on breast augmentations and reductions, face lifts and basic cosmetic procedures such as Botox. Overall, patients noted how comfortable they felt with Dr. Walden and how much confidence they had in her skills.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Professional Overview

Sheldon Lavin is a renowned executive in the food and meat processing industry. Mr. Lavin joined the food sector as an outsider whose specialty was in the banking and finance segment. Eventually, Sheldon Lavin transformed his ambitions into being particularly productive in the food industry. Sheldon’s path in the food and meat industry commenced in 1970; when he offered his financial aid to the Otto & Sons Organization. Mr. Otto valued Sheldon Lavin for the advice he gave them when they had the opportunity to be a hamburger supplier to McDonald’s Enterprise. While helping Otto &Sons with their financial problem, the bank asked Lavin to possess the Otto & Sons Firm. Being a kind-hearted individual, Mr. Sheldon Lavin refused to be the organization’s owner and instead opted to serve as the organization’s financial advisor.

While at Otto & Sons, Sheldon Lavin became engaged with the company’s operations entirely. He then decided to be the company’s collaborator. As a result, Sheldon Lavin transformed Otto & Sons into OSI Group, LLC. Since Sheldon’s acquisition of the organization, OSI Group has extended its operations throughout the globe in North America, Europe, the Philippines, and India among other nations. At the moment, Sheldon Lavin is recognized for OSI Group’s achievements in supplying protein-contained products. Under Mr. Lavin’s instructions, OSI Group is operational in over sixteen countries managing more than 55 facilities.

Sheldon Lavin’s forty-three-year-old career experience in the food industry has been recognized. On February 20, 2016, Mr. Lavin was presented with a prize by the Vision World Academy in India. The Global Visionary Award is presented to visionaries who have endured hardships until they finally realized their dreams and ambitions. Not only did the company receive the dreamy prize but also other different honors from various nations. In the same year, OSI Group was recognized by Britain by the World Honor Prize. OSI Group acquired the present due Lavin’s strategies towards the protection of the environment and risk management. During Lavin’s leadership period, the enterprise was presented with other health administration and sustainability awards. Sheldon Lavin hopes that the next corporate generation will enhance priorities in sustaining the environment.

Additionally, Sheldon Lavin has impacted his community via OSI Group. The organization has provided job opportunities to its people and is currently hosting almost 20,000 employees around the world. The workers are an asset to OSI and have inputted the company with an outstanding corporate culture that is family-oriented. Additionally, OSI Group experiences little turnover cases with workforce longevity.


How Avaaz Provides Activism for Important Causes

Avaaz is an activist organization whose stated goal is to make the world we live in more closely match the one most people want to ideally live in. It was first established in New York City in January 2007. They address a variety of important subjects such as human and animal rights. They are also active on fighting back against corruption, conflict, and poverty. Additionally, they address climate change and its increasingly bad effect on the environment.

There were a number of co-founders of Avaaz. This included Ricken Patel who is both the president and executive director of this non-profit. Other founders include Tom Perriello, who used to be a congressman for Virginia, and Andrea Woodhouse. Additionally, Eli Pariser is a co-founder who was the Moveon executive director, plus David Madden and Jeremy Heimans who co-founded together.

While early in the life of Avaaz they took donations from corporations and foundations, in 2009 this stopped. They now will only accept donations from individuals and the amount anyone can give is capped at $5,000. They have raised more than $20 million from their members to date. Click here to know more about Avaaz.

How Avaaz operates is either they or their members come up with an idea that they want to be turned into an online campaign. This idea is then vetted by Avaaz and if it looks good they send the idea out to some members via email. If they also support the idea it is then emailed out to the members of Avaaz all over the world. People sign on to the campaign and support it. Avaaz also creates online public petitions as well as providing videos and information on how to reach your political representatives.

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After Success In Pro Racquetball And Project Manger, Sawyer Howitt Goes To College

Not only is Sawyer Howitt a professional (pro) in the sport of racquetball for his high school team, Lincoln High School, he is known as a pro in the Oregon High School Racquetball State Champions.

Howitt has also won tournaments with the Racquetball Club of Portland, Oregon. Howitt believes that in order to become a pro at any sport like racquetball, mastering and understanding the basic concepts of the sport is essential to become professional in sports competition.

“There is a sense of fulfillment that accompanies proper mastery of racquetball,” says Sawyer Howitt to News 11 Sports online, July 10, 2017.

News 11 Sports online continues explaining that young Sawyer Howitt has been playing racquetball at a young age. Howitt says to News 11 Sports online that to become a pro in any sport, or even any business adventure as an entrepreneur, motivation, planning and having a good coach are the key elements to success. These elements, along with sponsorship and focusing on the basic concept of the sport is what made Howitt a pro racquetball player today.

While participating in his studies at Lincoln High School and focusing on his pro techniques in racquetball, Sawyer Howitt is a wiz in business and finance subjects as well. With determination to be successful in all his endeavors, racquetball and the business world, Howitt has participated in internships focusing on entrepreneurship in business and finance. In addition to playing racquetball and interning in business and finance, Sawyer Howitt also enjoys his time fishing in the Oregon rivers and routing for the NBA basketball team, Portland Trail Blazers, at games.

In Sawyer Howitt’s business ventures, he is currently a project manager at the Meriwether Group in Oregon. Alongside his father, entrepreneur and innovator David Howitt, founder and CEO of the Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt has a key-eye for creating spreadsheets and effective notes during business meeting. With everything being said about Sawyer Howitt’s successes in racquetball and as a project manager, young Howitt will pursue a degree in entrepreneurial finance at the University of California, Berkley, with plans to own his own businesses.

Securus Technologies Making Honest Efforts to Transform Correctional Sphere

The power of technology is explored and used constructively in just about every industry to provide end users with efficient and productive products and services. Same is the case with the correctional industry that has gone through a massive makeover with the help of technology in the past few years. The correctional industry is amongst the fastest growing industry today, and it is all thanks to the rapid development made in the sector by active companies in the industry.

One of the enterprises that have helped in this positive makeover of the correctional industry is Securus Technologies. Established in 1986, the company has undergone a complete transformation over the years after acquiring many other smaller correctional firms in the sector. Apart from providing high-end correctional products to the inmates as well as police personnel, the company is also involved with extensive research and development.

Securus Technologies has helped the prisoners by providing efficient and cost-effective inmate communication services. The company believes that such a technology would help the inmates to get rid of stress and live a content life, even when inside the prison. Not being able to talk to the friends or family members when incarcerated can become a contributing factor to disturb the psychological status of prisoners and is known to give rise to violent traits as well. Securus Technologies focuses on delivering quality products and services and back the same with efficient and responsive customer service.

Securus Technologies also offers investigative and criminal justice technology that is hugely appreciated by the law enforcement officers. Many of the law enforcement officers have also written to the company showcasing their appreciation for the work company is doing. Parts of the comments of many of these letters were recently published by the firm online as a PR drive to help the stakeholders in the correctional industry know the efforts made by Securus Technologies to transform the correctional sphere.