Chainsmokers: Sick Boy Sensations

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are the hit duo called “The Chainsmokers.” They have released many major hit songs over the last couple years, and came into the spotlight in 2015 with their hit single “Roses.” Since then they’ve gone on to work with other major artists such as Coldplay and Halsey. There was a brief hiatus for The Chainsmokers in 2017, they went nine months without releasing a song, which for them is a little irregular as they were previously releasing a song almost every month.

The first song to break their nine month radio silence is titled “Sick Boy” and has a different tone than what we are used to hearing from the duo. Some people are saying it is a darker tone, Drew Taggart has stated in an interview that the duo likes to be current in their music, they like their music to reflect how society is today. That being said, Drew thinks that our society has a darker tone recently, and they wanted to reflect that in their song. He also stated that their music is a reflection of their lives and what is going on around them in their own environment.

Taggart says that the inspiration for the single is frustration and anger. They’ve blew to fame very quickly in 2015, and had to adjust just as fast. With fame comes a lot of fans that look up to you and hang on every word, and a lot of headlines. Sometimes the news can manipulate a story and will say things that aren’t true.

The Chainsmokers say that they have been working really hard on their music as of late, and that a lot more will be coming this year. They have a lot of stuff they want to say, and a lot that they want to be heard.

Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Interviews

Some people may know the Chainsmokers for their wildly popular single “Closer” which features debut artist Halsey. Mathias Rosenzweig sat down with Alex Pall, who is one half of the duo. Alex stated he was originally a DJ growing up and was DJing around New York and self admittingly had a little career out of it. He goes on to say how passionate he was and that dance music was ultimately consuming his everyday life. Alex wanted to do something about it rather than just have a hobby of it. He went on to meet Drew who had moved down from Maine and began working on some music together. Alex said he quit his job and basically that is where the do began to form into a music milestone.

Mr.Pall was asked how he knew the duo would just work out and he stated they both knew what was being brought to the table. It seems they had similar goals and just really worked well together. Alex stated they went on to discuss just how badly each of them wanted this and soon it became a very pressed understanding. Music seemed to be not only an understanding between the duo but also a self discovery journey. It soon became a rite of passage.

The interview also touches of the growth of the duo and all the hard work that was out into their music. It becomes a revelation that not only were these gentleman providing literal music but songs from the soul. It helps to know where artists come from and where they want to go. It gives the audience a really in tune look at whom they have been fans of. Interviews like these seem to make fans admire Alex Pall and his partner even more and provide a real sense of unity.

How Lawrence Bender Helped Create a Classic Crime Film

Lawrence Bender is a producer who has worked on a wide variety of films throughout his career. He was born in the Bronx which is a neighborhood located in New York City. Since his time producing films, Bender has won three Oscar awards. These awards were won by Bender for his work on films including Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Inglourious Basterds. That being said, my favorite film by Lawrence Bender is the 1992 classic film Reservoir Dogs.

Reservoir Dogs tells the tale of a group of men working together in order to pull off a jewelry heist. However, this heist doesn’t go as planned and the viewer gets to watch everything unravel. With that in mind, one reason that this is my favorite Lawrence Bender film is due to the way the story of Reservoir Dogs is told.

This film doesn’t follow a chronological form of storytelling but instead presents information in a unique order. One reason that the story of Reservoir Dogs is told in a non-linear format is to help protect the reveal of one of the greatest plot twists of all time. I remember being stunned as I continued to find out more information about each character involved in this heist.

Another great aspect of Reservoir Dogs is the acting talent presented within this film. Each character has their own unique personality traits avoiding the problem of having every character seeming the same which is a common problem in many heist movies. Reservoir Dogs combines dark comedy, action, and suspense into a film that helped launch the career of both Lawrence Bender and legendary director Quentin Tarantino into super-stardom.

To summarize, my favorite film produced by Lawrence Bender is Reservoir Dogs. This film takes the commonly told story of a heist gone wrong while turning it into something completely new at the time of this film’s release. Reservoir Dogs tells the story of this heist in a unique way that will constantly leave viewers guessing what will happen next. This film also features superb acting and one of the best movie soundtracks ever released.