Sahm Adrangi is Knowledgeable in Business and Related Research

Sahm Adrangi happens to be the Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management a company that deals with the distinct event-driven state of affairs and longstanding value investments. The company as well indulges in research in industries that specialize in biotechnology, telecommunication, and mining. Sahm Adrangi has created a name for himself over the years especially in the world of investment banking for having exposed fraudulent Chinese companies. Thanks to his research, the companies he focused on in his study were dealt with promptly and saved the victims a big deal of losses. Other than his position in the company, he speaks at some conferences which include the Sohn conference, the Distressed Debt Investing conference and the Activist Investor conference. With his impact in public speaking and the researches he has undertaken, he has been highlighted in magazines and newspapers like Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Before putting up his current company, Sahm Adrangi worked at Longacre Fund Management where he managed more than $2 billion in distraught debt.

Sahm Adrangi attended the University of Yale where he graduated with a bachelor of arts in economics which explains his massive achievements in his career. On his part, he clearly states that when the market is at its best, it is essential for one to have the right ideas as that does not mean one cannot lose money. On the other hand, Sahm Adrangi states that when the market is sparkling, there are stocks that get out of control in regards to valuation. In that case, some individuals or companies can make a fortune out of another business that is struggling to stay afloat. Investors should know their place in the market concerning being losers or winners at a specific time. This is an aspect that applies to Kodak which had an idea to do with a blockchain technology to eliminate violation for photographers and videographers which could not take effect. In that case, in business one has to identify what makes sense and which ideas are likely to work successfully and shorts should not be viewed as a bad thing as they are part of any business venture.

Noel Polk Lifetime Award Finds Its Way To The Hands Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has been serving at the American Institute of Architects since early 2012 as the companies CEO. Robert is not only a dedicated and worthy leader of the AIA, but he is an admirable man that is constantly earning the respect of his peers.

In June, Robert Ivy won the Noel Polk Lifetime award for his accomplishments and contributions to the Mississippi community through architecture. Robert has been more than enthusiastic about his award and so have many of his fellow employees, earning the praise from the companies president as well. The American Institute Of Architects has thousands of highly talented designers today and this number continues to grow thanks to impressive accomplishments Robert Ivy obtains.

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Robert stands at the top of the architecture industry because of the many contributions he has made throughout the couple decades he has been in the industry. Robert has not only focused on his own successes and contributions but others as well. Throughout the years, Robert has published many different articles and books covering architecture to help others find their way in the exciting industry. At the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is tasked with creating new growth for the company and expanding on the membership base which is already 1700 members strong.

Since Robert started in the architecture field more than 25 years ago, he has been working to make the industry better and more accessible for students all over the country. Through various philanthropic efforts and projects, Robert Ivy has donated to help students get into programs for their futures. Robert is no stranger to winning awards, but the Noel Polk Lifetime award is something special because it has never been given to an architect before, just performers and artists from within the Mississippi state. The CEO of AIA, Robert has used his honor to build an even bigger reputation for himself and his company, the American Institute of Architects.


The Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm Draws Attention

Words carry weight. How heavy and impacting the words become often derive from the person saying it. The opinions of a person distinguished in a field raise eyebrows. Shervin Pishevar did more than draw attention from his Twitter followers. An astounding 24-hour tweet storm captured media attention. Business news websites reported on Pishevar musings about the stock market, the tech industry, cryptocurrency, and more.

Shervin Pishevar made a name for himself as a venture capitalist in the tech industry. As one of the first people who put money into Uber, Pishevar displayed he knows when a business shows potential. While Uber has suffered financial losses, the long-term outlook for the company appears favorable.

Pishevar’s involvement with Virgin’s Hyperloop One also keeps his name in the news. Updates on the transit prototype keep fans of all things futuristic enthralled. Shervin Pishevar isn’t just a commentator or pundit. He is a successful entrepreneur. As such, his commentary doesn’t go unnoticed.

Rather than issue a dull press release, Pishevar chose Twitter for a platform. Considering all the media buzz and attention, he made a wise decision.

Why did Shervin Pishevar go on a multi-hour tweet storm? Pishevar wanted to raise alarm bells over the current U.S. and global landscape. Pishevar isn’t as optimistic about the long-term prospects of the stock market as others may be. Pishevar fears a significant decline in the stock market is unavoidable. Anyone who follows the market knows ups and downs occur. Pishevar huge “downs” loom on the horizon.

Pishevar also feels Bitcoin faces an eventual crash. A Bitcoin crash might take out the investment capital of many “investor hipsters” betting heavily on cryptocurrency’s future. Pishevar feels cryptocurrency’s future might become stable after any losses. While his speculations reflect one person’s opinion, his words provide much to consider.

Pishevar veers into other topics during his tweet storm. The tech industry and the “Big Five’s” monopoly didn’t escape his 140-character criticism. Pishevar thinks the government should step in to address the centralized power inherent in the tech sector. Time will reveal if the antitrust division of the bureaucracy involves itself.

“Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Enthusiasm”

Doe Deere also known as Xenia Vorotova has changed the game dealing with her cosmetic brand known as Lime Crime. Before launching her company, Doe Deere was known for her internet personality which she displayed time and time again as a rebel and business minded lady. She used an internet platform called Livejournal to usher in the start of her promotion for Lime Crime. As Mrs. Deere popularity increased on Livejournal so did her marketing for her cosmetic products. In the beginning stages Lime Crime was offering the following cosmetic products: glitters, brushes, primers, and eyeshadow. These products took off and as her net worth increased so did her product line.


Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies that appeared online. Internet sensations such as Instagram that houses many digital beauty companies now were none in existence during the launch of Lime Crime. One could say that the way Doe Deere used the internet as a platform to launch her brand was genius. Mrs. Deere set the tone for other cosmetic companies to jump aboard the internet advertising train and become prosperous at doing it. Even though there are many of internet cosmetic companies available today, the name Lime Crime is still set apart and easily distinguished from the rest.


The idea for Lime Crime started in 2004, when Doe Deere created an Ebay business called LimeCrime for her DIY fashion line. She wanted everything about her fashion line to show her personality. She did the modeling and designing of each product. She was able to create a quite impressive catalog of fashion, but she realized how hard it would be to find the unusual and real bright colors that truly expressed her personality. Four years later Doe Deere launched Lime Crime knowing that she was going to be the one to put those unusual and bright colors on the market; not for DIY fashion, but for cosmetic purposes.


The purpose for Lime Crime is for one to not be held down by the constraints of society dealing with the application of cosmetics. A person should be able to express themselves unapologetically; so Doe Deere has created a product that shows the mood of its users. When a person searches through the catalogs of Lime Crime they will see a new type of product that varies and speaks to every occasion, whether it is going for a party or to a business meeting. This was the main idea behind Lime Crime, and since its launch it has met the needs of its consumers. Learn more:


Doe Deere the Russian born, New York raised CEO was set out on a mission to prove that cosmetics could be used for more than just its ordinary uses. Instead of trying to conceal flaws a person could actually express themselves through the usage of makeup. It is not always about what makes a person look the best and what color looks best on them; Mrs. Deere rather a person wear what makes them feel honest about themselves. Beauty should not be limited to what the world consider beautiful and Lime Crime is a company that understands that thoroughly.

The Match Group Is Suing Whitney Wolf And Bumble For Patent Infringement

There is more drama on the horizon for the Bumble and Tinder dating apps. The Match Group owns Tinder and is currently suing Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble for misuse of intellectual property and patent infringement. The suit filed by Tinder is alleging Bumble duplicated the card swipe based, world changing mutual opt. The lawsuit also accuses former Tinder employees Sarah Mick and Chris Gulczynski of duplicating elements of their design. According to Tinder there are two features released by Bumble that were developed under a confidentiality clause.

Whitney Wolfe is well known as an entrepreneur. She founded Bumble and co-founded Tinder. Bumble released in 2014 and has since launched BumbleBizz for establishing business contacts and BumbleBFF for finding friends. Forbes has released the value of Bumble as over $1 billion. Whitney Wolfe was declared as one of the Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech by Business Insider and one of the Women in Tech by Elle. She has also been featured on the covers of Wired UK, Fast Company and Forbes.

The situation is complicated because Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder. She left the company after filing charges of sexual harassment. The history is not preventing Match from attempting to purchase the hot Bumble. It is possible this lawsuit will force a deal of some sort. The majority owner of Bumble is Badoo. This is a dating business based in Moscow and London. This is not the first time one dating site has been sued by another.

Match issued a statement. They said they have made a significant investment in both creative expertise and resources to develop their suite of products leading the industry. They stated their commitment was in the protection of the proprietary data and intellectual property defining their business. They said when necessary they will enforce their rights regarding their intellectual property and patents against anyone in the dating app sector infringing on their rights.

There are some similarities between Bumble and Tinder. Both enable users to swipe to see limited information such as photographs, employer, school and age. Chat is only possible if both users opt in. The reputation for Tinder is for a hookup app. Whitney Wolfe has a completely different intention for Bumble because the conversation must be initiated by the woman. This is what sets the tone. Tinder does currently have ten times more monthly users than Bumble and during the last year has achieved seven times more downloads.

SahmAdrangi the Expert in the Business World

There are very many people who have been beneficiaries of the actions of SahmAdrangi over the past decade. Sahm who is the Chief Executive Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management is an expert in economics. He received his college education at Yale University where he attained a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Economics. He has been using the knowledge which he gained here to support the community through advice and provision of business strategies. Deutsche Bank was the first place where SahmAdrangi put his learning into action. At the bank, he advised the creditor committee on matters concerning bankruptcy and was involved in loan debt financings. He later joined Chain Capital Partners and served here by helping the firm with out-of-court reforms.

Kerrisdale Capital Management was launched in 2009 with one million dollars. As of July 2017, records were indicating that it was managing assets that were worth one hundred and fifty million dollars. This growth has been achieved through hard work and commitment towards the company’s goals. SahmAdrangi has ensured that the firm stays on the right track over the years. Kerrisdale publishes research on different platforms that can be freely accessed by the public. The information published is usually about correcting the myths and misinterpretations that people have on hedge fund companies and incite on how to invest successfully. The company is also involved in public education where it teaches people about entrepreneurship.

Through its publications, it has exposed companies like China Marine Food and China-Biotics which have been involved in fraudulent business activities. SahmAdrangi is often called to give speeches in various conferences revolving around business and entrepreneurship. Some of the conferences where he has given vital speeches include the Sohn Conference, the Value Investing Conference, the Activist Investor Conference, the Traders 4 a Cause conference, and the Distressed Debt Investing Conference. Sometimes back in 2014, he gave employees at the Lindsay Corporation something to smile about when he contributed in ensuring that they got better pay by taking up the corporation. He asked the body in charge of finances to work on their money distribution to facilitate better employee payments. His contributions to the society are uncountable.

Eric Lofkofsky in the Fight against Cancer Through Technology

Lung cancer development is associated with generic and environmental risk factors, with tobacco smoking as the well-known environmental risk factor. The etiology of lung cancer has been associated with the gene-smoking interactions, and this stems from a recent study conducted by the Dartmouth Research Team. Three variations in human DNA, namely, the Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) were identified during the interaction analysis. One SNP relating to squamous cell lung cancer was identified while the remaining two relate to non-small cell lung cancer. The SNPs presents possible lung cancer biomarker for screening and intervention. The three SNPs also can be used as biomarkers in efforts to improve the exactness that researchers use in classifying a person’s risk of contracting lung cancer through smoking behavior. They are essential in prognosis and predicting the plan of treatment.

Who is Eric Lefkofsky?

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Tempus. He has also co-founded several other companies that include Groupon, a worldwide e-commerce marketplace, Echo Global Logistics, a logistics and technology-enabled transportation outsourcing firm, Mediaocean which provides integrated media procurement technology, InnerWorkings, Uptake and Lightbank, a Chicago-based capital firm. Tempus is accredited with coming up with an operating system that helps in the fight against cancer.

Eric has dedicated considerable resources towards cancer-related research. At tempus, Eric has focused on coming up with the right infrastructure to modernize the treatment of cancer. Tempus seeks to render help to doctors and professionals in the healthcare field in making real-time, personalized and data-driven treatment. This will be achieved by running an analysis of the patient’s genetic code in the perspective of molecular therapies. Tempus is working with patients affected by lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer with the aim of adding more as time goes by.

Eric started his career while at the University of Michigan, selling carpets. Together with his friend, they borrowed money from relatives to buy Brand Apparel. They created an internet company called Starbelly in 1999. Its specialization was in promotional products. He has also been associated with charity and has so far established Lefkofsky Foundation. This foundation focuses on charitable, scientific and educational organizations endeavors around the globe. Eric is one of the board members at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and is also a trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He has also published a book titled Accelerated Disruption that talks about the impact of technology on businesses.