The Connections Experienced With Shared Office Spaces

More people are discovering the benefits of working away from an office. Shared office spaces are some of the most helpful and productive areas for working. The energy is much different from a regular office. It is less closed off. People are allowed to pursue their own goals and exercise their own creativity. Most of all, people feel more connected in a shared office space. During the era of regular jobs, people were more likely to feel isolated as they worked away in their cubicle. They have also had to deal with office politics which often resulted in shaming and scapegoating.

One thing to say for shared office spaces is that people feel more like they are part of a community. In fact, a lot of people are paying for these types of spaces because they get to feel connected to others. This is something that they crave so much. They don’t get it from working in a regular job. They also don’t get it when they work at home or rent an office. On top of that, they also make sure that the experience of each shared office space is unique.

Among the places people go to pay for coworking space NYC is Workville. Workville is a New York City place that offers people the unique experience of connecting with one another and also putting together their own unique project. People are more able to be themselves in this shared space because they have a more accepting energy. The managers of the shared spaces work hard in making sure that they offer something unique for the people of the shared space. Workville offers people plenty of options for their spaces. They also host events. For newcomers, their site offers a tour of the space.

The community that is offered by shared work spaces is a huge motivating factor for people to find one for themselves. People also get to experience greater control over their jobs with a co-working space. It is no wonder that studies are showing that people are reporting a greater sense of well being with co-working spaces.

Mike Baur Partners with StartupBus to Empower Young and Motivated Entrepreneurs

Young and motivated entrepreneurs in the Zurich area are encouraged to participate in the Startup Bus annual competition. Mike Baur, co-founder and partner of the Swiss Start Up Factory joins StartupBus in their endeavors to promote its annual competition in the technical community. The challenge begins on September 2nd in Zurich and ends on September 7th in Cologne, Germany at the Pirate Festival. Mr. Baur is challenging all talented individuals to get on the bus and create tech ideas to build and launch startup businesses within 72 hours. It’s a great opportunity for talented people to start their own businesses and learn the start-up process.

Mr. Baur started Swiss Start Up Factory in 2014 to help mentor and coach business owners. Swiss Start Up Factory offers entrepreneurs pre-accelerator, accelerator, growth accelerator, and free legal advice services. If an entrepreneur has an idea and needs help with the startup process, Mike Baur is the man to count on. The pre-accelerator package includes training, coaching, market research, accounting support, and information technology support. One of the most rewarding packages offered to business owners is the accelerator, which guarantees ideas will hit the market in three months.

Swiss Start Up Factory also provides growth accelerator services to established startup companies. The firm employs professionals to help those businesses reach their desired goals of promoting products and services. They also help entrepreneurs with financing, leadership skills, management, and business development.

Mike Baur grew up in the Fribourgh Switzerland region and attended the University of Rochester New York and the University of Bern. He holds a master’s degree and executive master’s degree. After graduation, Baur landed a position as commercial apprentice at USB. He later joined a recognizable Swiss Private Bank and served as an executive board member before starting his own business. With approximately 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry, Mr. Baur helped build Swiss Start Up Factory’s portfolio by launching startups, including Carhelper, Beaconsmind, Blinkers, and Struckd.

The partners of Swiss Start Up Factory continue to fulfill the company’s mission of providing inspired entrepreneurs in Switzerland a forum to guide them thoroughly and assist with starting a company, from the beginning to the end. The 2016 StartupBus Annual Competition is designed to challenge young prospective entrepreneurs. The winners of the competition will receive the same services offered by Swiss Start Up Factory.

FreedomPop Helping Everyone Have Cell Service

FreedomPop is a wireless service that has revolutionizing the way cell phone carriers do business. Their goal is to offer customers with affordable and often free service. A savings web site recently did a review of the FreedomPop service. FreedomPop is a unique service in that they only buy the data through their partner Sprint. They run their voice, text, and data through the one data connection through Sprint. This way they save their customers money.

FreedomPop is well-known for their free plans, which allow the customers 200 voice minutes, 500 texts, and 500 MB. For free, this plan is not that bad, and they are betting that you will upgrade to their very affordable plans. Their 5$ Wifi service plan is amazing. Anywhere you can connect to a hotspot or wifi you can have service. They also have an unlimited plan for 19.99 per month. These plans make this service very attractive for those looking to save money, or maybe you have a teen at home and want to restrict their usage.

Unlike other cheap cell plans, this service runs through Sprint, which is not the largest network. Sprint is reliable, and their coverage is good. For the price, Sprint is not a bad network.
Freedom Pop has a $5 Wifi Plan that makes cell service cheap. They have this $5 plan that allows cell users to make cell calls or texts anywhere the user can connect to Wifi or Hotspot. They have the ability to connect to 10 million hotspots nationwide. They are trying to target cell phones users who have no connectivity. The company understands that not everyone can afford these huge cell bills.

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Brian Bonar gets a major award

The business community is recovering from the financial crisis of 2008, and the economy has never been stronger. Companies around the world are reaching new heights, but this has created new problems.

Multiple businesses have experienced shakeups, and recruiters are knocking down doors to get top quality talent. One of the best leaders in the business community is Brian Bonar.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Brian Bonar has worked in the financial sector for almost thirty years, and much of that experience is in the professional management sector. Brian has made a name for himself by knowing what incentivizes the best possible employee performance.

He has always been willing to look over employee benefits and find the best possible package. Today, he is the leader of Dalrada Financial Corporation. This company works with other companies to offer employee programs that will increase business efficiency.

The products offered by Dalrada include risk management insurance, employee benefits, financial management, and business management services. The company is absolutely vital for businesses that are looking to recruit top-quality talent.

Brian Bonar is recognized throughout the industry for his brilliance. Recently, he received a major award from Cambridge. He was named the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year for the Finance sector.

Inclusion in Cambridge’s Who’s Who is always a spectacular accomplishment, but Cambridge only names four executives of the year for each sector. Read more: Imaging Technologies CEO Brian Bonar Interviewed on and Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

Candidates are chosen based on several major factors including their academic achievements, leadership abilities, and professional accomplishments.

Brian Bonar is extremely proud of his inclusion in Cambridge’s Who’s Who. He has achieved a great deal during his fantastic career. He started by getting a PH.D. and from there he was able to achieve great things. Brian is also affiliated with the American Finance Association. Brian knows that he will achieve great things from here, and he is looking forward to the next few years with Dalrada.

Dalrada is well positioned for years to come. The firm has a great deal of expertise when it comes to offering companies the benefits they need. Dalrada offers a huge selection of employee benefits.

Their lineup includes everything from workers compensation to financial management. As the economy continues to improve the competition for employees at every level will become fierce.

Companies that offer excellent benefits packages will have a huge advantage in the marketplace. Dalarada is constantly growing their client list as companies throughout the world look to gain a competitive edge.

Brian Bonar is an extremely powerful and influential executive. His vision and his willingness to work hard have boosted his companies to new heights.

Glenn Beck’s Tirade Against George Soros: The Latest Anti-Semitic Volley From the Right

Glenn Beck is not known for being a man of moderate views, but in his latest attacks on renowned billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros, he has subjugated whatever decency he has in favor of blatant anti-Semitism and politically-charged baiting. On his popular talk show on Fox News, Beck publicly accused George Soros of being in charge of a shadow government that has a sole purpose: the eventual overthrow of the United States government.

Beck uses a loose knowledge of historical events that did actually happen to construct this fatally flawed argument. He recalls George Soros’ interventions in other countries, notably Czechoslovakia, Georgia and Ukraine, and attempts to argue that Soros’ vaunted Open Societies Foundation was used as a tool for regime change and government overthrow. He ignores the basic purpose of these organizations (to disseminate information to the public in states that were widely known for their repressive relationships with the press) and mistakes Soros’ noble freedom of information mission for a sinister plot to bring the United States to its knees. The Open Societies Foundation has breathed new life into fledgling democratic movements in many closed societies, but rather than focus on this well-known aspect of Soros’s work, Beck chooses to indulge in conspiracy theories.

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Beck’s assault on Soros is a new version of a familiar trope: the all-powerful, sinister Jewish force in global politics. This conspiracy theory has been around for centuries, and is responsible for some of the most horrific events of the 20th century, including the Holocaust during World War II. For right-wing demagogues and charismatic leaders alike, there is a real temptation to blame current troubles on some mysterious, wealthy “other” group, and for much of modern history the Jewish people have ably served in this scapegoat role. The ridiculous nature of many of these so-called theories — whether they focus on the omnipotent Rothschild family running the global banking system, or the studio heads and producers of Hollywood subtly pushing the Jewish agenda — is masked by the need of the audience to believe that someone or something (besides themselves, of course) is responsible for the ills of their society. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

Glenn Beck identifies as a Republican, and the modern Republican party has a long history of advocating for the existence of a Jewish state and portraying itself as a friend to the Jewish people. However, Beck is also a party outsider popular with Tea Party members, many of whom are wholly convinced of the veracity of these anti-Semitic arguments. To Beck and his majority-white followers, George Soros simply represents an outsider, a minority, in a position of power and influence over the affairs of the state.

As history repeats itself and powerful anti-Semitic speakers rise once again on the right of the political spectrum, it is important to confront these arguments with what they deserve: derision, scorn, and a vow to be better than the worst in our society.

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Classdojo is Making Classrooms Better Every Day

What do notions like communication platform, creating community and positive culture in classrooms and schools, have to do with education? According to Classdojo education software co-founder and CEO Sam Chaudhary, everything.

This extraordinary and groundbreaking education software was an answer to what its creator saw as dysfunction within the educational framework. As an educator, he found himself faced with many challenges. With Classdojo, at least some of those challenges have been eliminated in the classrooms in which it is used, which includes classrooms in 180 countries worldwide, and 2 out of 3 classrooms in the United States.

Though Classdojo was initially intended to enhance communication within the classroom, it has evolved into tool that allows for growth and improvement within the classroom culture, inclusive of parents and students, that permeates the broader school community in which classrooms function. By connecting and communicating during the day, there is very little time between an event that has taken place, and the celebration of that event between teachers, parents and students.

Classdojo has given those who care most about education a way to accentuate the best in every day; is one of the most exciting education innovations of all time and it is, most astonishingly, free to teachers. Always.

Education technology has had to grow and adapt, as is true for all technology. This includes making control, privacy and security an ongoing part of the Classdojo software. The fact that the software is free in no way compromises the high level of concern Classdojo has for proper measures to keep users safe.

Classdojo has changed the way classrooms function, and is uniquely poised to aid teachers, parents and students with making a huge positive difference in education, from the ground up. An example of this is Classdojo’s recent partnership with Stanford University researchers work with growth mindset. Growth mindset touts the basic idea that the brain and one’s abilities can grow.

Sam thinks that perhaps Classdojo can impact personalized learning, social emotional learning, or facilitate the development of projects that help kids explore who they are as learners. As long as there are teachers, parents and students, Classdojo will be helping them to best use the time they have together and share their experiences.


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How Securus has Exposed GTL’s Unethical Business Activities

Securus Technologies, which ranks among the largest inmate communication services providers, recently made shocking revelations about its competitor, GTL. In a press release posted on its website, Securus’ CEO, Richard Smith highlighted how GTL has been conducting unethical business. In what promises to shake up the industry, the tech guru announced that his company will continue highlighting GTL’s ethical breeches. He further adds that such incidences go a long way in creating a negative perception about the entire industry.

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How GTL Broke the Law

According to PR Newswire’s report, GTL deliberately and discretely programmed its telephones, an act that saw it charge higher rates than other players in the industry. This is a total violation of the rate caps put in place by regulatory bodies. The telecom company further inflated its charges artificially by adding various sums of money to calls made over its network. This is an act of gross misconduct and is thus inexcusable. Securus adds that the acts were committed with the sole intent of overcharging customers. This is attested to by the fact that GTL illegally made a profit 1.243 million dollars in Louisiana due to the illegal practices.

About Securus Technologies

Securus America has for years been committed to serving its clients by connecting them seamlessly. Its services range from public information to information management and inmate monitoring.

The remarkable growth that the company has experienced during the course of its existence has seen it get recognized as one of the largest firms in the inmate communications sector. The firm’s growth has been streamlined with its mantra, “Connecting what Matters”. Its recent acquisition of JPay, a payment services provider shows how dedicated Securus is towards providing unmatchable services to its clients.

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Laidlaw & Company Made It Simple For Me To Raise Capital For My Business

We needed a way to set up capital accounts for our business, and I took a meeting with James Ahern because I needed help starting something that would end up raising millions. I needed a place to put the money, and I also needed place that I was going to get good information. I called Laidlaw & Company hoping for help, and they got me started with a trust account that is now holding all the money that we have raised. We are investing that money as we goo, and Laidlaw & Company is making sure that the money is moved into places that are most useful for my business.

We are very lucky to work with Laidlaw & Company because they are providing me with the help that I need, and they are growing the capital that we have already raised. We put that money in the bank with Matthew Eitner, and then we are sure that they are going to give us the best returns. We know that we will get a lot of money back when we are investing with the people at Laidlaw & Company. We are very certain of what we will get back that we can see if the investments can improve at all.

We are trying to make sure that we can raise as much money as possible, and we will be certain that we have the capital we need when we are ready to do expansion and the research for a new project. It is going to be much easier for us to get the help that we need, and we are growing our money instead of just spending it on things that we do not need. We are very pleased with our progress because it has been very good every month.


Crystal Hunt Featured in Magic Mike XXL

Crystal Hunt is a talented actress who has made a name for herself in the world of Daytime Soap Operas, and was recently given the opportunity of a featured role in box office sensation, Magic Mike XXL, as reported on PR Newswire. The actress is exited about the role in Magic Mike XXL because it will bring her to a wider audience.

Magic Mike XXL proves to be a great success and an amazing follow up to the first movie in the series Magic Mike. In the sequel, Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) comes out of retirement in order to go on one last hurrah with his fellow strippers and takes a road trip to Miami for a stripping convention. The cast is filled with colorful and fasciting characters, among them Crystal Hunt’s character Lauren. Lauren, as played by Hunt was a standout in the cast.

The young actress has already gained some fame and notoriety due to her sucess in the world of daytime soap operas. She is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light, a role which she one a Daytime Emmy for. She also spent several years working on One Lift To Live, where fans remember her as Stacy Morasco.

Hunt is joined by Lindsay Hartley (All My Children, Days of Our Lives), Vanessa Marcil (Las Vegas, General Hospital), Hunter Tylo (The Bold and the Beautiful) and Chrystee Pharris (Passions, General Hospital) . The series also includes Donna Mills (Knots Landing, Melrose Place) in a few special appearances. Fans have responded warmly to the series, which stars a group of soap opera queens who band together to try to create their own series.  Follow Crystal further on Facebook.

Protests in Venezuela Stopped by Security

Venezuelan Security Forces Block Government Protest
No matter how bad the situation in Venezuela is, it seems as though it can always get worse. It also seems that not everyone is going to stand idly by.

On Tuesday according to Aserne, a large number of opposition protesters came together to rally and demand a recall referendum to remove president Nicolas Maduro. However, Venezuelan security forces were around to block them, having to resort to using tear gas in order to do so.

The opposition coalition of Manuel Gonzalez and co., has vowed to have Maduro removed from power this year, after winning control of the National Assembly legislature elections this past December, which immense public outrage due to the economic crisis being a big help. Inflation has risen to a staggering amount, oil prices have been reduced and many well known food companies have cut back or ceased their operations entirely.

Despite the oppositions’ efforts, the Socialist Party, who has the office, has stated that there simply isn’t enough time this year to organize a referendum due to it being incredibly complicated. Officials added that the opposition should have started this process back in April and also used fraudulent signatures on petitions to try and sway more people into the referendum process.