IAP Worldwide; the Principal Logistic Service Provider in US

IAP Worldwide is a leading service provider of logistic services to many government agencies and organizations based in United States. Given their long experience of close to 60 years, IAP Worldwide have developed management skills that are necessary for handling many delicate issues requiring technical know-how. They specialize in ensuring that missions and operations are completed successfully even when facing the most difficult challenges.

In 2015, IAP Worldwide purchased two companies based in Oklahoma and Aberdeen to increase the efficiency of its operations. DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications and Network Solutions were acquired to provide a backup to the firm’s technological and technical capabilities. The services offered by the companies include aircraft repair, mission support services, engineering, and communication technology.

Doug Kitani, the CEO of IAP Worldwide, said that the purchase of the companies was a plan to grow IAP Worldwide’s services on aviation and engineering solutions that were essential in providing quality services to their clients. Besides the purchase of the companies, IAP maintains close affiliation to leading technological tactical companies.

When employing new experts on careercast, the company ensures that they pick candidates with unique skills and commitment to providing results that can change their clients’ lives positively. The firm’s workforce comprises of teams composed of experts with a firm background in management, finance, and engineering.

IAP provides its logistic services in more than 25 countries worldwide. The company supports agencies working in most challenging environments such as battlefields and disaster management. Their teams are dedicated to providing labor, mission plans, and technical management tasks that support clients’ workforce.

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IAP operates in three major categories. They include government services, expeditionary infrastructure, and power solutions.

Government services
IAP provides support services to the US civilian and defense agencies that provide security to the country. The support services provided include field medical supplies and technology vital for successful missions.

Expeditionary Infrastructure
IAP offers logistical services like construction, infrastructure, and relief to non-governmental organizations and companies working in humanitarian environments.

Power Solutions
The services are delivered by IAP’s member affiliates who provide necessary equipment for generating power.

The primary mission of IAP on jobs.net is to provide logistic services that help humanitarian, government, and military agencies to accomplish successful missions.

ConnectUs By Securus Technologies Is Already Making Revolutionary Changes

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions in the criminal justice field. Their solutions pertain specifically to public safety, correctional facilities (and the monitoring which accompanies their operation), and investigation. It has always been the prerogative of Securus to provide the highest-quality technological solutions in these areas, and to that end their newest innovation, ConnectUs, is delivering in spades.

ConnectUs helps rid correctional facilities of the need for filing ubiquitous forms during regular operations. From complaints and grievances to medical forms, handbook acceptance forms, forms designed to sign an inmate up for a particular activity, and many more, there is substantial time and effort devoted to this antiquated means of filing and administration. Beyond the time involved, resources like paper, paperclips, staples, staplers, filing cabinets, file separators, markers, pens, pencils and other related accoutrements in 20th century filing add up. With ContactUs, everything is consolidated into a single platform which allows inmates regular access–but monitored and metered, of course. Applications can be customized per facility. Customization options include measures which either grant or restrict access based on the time of day, or even the prisoner (in some cases).

According to Chief Kolitwenzew, who works at a location in Kankakee County, Illinois, the nurses just love ContactUs’ new, easily-unveiled consolidation. He went on to say that thousands of dollars in paper would be saved by the new measure.  A $10 man hour can buy about three reams of paper at 400 pieces. ContactUs will very likely save thousands of man hours every year, allowing budgetary realignment, consolidation, and expansion. With 1.2 million inmates already served, Securus stands to revolutionize the whole industry with ContactUs.

IAP Worldwide: Serving The Military And Commercial Clients Since 1951

When you need advanced professional and technical services like facilities management communications systems, field hospitals, airfields or global-scale logistics, you should contact IAP Worldwide. They’re a world leader in supplying engineering, manpower and technical support to the U.S. military and civilian organizations. If you find yourself in challenging terrain or situations and you need experts that can quickly get your organization’s facilities up and running, you can count on IAP Worldwide to get the job done right and right away.

They have a track record of excellence under pressure and can perform superbly in any theatre. Since their founding this pioneering company has been known for using their technical skills, ingenuity and experienced staff to accomplish any purpose or task they face. IAP Worldwide offer a combination of technological expertise, incredible equipment and experience that makes it possible for them to complete any assignment. They embrace the challenges these difficult assignments present and handle them with unmatched professionalism. IAP Worldwide has proven itself capable of handling even the most complex challenges.

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The Beginning

Founded in 1951 as Pan Am World Services, they built and operated the Cape Canaveral, Florida based space launch complex, the first in the U.S., and has since supported in excess of 2,500 launches of all types. When Johnson Controls acquired Pan Am World Service, the new company was called Johnson Controls Worldwide Service. IAP Worldwide soon became an international leader in operations, management and maintenance of commercial facilities and military bases. It became known for automating the environmental control of facilities, improving security, lighting and fire systems, providing temporary personnel and technical support and increasing energy efficiency through innovative new methods.

The company grew even stronger in 2006 when Irmo, South Carolina based logistics and procurement company IAP acquired JWCS and created IAP Worldwide Services on prnewswire.com. It also bought British engineering company G3 Systems Ltd. and added their deployable modular systems, equipment and facilities design, operation, and maintenance capabilities.

IAP also provides a range of support services for the U.S. military and many other clients in almost two dozen countries and 110 locations worldwide. This includes supporting over 175,000 military personnel in the U.S. and elsewhere and providing humanitarian aid, healthcare and life-sustaining supplies to improve the quality of life for many people.

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The Growth of Madison Street Capital

There are a lot of investment banks that are struggling to survive in the current economic environment. Many banks are losing customers to things like Robo advisors and other banking companies. In fact, the general public is losing faith in general investment banks for a variety of reasons. After the last recession, Madison Street Capital decided to put its customers before anything else. This attitude is very rare in the world of investment banking today. Due to this commitment, they have been able to take the next step as a company. At a time when other banks are struggling to survive, Madison Street Capital has thrived. Every year, they are increasing the number of customers that they have. If you are someone who needs help with your investments, they are a great company to work with.

Investment Advice

Many companies give out investment advice without really understanding what they are saying. In fact, there are few financial advisors who are certified to give out financial advice that is good for you. Many advisors simply look at the investments that will make them the most amount of money based on the commission that they will earn. Although this sounds bad, it is a reality in the industry today. If you want a more unique investing experience, there are a lot of investment banks that will put you first. Madison Street Capital has a track record of success in helping their clients get to the next level.

If you are someone who wants to get help planning your retirement, this is the company to work with. They have dedicated investment advisors who understand what it takes to add value to people throughout their financial lives. Many people struggle in this area, and having a quality company to work with is a huge blessing.

Action Items

If you are an investor, there are several things that you can do today in order to make your financial situation better. First of all, pay off any consumer debt that has a high interest rate. There is nothing good that can come from this, and using the extra cash flow that comes from your investments will help to free up some cash for you. Over time, this small change can make a huge difference in your finances. Read more: https://network.axial.net/a/company/madison-street-capital/

Few companies have your back as an investor. Instead of making someone a lot of commission dollars, work with an agent or advisor who has your best interests in mind. This is something that everyone can agree on. Instead of getting frustrated with the options that are out there today, start working with Madison Street Capital today and get some great results out of your investment experience with them.

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Allowing Whistleblowers to Safely Break Their Silence

Back in 2010, the Consumer Protection Act was enacted by Congress, allowing whistleblowers safe harbor to report wrongdoings without fear of losing their jobs. Now these folks has significant financial incentives as well as employment protection in order to report any violations of federal law to the SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission.

Labaton Sucharow was one of the very first law firms to commit unlimited resources to their newly developed Whistleblower Representation Practice. They made use of forensic accountants, financial analysts, and world-class investigators, to provide significant professional representation to those who wanted to blow the whistle on illegal activities in the workplace. Once workers became aware of the benefits to bringing these people under suspicion of fraud into the light, this law firm saw a surge in new clients.

According to the rules of the whistleblower program, the Securities and Exchange Commission must pay all eligible whistleblowers from10-30% of the monetary that is collected as a result of the successful enforcement actions that exceed $1 million. In the past many of these people simply lived in feat of losing their jobs because employers or employees would make it clear that any mention of the so-called wrongdoings would be met with swift termination.

Once the monetary threshold is met, any and all potential whistleblowers could also be eligible for financial awards that are then based upon the sanctions that are collected in other related actions that are brought by law enforcement or other regulatory organizations. One of the reasons that the Dodd-Frank Act allowed these workers to come forward, it strictly prohibited any retaliation action by employers against these whistleblowers who made the effort to report to theses crimes to the SEC pursuant to any program rules.

What turned things around for employees who were forced to live in the shadows of fear and for employers who felt they could never be prosecuted for their crimes was the fact that now the whistleblowers were able to report any possible securities violations completely anonymously if they were represented by a lawyer.

Those who suspect these types of crimes in the workplace or who have been told their jobs were at risk if they reported such activities are now free to learn more about the SEC Whistleblower Program or reach out to a lawyer for a free case evaluation. Confidentiality is assured, and during any consultation, reporting any individuals by name as potential security violators will remain anonymous.

Madison Street Capital’s COO Anthony Marsala Thinks Hedge Funds Will Continue To Close In 2016

Chicago-based Madison Street Capital is one investment firm that has a firm grip on reality, according to Chief Operating Officer, Tony Marsala. Madison Street Capital specializes in mergers and acquisitions, but the firm has a very active hedge fund. Madison Street Capital investors have faith in Chief Executive Officer, Charles Botchway and COO, Tony Marsala when it comes to picking assets that produce better than average returns. Many hedge funds are closing because the investment industry is going through a transition.

But Madison Street Capital is looking forward to another good year in terms of hedge fund returns. The Madison Street Capital hedge fund performed better than expected in 2015, and Marsala thinks 2016 will be another good year.

Hedge fund managers are known for placing big bets, and receiving big fees. But returns on those big bets have decreased over the past two years, and that has forced many hedge funds to shut down, according to a report published by Barclays. This is the first year since the 2008 market collapse that fewer hedge fund managers will participate in the hedge fund market. More hedge fund managers realize that the investment market is unstable, and even the slightest change could destroy the profits of assets.

According to Hedge Fund Research, there are more than 10,000 hedge funds around the world. A Barclays report shows that number will drop by more than 300 in 2016. That is a 4 percent decline from last year. In 2009, the number of hedge funds shrank by 4 percent, and in 2008 the number dropped by 11 percent. Based on the Hedge Fund Research report, more hedge fund managers will stop managing, and they will find other sources of income. There are many hedge fund managers that are not meeting investor expectations, so there is a chance that the number of failed hedge funds will continue to grow in 2017. That’s a big change from the 2 to 3 percent growth in hedge funds between 2010 and 2015.

Two former executives from the old Soros Fund are venturing into the hedge fund industry with a fund called Castle Hook. Another retired hedge fund manager, Ken Brody, is launching Sutton Square Partners. Brody was one of the co-founders of Taconic Capital Advisors.

Even though the hedge fund market is changing, Madison Street Capital’s hedge fund is still in a good position to produce decent returns in 2016. Nothing is certain in the investment industry, but Botchway and Marsala investors believe in Madison Street’s proven track record.

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ICMediaDirect Headlines LeadsCon New York 2016

According to a recent article in Marketwired, reputation management industry leader ICMediaDirect will make a presentation about solutions to the challenges facing companies in the industry at LeadsCon New York 2016 (http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/icmd-reputation-management-icmediadirect-to-attend-leadscon-new-york-2016-2142366.htm). ICMediaDirect has used groundbreaking techniques to successfully repair the reputations and help build the brands of a growing number of well-known companies and individuals worldwide. Its innovative use of the internet has led to its spectacular rise and growing success.
LeadsCon is the direct response marketing industry’s premier conference. The 2016 edition will take place at the New York Hilton from August 22-24. It will feature exciting events and webcasts along with presentations from some of the most accomplished and talented people in the industry. LeadsCon attendees and those following the goings-on will be made privy to the latest, best and most effective reputation management methodologies.

The direct response marketing industry is growing by leaps and bounds because these days a slip of the tongue or a production blunder can lead disaster. Having the proper public relations position can mean the difference between a slight slip in the ratings and being mocked, discredited and driven out of business. The 2016 LeadsCon will share the tricks of the trade for turning an online gaffe into great publicity. No company is better suited to do a presentation on that than ICMediaDirect.

Long-time participants in both LeadsCon New York and LeadsCon Las Vegas, ICMediaDirect promised presentation on cutting-edge reputation management techniques is of great interest to industry insiders. The company’s willingness to share it 20 years worth of very effective ‘trade secrets’ is sure to draw a packed house. But ICMediaDirect will not be the only star there. LeadsCon New York 2016 will feature popular ad agencies, technology solution providers, marketing service companies as well as venture capitalists doing workshops with valuable insights on marketing strategy, lead generation, controlling online search results and more.


Igor Cornelsen’s Advice on Deteriorating Brazil’s Banking Sector

A lot of people have accused the Brazilian government of failing to control the public spending due to a swift increase in lending by state banks. This lending was funded by public money. As a result of uncontrolled lending by the many state-run banks, Brazil’s credit rating has been downgraded to BBB. Standard & Poor’s also suggested that Brazil would continue to lose its investment credit rating in the coming years if a fallout from some corruption scandals additionally deteriorates the execution of austerity measures and slows economic growth.

According to a top-notch Brazilian banker and investor, Igor Cornelsen, the secret to solving the scenario lies in the knowledge of the market. Most Brazilian private banks lend to borrowers with the highest credit worthiness as they need a sense of security. This leaves people with less credit worthiness with the option of declining their business plan, spending their cash or accessing credit from public sector banks, which of course creates a challenge to the macro economy and the development of the country at large.

Igor Cornelsen believes that the strategies to be adopted by the Brazilian government should make investors feel secure by implementing market-oriented policies and fiscal austerity. As such, Brazil will emerge as an attractive market in South America and many investors will be behind them in the world of banking.

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Investing In Brazil: Igor Cornelsen’s Top 3 Tips

For starters, Igor Cornelsen believes that the new finance minister will formulate relatively orthodox fiscal policies and not irrational ideologies as deemed up by his predecessor, Guido Mantega. His strong view on fiscal reforms is a stock contrast from the ideas of President Dilma. With an educational background from the University of Chicago and an experience from the International Monetary Fund, he is expected to be an insightful policymaker and an associate to the private sector in a government that is obviously inhospitable.

Similarly, Brazil should pay close attention to their trading partner, China. China is one of the strongest economies in Asia. A stronger link with the country means good prices for their raw materials.

Igor Cornelsen has guided several other investors to make more successful long-term investments. He is responsible for managing some of the largest institutions in the world. Currently, Cornelsen works as the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc., an agency he founded to provide expert advisory and insights into investing particularly in volatile stock markets.

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What Everyone Should Know About the SEC Whistleblower Program

Following the 2010 amendment on the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act, the SEC Whistleblower program was introduced to streamline the war against securities violations. The program came with additional sections that would make it easier for individuals to share information to the SEC without necessarily having to worry about victimization.

Before the amendment, many cases would go unreported simply because those with information could not access sufficient security. To make it clear to everyone, below are some of the things that have been included in the SEC Whistleblower program that should encourage anyone with useful information to forward to the body.

Whistleblowers receive employment protections
It may sound terrorizing to report violations perpetrated by your employer, but the SEC Whistleblower program backs any individual with useful information about securities violations. The program states clearly that an employer may not demote, threaten or in any manner engage in activities that are retaliatory to your actions of reporting about securities violations.

It follows that if it is confirmed an employer attempted to threaten or do anything highlighted in the program as a retaliatory measure the employee enjoys the right to seek justice through legal procedures.

Anonymity guarantee
The fact that the perpetrator of a crime may want to know the whistleblower makes it necessary to institute additional security measures. The inclusion of this section was inspired by the fact many cases went unreported because individuals did not want their identity revealed publicly. You can forward information to the SEC for verification and follow-ups without having to worry about other people beyond the confines of the program knowing about your action.

Monetary rewards to whistleblowers
The introduction of the Dodd-Frank reform in 2010 brought new reward packages for whistleblowers. Under this program, whistleblowers will be rewarded depending on various factors. If the information is submitted in time and its relevance is estimated to carry a lot of weight, the said whistleblower will be compensated as much as 10 to 30 percent of the total sanction amount obtained from the company in question.

In May 17, 2016, the SEC Whistleblower Program introduced additional packages, whereby a whistleblower will be eligible for compensation amounting between $5 and $6 million, if the information shared is of critical importance. With these benefits in place, the program has attracted information from all areas, thereby effectively fighting securities fraud.

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The Connections Experienced With Shared Office Spaces


More people are discovering the benefits of working away from an office. Shared office spaces are some of the most helpful and productive areas for working. The energy is much different from a regular office. It is less closed off. People are allowed to pursue their own goals and exercise their own creativity. Most of all, people feel more connected in a shared office space. During the era of regular jobs, people were more likely to feel isolated as they worked away in their cubicle. They have also had to deal with office politics which often resulted in shaming and scapegoating.

One thing to say for shared office spaces is that people feel more like they are part of a community. In fact, a lot of people are paying for these types of spaces because they get to feel connected to others. This is something that they crave so much. They don’t get it from working in a regular job. They also don’t get it when they work at home or rent an office. On top of that, they also make sure that the experience of each shared office space is unique.

Among the places people go to pay for coworking space NYC is Workville. Workville is a New York City place that offers people the unique experience of connecting with one another and also putting together their own unique project. People are more able to be themselves in this shared space because they have a more accepting energy. The managers of the shared spaces work hard in making sure that they offer something unique for the people of the shared space. Workville offers people plenty of options for their spaces. They also host events. For newcomers, their site offers a tour of the space.

The community that is offered by shared work spaces is a huge motivating factor for people to find one for themselves. People also get to experience greater control over their jobs with a co-working space. It is no wonder that studies are showing that people are reporting a greater sense of well being with co-working spaces.