How Avaaz Provides Activism for Important Causes

Avaaz is an activist organization whose stated goal is to make the world we live in more closely match the one most people want to ideally live in. It was first established in New York City in January 2007. They address a variety of important subjects such as human and animal rights. They are also active on fighting back against corruption, conflict, and poverty. Additionally, they address climate change and its increasingly bad effect on the environment.

There were a number of co-founders of Avaaz. This included Ricken Patel who is both the president and executive director of this non-profit. Other founders include Tom Perriello, who used to be a congressman for Virginia, and Andrea Woodhouse. Additionally, Eli Pariser is a co-founder who was the Moveon executive director, plus David Madden and Jeremy Heimans who co-founded together.

While early in the life of Avaaz they took donations from corporations and foundations, in 2009 this stopped. They now will only accept donations from individuals and the amount anyone can give is capped at $5,000. They have raised more than $20 million from their members to date. Click here to know more about Avaaz.

How Avaaz operates is either they or their members come up with an idea that they want to be turned into an online campaign. This idea is then vetted by Avaaz and if it looks good they send the idea out to some members via email. If they also support the idea it is then emailed out to the members of Avaaz all over the world. People sign on to the campaign and support it. Avaaz also creates online public petitions as well as providing videos and information on how to reach your political representatives.

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