End Citizens United Campaign Reforms

End Citizen United is a political action committee formed in 2015 as a result of the Supreme Court judgment that allowed political campaigns funding of individuals in the United States. The source of the funds not being of essence was approved and politicians could now get political funding from which ever means without tracing the means.

The group feels that the judgment was not fair as it would promote political crimes. According to its executive director Tiffany Muller, California has some of the best opportunities. Leaders elected in the region should pass by merit but not by misusing campaign funds to manipulate their election. Some of the politicians have been put on the spotlight for misusing campaign funds and the group is committed to make reforms on campaign funding.

The group receives funding from simple donations and has supported some democrats in doing their campaigns. End Citizens United participated in the first election cycle in 2016 spending about $ 4.4 million. Determined to overturn Citizens United, the group has continued raising funds and it aims at spending in four districts of California to make sure opportunities are not put to waste. However, the group does not disclose the amount of money it is going to spend during the period.

End Citizens United not only stands with the democrats but also with those that stands for campaign finance reforms. It also protects those attacked by the dark money related groups and by Koch brothers, a billionaire conservative. Since it is not the only group that fights for the campaign finance reforms, End United Citizens use a calculated strategy to bring out the best impact.

The republican members advocates for lack of disclosure for money used during campaign periods. This translates why End Citizen United does not support them. The republicans tend to stand on the group’s way of changing the court ruling.

The aggressive step taken by the group has received different opinions from different political stakeholders. Some of them feel that what the group is doing is just a mere waste of time since according to the record kept since 1992, the US has never passed any amendment and the possibility of having this amendment passed is negligible. A major challenge faced by the group is the elected number of its political candidates against the number that support the Court’s judgment which will always outdo them.

Another group of political stakeholders feels that it is a matter of the justice system therefore wise and impartial decisions can only be made by the raise of a new panel of justices. Since many people in the US including the justices are partisans, the step by End Citizens United may not go far. The group however stands to fight for the reforms despite of facing major challenges.

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