The Match Group Is Suing Whitney Wolf And Bumble For Patent Infringement

There is more drama on the horizon for the Bumble and Tinder dating apps. The Match Group owns Tinder and is currently suing Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble for misuse of intellectual property and patent infringement. The suit filed by Tinder is alleging Bumble duplicated the card swipe based, world changing mutual opt. The lawsuit also accuses former Tinder employees Sarah Mick and Chris Gulczynski of duplicating elements of their design. According to Tinder there are two features released by Bumble that were developed under a confidentiality clause.

Whitney Wolfe is well known as an entrepreneur. She founded Bumble and co-founded Tinder. Bumble released in 2014 and has since launched BumbleBizz for establishing business contacts and BumbleBFF for finding friends. Forbes has released the value of Bumble as over $1 billion. Whitney Wolfe was declared as one of the Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech by Business Insider and one of the Women in Tech by Elle. She has also been featured on the covers of Wired UK, Fast Company and Forbes.

The situation is complicated because Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder. She left the company after filing charges of sexual harassment. The history is not preventing Match from attempting to purchase the hot Bumble. It is possible this lawsuit will force a deal of some sort. The majority owner of Bumble is Badoo. This is a dating business based in Moscow and London. This is not the first time one dating site has been sued by another.

Match issued a statement. They said they have made a significant investment in both creative expertise and resources to develop their suite of products leading the industry. They stated their commitment was in the protection of the proprietary data and intellectual property defining their business. They said when necessary they will enforce their rights regarding their intellectual property and patents against anyone in the dating app sector infringing on their rights.

There are some similarities between Bumble and Tinder. Both enable users to swipe to see limited information such as photographs, employer, school and age. Chat is only possible if both users opt in. The reputation for Tinder is for a hookup app. Whitney Wolfe has a completely different intention for Bumble because the conversation must be initiated by the woman. This is what sets the tone. Tinder does currently have ten times more monthly users than Bumble and during the last year has achieved seven times more downloads.

Who created a 22 Million user application? Whitney Herd did!

Have you ever heard of Bumble? It’s a dating app where women are only allowed to do the initiating. Cool right? But that’s not what this article is about. This is about the app’s creator, Whitney Wolfe Herd.Herd, as I mentioned above, is the CEO of the Bumble app which has more than 22 Million users. Later in 2012 she also helped open Tinder, which has grown to be severely popular since its release. She is 28 years old and has a Bachelors degree in Arts & Sciences from Southern Methodist University. Just recently Herd was featured in Forbes’ “30 under 30” list. Interestingly enough, her successful female-oriented app was created after a problem occurred with her work on the Tinder app.

According to Herd, she was harassed by her co-workers and employers while working to release Tinder causing her to sue after leaving the company. Her app Bumble just happens to be Tinders biggest competitor. Herd understands what its like to be harassed or messaged continuously against their will by guys they are not interested in. She wanted to create something in which women could look for what they liked in a man and decide whether or not to message them on their own terms. This is the purpose of Bumble. In a recent interview on, Herd talks about how women should consider reaching out to the men they find that they like on the app. She suggests that instead of leaving the first message at a measly “hey” they should be more personalized lines to attract the men initially.

That way they can start things on a conversation basis not anything else.She also gives advice to other girls on how to stay positive and happy even after being rejected. She says, “Once you make it bigger than yourself and strive to do something to make a change for others, it will rebuild you.” Many women like Herd a lot because she is extremely relateable. Many people have a hard time believing that young CEO’s are good at what they do. But Herd is good at what she does because of her young age. She is a young woman which gives her much experience and knowledge as to what young girls are going through when it comes to dating and such things.Herd is excited about where she is going in life, and there is even talk about creating a version of Bumble for parents instead of just girls.