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According to the publication BMMagazine, Greg Blatt is the sole CEO and creative director for Modern Marketing. He studied at the University of Michigan.

Modern Marketing has a career profile on its website that details Blatt’s life story and what he does for his company. The publication offers even more information about his business by listing out some of his accomplishments and professional background on the site. This biography is filled with impressive accolades, which gives laypeople like you a great idea of who this man is and how much work he puts into his company.

This information is essential because it gives you something to research further on, and it keeps with the theme of the many accolades made in honor of Greg Blatt. It brings a lot of credibility to this article because it gives some background to this company’s experience and gives it an aura of respectability by providing some details about the organization.

Without having access to all of this information, one can only speculate whether or not Mr. Blatt is a great marketer or if he honestly does know what he is doing. By researching his profile, you gain knowledge from a knowledgeable source and then go from there, informing your opinion on Greg Blatt as a CEO and his company as one worthy of your business consideration.

Greg Blatt is a CEO of Modern Marketing, and is a well-known figure within the advertising business. Blatt has over 20 years of experience in digital and direct marketing, working with companies such as Revlon, Procter & Gamble, and Coca-Cola.

Greg got his start Grey Advertising, where he soon became the youngest account executive in the company’s history. This led to Blatt getting his first big break when he landed the Clairol account while working at Grey Advertising. He soon went on to do an impressive stint with Coca-Cola, and by age 27, he was named Coke’s youngest Vice President ever.

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