Class Dojo Helps Parents

When you are looking at adding something like this to your classroom, you may not know what apps or programs will work the best. There are things to look for and if you knwo what makes an app great, you might just be able to make a good choice about it. Class Dojo is one of those great apps with a good track record.

How it Can Help

Class Dojo does a great job at connecting teachers with not just the students they teach, but also the parents of those students. They can share information in a way that will help everyone feel like they are still connected to each other and that they know what is going on. They can communicate through the app as well as help the students that need it most becasue they are working with not just the student, but the parents as well.

Who Can Use It

Anyone that has a classroom can use Class Dojo. You can use this app to help students talk to each other as well as to the teachers. Some students don’t like to speak with their teachers directly. Usually this is because they are shy or they just want to have something that makes them feel in control. Class Dojo can do that. They give students a chance to have the communicatio they want on their terms.

When you are thinking about adding a program like this into your classroom, you will want something that can help build your classroom. Class Dojo does that and more. All you need to do is give it a chance and you will see how great it can be for you. What are you waiting for? Get Class Dojo and see how it can make your classroom the best it’s ever been.

Orange Coast College Boosts Its Recycling Efforts with a New Recycling Facility.

After four decades of offering small-scale recycling facilities, Orange Coast College recently upgraded to a larger facility occupying five times the land the previous one did. The new recycling plant features offices, showers, expanded parking space for up to 45 vehicles for visitors, a meeting area, and other rooms. The $7 million-dollar facility that occupies five acres took one year, four months to construct. The center offers a place for people from cities all over southern California to drop off unwanted equipment and a wide range of materials such as aluminum tins, glass, paper and some plastic containers.


Visitors receive compensation on specific materials at a set rate. For each pound of HDPE plastic, for example, one gets 56 cents while a small beverage can attract a 5-cent reward. Despite accepting a wide range of items, the facility rejects old furniture, boat or car batteries, chemicals, paint and engine oil. Along with saving energy and keeping the area’s water and air clean, the facility offers a place for residents to take extra items and get a few dollars. The facility’s eco-friendly design combined with its recycling services goes a long way in conserving the environment and ensuring its sustainability.


Through funds from both the private and public-sector Orange Coast College was able to construct the facility that serves California, Colorado and Arizona residents. The bond from the government through measure M and contributions from CR&R Environment services were the primary sources of funding for the project. Various leaders including the mayor of Costa Mesa heaped praise on the Adams Avenue facility for the benefits offered to the environment and jobs created for residents.


Orange Coast College a community college situated in Costa Mesa, Southern California was established in 1947 after the area’s voters approved a ballot measure to have it founded. Officially opening its classes in 1948, the college now boasts of exceptional facilities, modern technology, 135 academic programs and the largest and most acclaimed public nautical program. The school is a member of the Coast Community District and ranks first among Orange County colleges regarding the number of students transferred to California State University systems. In addition to their academic programs, the campus has a vibrant sports program with baseball, basketball and athletics teams. Learn more: