Up-Close with Ricardo Tosto and How Brazilian Lawyers Have Adapted to the Emerging Needs of Brazil’s Legal System

Brazil’s economic and political climate has been a hot topic of discussion since 2015 and a major part of 2016. Aside from the domestic challenges faced by the government, coupled by progressively growing economy, investors have been skeptical on making any significant investment. Despite such mayhem, several investors have considered investing in the depreciating Brazilian assets with the sole intention of reaping maximum profits. For starters, the M&A has been quite busy dealing with financially hemorrhaged companies and startups and learn more about Ricardo.

On the other hand, tax matters have surprisingly necessitated a high demand for representation and legal advice, with hundreds of attorneys rushing in to serve various clients and multinational corporations. According to accurate statistics from the PwC report, the country’s ease of paying taxes surprisingly ranks at position 178 out of the 189 nations surveyed. The fact that a medium-sized enterprise spends an average of 2,600 hours dealing with tax compliance is quite shocking, to say the least.

Compliance matters are widely considered to be a booming sector in the legal industry courtesy of the numerous statutes governing the establishment and running of businesses. More importantly, enterprises have also been at the forefront promoting anti-corruption programs essential in upholding transparency and accountability in the public and private sector. Firms such as Trench and TozziniFreire have cemented their status as the leading service providers to their diverse clientele and his Website.

The Brazilian government has prioritized labor laws especially with the influx of local and migrants dominating the labor force. By prioritizing on the fundamental rights of workers, institutions such as Cahen & Mingrone Advogados and Pessoa Advogados Associados are arguably some of the best in the industry and more information click here.


Ricardo Tosto in Brief

Ricardo Tosto’s reputation as a prominent attorney and entrepreneur remains unmatched. Despite his humble beginnings, Ricardo Tosto has managed to surpass expectations and represented several high net worth individuals and multinational corporations. Ricardo Tosto is credited with pioneering the enactment of various economic policies that serve as the foundation of the country’s economy.

Aside from exuding his legal proficiency, Ricardo Tosto also mentors several associates within the law firm as his next step in taking the company to greater heights. Ricardo Tosto adopts an active management approach in the daily operations of his law firm and resume him.

Importance of Advocating for Human Rights

Human rights is a fundamental principle found in constitutions of many countries across the world. Constitutional powers are always bestowed upon the citizens of a particular country and can be exercised directly or indirectly. As a result, this has seen rise to many human right organizations that have continued fighting for the rights and freedoms of oppressed individuals. Thor Halvorssen is one powerful advocate of the rights to fare treatment of citizens and right to just hearing. He was born in Venezuela and developed interest in human rights advocacy. He started championing the human rights activism in London during his early childhood where he organized protest against the emergence of apartheid rule in SouthAfrica. This made him to receive publicity and international recognition. Currently he is the president of Human Rights Foundation which is an international human rights body that focuses in ensuring that every person’s rights are protected. Thor Halvorssen depute in the world of activism and advocacy of public policy and intrest was championed by his background. He came from a powerful family that allowed him access to good education. The oppression the Venezuelanswere going through necessitated his spirit of activism.

Thor Halvorssen was also involved in the political activities in Venezuela when his father was arrested. He started demonstration to free his father who was innocent of the accusation against him. This made the international bodies to intervene and his father was found innocent of the charges that had been labeled against him. As such, this led to increased political awareness and respect of the democracy in Venezuela. As a result of his involvement in the democratic space, his father was later awarded to head the Pan-American Committee and Thor of Facebook.

Thor Halvorssen has also developed vast interest in the production and film industry. Due to his utmost passion of film, he established the Moving Picture Institute which has grown to international standards. He is currently producing a film called the Moon Is a Harsh Mistress Which he expects to enhance his career in production. These achievements have propelled him to appear in different publications and journals across the world including the New York Times.

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Karl Heideck: The Law Of Litigation

Karl Heideck practices in the greater Philadelphia area
Karl Heideck practices in the greater Philadelphia area

Litigation is quite simply the process of taking legal action. It is used to describe proceedings that have been initiated by two opposing parties mainly defending or enforcing a legal right. The dictionary definition of a litigator is someone who specializes in taking legal action. This could be against individuals or organizations. A litigator manages a case from start to finish, drafting legal documents, researching legal issues and arguing before courts.

The process of becoming a litigator in the United States requires one to first and foremost earn a Bachelor’s degree. You are then to take a Law School Admission Test. Once you get into Law school, earn a Law degree (Juris Doctor) and pass the Bar exam, you then become Licensed to practice Law.

Karl Heideck is a Litigator based in Greater Philadelphia Area. He has specialized in risk management and compliance practices. Karl Heideck chose to pursue literature at Swarthmore College and after, joined Tempe University Beasley School of Law where he graduated with Honors. Karl Heideck is an exceptional attorney who has skills in legal writing, product liability, commercial litigation, legal research and employment law. His law career has over ten years of practising.

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After his graduation, Karl Heideck obtained his first job experience working as a Conrad O’Brien associate. While here he took on various litigator roles. This included handling government investigations and white-collar crimes. It is with this experience that he became Pepper Hamilton LLP’s project attorney in October 2010. While in this role Karl Heideck has also worked on white-collar defense and government investigation, as well as dealing with a couple of bankruptcy files and medical malpractice litigation. Four years later, he earned his current job title at the law firm Grant & Eisenhofer, PA. Karl Heideck puts his efforts in the investigative stage of cases involving complicated securities fraud and other banking litigation anomalies.

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Allowing Whistleblowers to Safely Break Their Silence

Back in 2010, the Consumer Protection Act was enacted by Congress, allowing whistleblowers safe harbor to report wrongdoings without fear of losing their jobs. Now these folks has significant financial incentives as well as employment protection in order to report any violations of federal law to the SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission.

Labaton Sucharow was one of the very first law firms to commit unlimited resources to their newly developed Whistleblower Representation Practice. They made use of forensic accountants, financial analysts, and world-class investigators, to provide significant professional representation to those who wanted to blow the whistle on illegal activities in the workplace. Once workers became aware of the benefits to bringing these people under suspicion of fraud into the light, this law firm saw a surge in new clients.

According to the rules of the whistleblower program, the Securities and Exchange Commission must pay all eligible whistleblowers from10-30% of the monetary that is collected as a result of the successful enforcement actions that exceed $1 million. In the past many of these people simply lived in feat of losing their jobs because employers or employees would make it clear that any mention of the so-called wrongdoings would be met with swift termination.

Once the monetary threshold is met, any and all potential whistleblowers could also be eligible for financial awards that are then based upon the sanctions that are collected in other related actions that are brought by law enforcement or other regulatory organizations. One of the reasons that the Dodd-Frank Act allowed these workers to come forward, it strictly prohibited any retaliation action by employers against these whistleblowers who made the effort to report to theses crimes to the SEC pursuant to any program rules.

What turned things around for employees who were forced to live in the shadows of fear and for employers who felt they could never be prosecuted for their crimes was the fact that now the whistleblowers were able to report any possible securities violations completely anonymously if they were represented by a lawyer.

Those who suspect these types of crimes in the workplace or who have been told their jobs were at risk if they reported such activities are now free to learn more about the SEC Whistleblower Program or reach out to a lawyer for a free case evaluation. Confidentiality is assured, and during any consultation, reporting any individuals by name as potential security violators will remain anonymous.

What Everyone Should Know About the SEC Whistleblower Program

Following the 2010 amendment on the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act, the SEC Whistleblower program was introduced to streamline the war against securities violations. The program came with additional sections that would make it easier for individuals to share information to the SEC without necessarily having to worry about victimization.

Before the amendment, many cases would go unreported simply because those with information could not access sufficient security. To make it clear to everyone, below are some of the things that have been included in the SEC Whistleblower program that should encourage anyone with useful information to forward to the body.

Whistleblowers receive employment protections
It may sound terrorizing to report violations perpetrated by your employer, but the SEC Whistleblower program backs any individual with useful information about securities violations. The program states clearly that an employer may not demote, threaten or in any manner engage in activities that are retaliatory to your actions of reporting about securities violations.

It follows that if it is confirmed an employer attempted to threaten or do anything highlighted in the program as a retaliatory measure the employee enjoys the right to seek justice through legal procedures.

Anonymity guarantee
The fact that the perpetrator of a crime may want to know the whistleblower makes it necessary to institute additional security measures. The inclusion of this section was inspired by the fact many cases went unreported because individuals did not want their identity revealed publicly. You can forward information to the SEC for verification and follow-ups without having to worry about other people beyond the confines of the program knowing about your action.

Monetary rewards to whistleblowers
The introduction of the Dodd-Frank reform in 2010 brought new reward packages for whistleblowers. Under this program, whistleblowers will be rewarded depending on various factors. If the information is submitted in time and its relevance is estimated to carry a lot of weight, the said whistleblower will be compensated as much as 10 to 30 percent of the total sanction amount obtained from the company in question.

In May 17, 2016, the SEC Whistleblower Program introduced additional packages, whereby a whistleblower will be eligible for compensation amounting between $5 and $6 million, if the information shared is of critical importance. With these benefits in place, the program has attracted information from all areas, thereby effectively fighting securities fraud.

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