Brown Modelling Agency Experiences Expansion

About John Brown


“When you’re young and dumb, you think you can do anything,” John Brown says with a smile. To pay for business school, John found himself working in a modeling agency, but was far more fascinated with the workings behind the scenes. He began to learn everything he could about the industry and got a job in development and placement, where he would help models to become their best and land local jobs. So, at the beginning of his career, he was already doing what he does best at which is training and placing models. John Brown was very ambitious and determined to make his mark in the modeling industry. His love for Austin, Texas landed him there in 2005. He knew that it was a great starting place and jumped right to creating his own business. John always dreamed big and really worked hard to push for bigger better success.




Creating the Agency


John was hard at work with his JB Models and Talent, which offered full-services to models in preparing them for work and helping them find jobs. Still, Austin was a very proud city and did not like change. Trying to convince them to go to a national level would take something huge. Finally, a boom in the fashion industry demanding more runway shows had arrived, bringing an abundance of success and talent to his agency. The success John was experiencing, required expansion and the timing was just right. In 2015, The Wilhelmina Austin Agency took over the Heyman Talent-South and formed a mega modeling and talent agency now called, The Brown Agency. Merging these two reputable agencies together has created a powerhouse. This was a great move for everyone. Local talents could expand to a national level because both agencies were committed to discovering the best and preparing them for successful careers. For more details visit Market Wired.


Making a Mark


“Austin is taking off. People are now doing national campaigns from here.” John exclaims. He is very proud of his hard work and accomplishments but he does not stop there. He takes pride in searching for the best of the best. He proclaims, “ We are only as good as our talent.” His great success comes from not only his hard work but also that of his models. In Austin, John is the leader in fashion and print models and is the only full-service model and talent agency. The Brown Agency works for world-famous brands such as Dell, L’oreal, Toyota and Louis Vuitton. His models showcase in major runway shows like Dallas, Austin, New York and Miami Fashion Weeks. At this rate, The Brown Agency and the over 450 talents, will experience great success and reach new heights.



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