Robert Ivy Encourages Professional Bodies for Networking Purposes

Professional societies have are bodies that have been made by individuals in a particular profession with the sole aim of achieving specific goals in the industry. You will find that a large number of individuals with a particular profession wanting to join a particular society so that they can go ahead and enjoy the benefits that a particular society has to offer. One of the benefits that individuals can gain from a professional society is networking. Visit

Robert Ivy would like professional bodies to assist in the networking is the process of meeting new individuals either with similar needs, skills, and culture. However, professional societies provide opportunities where individuals with particular profession can network. A particular society such as the American Institute of Architects may sometimes consider to organize formal seminars with the aim of deliberating on matters affecting the industry. All the members of the body can easily come across other new individuals where they can formulate friendships.

According to Robert Ivy, the main benefits of networking is that individuals who have already not secured a job employment can easily get recommendations from fellow members of the body who are aware of an employment opportunity in a particular organization. People who recommend job opportunities are trusted and reliable and they will always recommend employment opportunities where they know an individual will gain skills and competence while at the same time being rewarded as a professional. A large number of people have actually secured their first employment through networking.

Robert Ivy continues to highlight that people don’t only get first employment through networking but they can as well upgrade to another organization that pays well than other entities in the same industry. Moreover, networking has proven to be a critical aspect where individuals get new mentors who guide them through their careers. It is evident that a large number of fresh graduates are not aware about the industry unless they receive training and guidance from an experienced person who has been in the industry for an extended period.

Robert Ivy is the current Chief Executive Officer of one of the leading professional bodies in the United States, the American Institute of Architects. He has been able to lead the body through high levels of professionalism. It is through his leadership that AIA has received much recognition from members of the public.


Noel Polk Lifetime Award Finds Its Way To The Hands Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has been serving at the American Institute of Architects since early 2012 as the companies CEO. Robert is not only a dedicated and worthy leader of the AIA, but he is an admirable man that is constantly earning the respect of his peers.

In June, Robert Ivy won the Noel Polk Lifetime award for his accomplishments and contributions to the Mississippi community through architecture. Robert has been more than enthusiastic about his award and so have many of his fellow employees, earning the praise from the companies president as well. The American Institute Of Architects has thousands of highly talented designers today and this number continues to grow thanks to impressive accomplishments Robert Ivy obtains.

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Robert stands at the top of the architecture industry because of the many contributions he has made throughout the couple decades he has been in the industry. Robert has not only focused on his own successes and contributions but others as well. Throughout the years, Robert has published many different articles and books covering architecture to help others find their way in the exciting industry. At the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is tasked with creating new growth for the company and expanding on the membership base which is already 1700 members strong.

Since Robert started in the architecture field more than 25 years ago, he has been working to make the industry better and more accessible for students all over the country. Through various philanthropic efforts and projects, Robert Ivy has donated to help students get into programs for their futures. Robert is no stranger to winning awards, but the Noel Polk Lifetime award is something special because it has never been given to an architect before, just performers and artists from within the Mississippi state. The CEO of AIA, Robert has used his honor to build an even bigger reputation for himself and his company, the American Institute of Architects.