Barry Lall Shares his Love for Pinnacle and Family

Throughout his tenure as Pinnacle Hotels CEO, Barry Lall can honestly say that he has made a lasting impact while working in hospitality. Besides his industry experience, he has been able to share some great tips concerning resiliency and the way an entrepreneur can integrate them into their own business ventures.

Developing his Leadership Skills

Throughout his career Barry has been able to push himself to develop his leadership skills in business. It is for this reason that he continues to appreciate and love his life, whether it is at home or work. Although many leaders in business have a hard time adapting to the corporate life when they have a family to think about, Barry has managed to make them both work simultaneously.

Showing Prudence Towards Others

Throughout his career, Barry has shown appreciation towards the gratitude he has received and feel joy in every type of circumstance as long as he stays committed to his love for the company he has built as well as those he cares for the most. Regardless of Barry´s dedication towards Pinnacle and being the CEO, he knows how to separate work from home life so he can always be there for his family. Even though he is getting up there in age, his dedication still shines through although he has decreased his work hours to allow the Pinnacle company run itself without him. Other than relishing in his grandfather duties, he takes pleasure in many activities involving the outdoors and traveling to different parts of the country.

Personal Background

Since his move from medicine to hospitality, Dr. Barry Lall is able to assist up and coming business owners realize their own dream within hospitality. Other than overseeing the management of staff, he takes care in awarding students with his Lall Family Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship is designed to help the students obtain funding for their experiences throughout their education, as well as attending any conferences.

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